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Boyd Coddington Net Worth, Wife Jo Coddington, Kids.

Boyd Connington

Boyd Connington was a hot rod designer. He was a mechanical designer, a man obsessed with cars from a really young age. He was born in Rupert, Idaho. Boyd was very passionate about machines and cars; he joined a machinist trade school and completed a three-year traineeship program.

He used to work as a machinist at night in Disneyland and built hot rods in the daytime. Boyd even opened his own shop, Hot Rods by Boyd, in California. By coincidence, his first major customer was Vern Luce. (Vern Luce was a car builder whose car, a 1993 coupe, won the Al Slonaker Award).

Coddington was recognized for his elegant designs with a spice of old school known as the “Boyd Look.” He had his own show, too; American Hot Rod.

Boyd Connington
Boyd Connington

Net worth.

Boyd Coddington had a net worth of $12.5 million. A lot, right? He built his net worth not only because of his hot rod shop but as a star of American Hot Rod.

He acquired his initial car at the age of 13. We can only assume how good a designer he was as his creations are a seven-time winner of America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award by Grand National Roadster Show.

By the time of his death, he had 10 unfinished cars, dozens of designs, and the furnishing of future cars. 

He was married to his wife, Jo Coddington.

Boyd Coddington's Wife and kids
Boyd Coddington’s Wife and kids

Jo Coddington was the wife of Boyd Coddington and has been married three-time till now. Boyd and Jo adopted three kids; Billet Leon, Hemi Brogdon, and Cast Aldin Coddington. Coddington has 3 kids from Diane Coddington and one child from Peggy, and of course, three adopted children with Jo.

Boyd and Jo were together for a long time, and as they vowed, till death do us part, Boyd’s death made them apart.

Boyd Coddington's Wife, Jo Coddington
Boyd Coddington’s Wife, Jo Coddington

Wiki and facts, early life, education, and other family info.

As a child, Codding was really into hot rods and cars. Even though he wouldn’t drive the car legally, he acquired his first car at the age of 13. It was a 1931 Chevrolet truck. His love for cars and hot rods made him take 3 years long machinist program in a machinist trade school. 

He was starred in the American Hot Rod show, which revolved around his business. His business was mainly about making cars look cooler, and American Hot Rod showed how to do so to their viewers. 

Boyd Coddington was married three times. He married Peggy Jeanne King in 1965 and had one child together. After a few years, they got divorced, and Boyd married Diane Marie Reagan Elkins in 1971. They were divorced shortly after too. Then he married Jo Coddington, which ended in his demise.

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