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Armani Johnson from “Street Outlaws Gone Girl” Net Worth, Age, Wiki

Picture of Armani Johnson from Street Outlaws

Armani Johnson is a TV personality and street racer. She features in the popular Discovery series ‘Street Outlaws: Gone Girl.’ The series is a rip-off of the original Discovery show ‘Street Outlaws.’

However, in this one, we’ll see 7 top female racers compete with each other in a heavily male-dominated sport.

Armani is one of the fastest female racers in America. With her starring in the 2021 season one of the show, she has garnered a lot of media attention and value. In this article, we discuss Armani Johnson’s net worth, age, wiki, and career.

Armani Johnson’s racing career

Armani Johnson’s Gone Girl doesn’t have a prominent racing career to look back to. In fact, just before five years, she wasn’t sure if she would ever do street racing.

However, her priorities and perceptions have changed. Armani currently races in the Discovery show with her newfound mentors and collegues.

The street racer has grown up around cars and always loved speed. Being America’s one of fastest female, Armani is ready to take her viewers for a ride.

Armani Johnson from Street Outlaws Gone Girl

Armani Johnson racer credits her father for inspiring her to be a drag racer. In an Instagram post, she wrote,

If you would’ve asked me 5 years ago if I could picture myself street racing, the answer would’ve been HELL NO!! Lol. But, I must say, these past two years have changed my perspective.  Along w/ me changing my approach to what I thought was just a “male dominating” sport… & if it wasn’t for my Dad seeing my potential b4 I could, it’ll still all be a dream! I’ve gained sooo much respect for not only the sport, but for the ladies that have taken me in, under their wing.

Armani Johnson in “Street Outlaws Gone Girl”

Armani Johnson is a newbie in the popular Discovery show ‘Street Outlaws: Gone Girl.’ She recently made a post on Instagram revving her wheels on the show. Other female racers were accepting towards Armani and welcomed her with open arms. The show features some of the most talented lady street racers of America.

Armani Johnson Gone Girl

The street racer started her journey in the show on September 6, 2021. That’s also when the show premiered on DIscovery plus, a paid subscription platform.

Armani Johnson Net Worth

Armani Johnson has accumulated about $100k in net worth as of 2023. Given her TV career is just starting to bloom, we estimate the racer will be worth a lot more in the coming years.

Prior to changing gears on high-speed cars, Armani worked at a hair company. We can also see some sponsored posts in her social media handles.

Armani Johnson Racer from Gone Girl

Husband and relationship

Armani isn’t open about her relationship status. Her Instagram handle is full of pictures of herself and her friends. However, nothing suggests a potential relationship she might have.

Our best speculation is that Armani is single and unmarried as of 2023. However, in one of her post her Instagram, she captioned “been about you, still about you.” Now, if we are to take that literally, she probably has someone who claims her heart. However, our guess is as good as yours

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