Street Outlaws Location Update 2021.

street outlaws location

Now on its 13th season, Street Outlaws has chiefly become the mainstream face of American street racing. The reality show first aired on the Discovery channel back in 2013, giving light to the obscure scene. The show’s concept revolves around an ephemeral 40 minutes of fast cars racing each other in top speed; nothing short … Read more

Did Will Lockwood Leave Kindig-It Design?

Will Lockwood is an experienced engineer and former military man who was part of Operation Desert Storm. As a child, Will tried to read as many hot rod magazines as he could, nurturing his love for cars in the process. This interest continued to grow while he was in high school, prompting him to take … Read more

What happened to Aaron Kaufman? Why did He Leave Richard Rawling’s Fast N’ Loud?

Image of Aaron Kaufman and his dog

Aaron Kaufman is an entrepreneur, racing enthusiast, mechanic, and reality star. He is currently listed as the proprietor of Arclight Fabrication, a company based in Dallas. Read this to know what happened to Aaron Kaufman on Fast N’ Loud and Gas Monkey Garage. His company primarily ships parts for the Ford F-100 truck. Before this, … Read more

Big chief vs JJ Da Boss. Who is Better?

Photo of Big chief and JJ Da Boss

Street Outlaws is a Discovery Channel show that revolves around the exploits of  the most talented drag racers in Oklahoma. The racers we see on the series are pitted against each other every week in an attempt to determine where each of them fell in the pecking order. Today, Justin ‘Big Chief’ Shearer is easily … Read more

Meet Richard Rawling’s new wife Katerina Deason. Exclusive Love Story.

Image of Richard Rawling and his wife Katerina Rawlings

Richard Rawlings is a successful businessman, mechanic, and tv and social media personality. He is the face behind the Gas Monkey Franchise. His brand encompasses a variety of businesses, including a Bar N Grill restaurant, a garage, and even a music venue. Looking at his television exploits, you’ll find that Rawlings has starred in multiple … Read more