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Car Inspection: Time, Cost, FAQs.

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Every car company should make sure that their customers remain safe and reach their destination in comfort. For this, the foremost thing required is the car inspection and vehicle safety. Moreover, before bringing down any car on the road, car inspection should be mandatory. It secures not only the life of the driver but also the life of everyone around.

Purchasing a car is in itself a significant expenditure, and thus, inspecting the car on a regular basis shall help keep additional costs of maintenance in check. Moreover, this article discusses all the benefits of car inspection, why and when it is required, the time it takes, costs, and some frequently asked questions.

What is Car Inspection?

Car Inspection is a procedure performed on a vehicle before getting it running on roads. It is a detailed safety and security examination of a car. Moreover, it is a mandatory process in many countries.

During the process, the technicians or the car mechanics inspect vehicles and observe their parts thoroughly to see if they are functioning correctly. Primarily, there are three types of car inspection, and the mechanics will perform the procedures depending on its type. Below we have listed all three types of car inspection:

  • Courtesy Inspection: Basically performed at the time of tire and oil changing. The technician checks the common things like lights and wipers.
  • Insurance Inspection: This inspection is performed during the insurance of cars older than ten years. Some essential components like the air filter, brakes, engine, exhaust, etc., are checked.
  • 12 point Inspection: It is a thorough inspection of a car. Each of the components of a car is examined in detail.

Why do you need a Car Inspection?

Before getting behind wheels, car owners should know about the condition their vehicle is in. It is important to check the functioning of various parts and components of a car to make it road safe. Moreover, various other benefits come with regular car inspections. Some of them are listed below:

  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Saves time and money on repairs
  • Fewer expenses on fuel
  • Increases the life of your vehicle
  • It helps prevent accidents and ensure owner’s safety
  • Prevents government penalties for running default car
  • Customer Satisfaction, etc.

Thus, every vehicle needs to go under inspection before rolling on roads.

Car Inspection Checklist

The aim of performing vehicle inspection is to find out mechanical faults and issues on the car. Moreover, it helps to identify problems beforehand and prevents accidents and car breakdowns in the middle of the road. As the name itself proposes, a car inspection checklist is the list of necessary tasks during an inspection. It is important that the car owners keep a checklist with them. However, even if you do not carry one, it would not be a problem as mechanics mostly have it with them.

An effective car inspection checklist should comprise the following listed items and tasks:

  • Lights: headlights, sidelights, pass light, and brake lights
  • Windshields and wipers
  • Fluids test
  • Air filter and oil filters
  • Brakes and brake fluids
  • Tire pressure, tire cracks
  • Horn and mirror
  • Steering wheel
  • Engine and transmission wires
  • Batteries
  • Locks
  • AC/ Heater
  • Gear Box
  • Seat belts
  • Airbags
  • Road Test
  • Certification, etc.

The checklist mentioned above includes most of the components to be checked during a car inspection. Performing these tasks makes the vehicle road safe and ensures drivers’ security. Thus, there are no reasons not to perform any of the tasks included on the checklist.

How long does it take to get a car inspected?

The time required for car inspection depends on the type of inspection, inspection facility, and country’s laws and policies. But generally, in a well-equipped car inspection facility, the entire process shall complete within 30 minutes. However, in general, car inspection is a process that lasts from 15 to 60 minutes at most.

The vehicle inspection lasts for different time intervals for a different types of vehicles. Private vehicle inspection is valid for two years. On the other hand, inspection validation of commercial vehicles like taxis and other hiring vehicles is just one year.

How much does a car inspection cost?

Most people try to avoid car inspections due to their costs. However, very few realize that regular car inspection helps reduce their vehicles’ maintenance and repair costs in the long run. It prevents their vehicle from coming across major issues and breakdowns.

The cost of car inspection differs from country to country. Moreover, it is also different in different states of the same country. According to research, the vehicle inspection cost in the UK starts from $100 and can cost up to $140. In Canada, the price ranges from 35 CAD to 45 CAD. Similarly, in Australia, it is $40 to $100. In Texas, the car inspection cost is between $50 and $270, while in New York, it costs just around $20.

Free Car Inspections

There are no countries or states that provide car inspections for free. However, there are some ways to get the inspection done at absolutely no cost.

One can get a quick inspection of vehicles while changing engine oil and tire. You can ask for certain component checks like lights, wipers, windshields, and horns, which won’t cost you any money. Similarly, a vehicle inspection is also free while purchasing a brand new vehicle, as the company takes all the responsibility of initial customer security.

Car Inspection without Registration

Car inspection and registration policies differ from country to country. In general, we first need to register our car prior to inspection. One should register their car within seven days of purchase and then will be eligible for inspection. However, if we fail to register in time, we can apply for a temporary registration valid for 30 days and take our car for a safety inspection.

In most countries, driving an uninspected car will earn you traffic tickets. It also affects the insurance policy and results in a low insurance rate. Thus, we should attach a proper inspection sticker to our car before taking it out for a drive.

Grace Period for a car inspection is available or not?

No, there is no grace period for a car inspection. Once the due date for inspection expires, you will be eligible for a fine as per the state traffic rule. Thus, every car owner should get their vehicle inspection in time and avoid penalties.

Furthermore, one must always put an inspection sticker on their car and carry VIR (Vehicle Inspection Report) at all times. It proves the owners’ compliance with the state traffic rules.

Car Inspection in another state

The vehicle inspection rule differs in different states. The vehicle registered in one state undergoes inspection as per the road rules of that same state. Thus, it is slightly difficult to perform vehicle inspections in another state. However, you need not worry about vehicle inspection in another state unless your last inspection date has expired.

Furthermore, if you are moving from one state to another, first go for vehicle registration, then proceed for inspection.

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