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Cars with Most Expensive Catalytic Converters for Scraps: Prices and Pictures, FAQs.

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Cars with most expensive catalytic converters

Catalytic converters have earned a reputation of being very costly to replace. It is also one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle. Often equipped in a car’s exhaust system, a catalytic converter comprises metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Currently, the most expensive scrap catalytic converter belongs to Ferrari F430, which is worth about $3800 in 2021.

This article discusses the cars with the most expensive catalytic converters scrap with prices, pictures, and FAQs.

What is a Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is a redox reaction mechanism catalyst that is fitted into a vehicle’s exhaust system. It transforms the toxic gases emitted from the vehicle’s IC engine into less harmful gases or pollutants. A catalytic converter can be used across a wide variety of diesel and petrol engines and even on kerosene systems and stoves.

The car does not need a catalytic converter to function properly, and there won’t be any consequences to the owner or the engine of the vehicle itself. However, driving without equipping your vehicle with a catalytic converter scrap is illegal as it filters the toxic pollutants coming out from the engine.

Why are Catalytic Converters Scraps worth a lot?

Catalytic converters are among the most expensive parts of a vehicle. They are loaded with honeycomb or foil material from the inside. And all these patterns of honeycomb or foil are laced with high-value metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Some catalytic converters feature one, and some feature all of these metals. These metals in molten form laced with the honeycombs capture the harmful pollutants emitted from the exhaust system of a vehicle. Thus, catalytic converters and catalytic converter scraps are worth a lot.

Catalytic converters are often stolen because they have a high market demand. The dealers buy the stolen scrap catalytic converters for a few hundred dollars and sell them for thousands. Thus, it makes a no-risk deal for the thieves. Further, the catalytic converter scraps are also relatively easy to steal than the car itself and fetch high value in return.

Top 5 Cars with the most expensive Catalytic Converters for scrap

1. Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 has the most expensive catalytic converters. The car flaunts the price tag of $3770 for its catalytic converters. In addition, the car equips two of these costly CATs, thus making the total of about $7400 for just the catalytic converters.

Car with most expensive catalytic converters, Ferrari F430

2. Lamborghini Aventador

In individual comparison, a 2020 report listed the Lamborghini’s catalytic converter as the third most expensive. However, the vehicle equips two of these, so we have to rank it in second place. The Catalytic converters sum to about $6200.

Car with most expensive catalytic converters, Lamborghini Aventador

3. Ram 2500

This car is not as exotic or flashy as its predecessors. However, it comes from a well-reputed line of vehicles. The vehicle boasts a catalytic converter price of $3460, just a tad below the Ferrari price.

Car with most expensive catalytic converters, RAM-2500

4. Ford F250

The price of catalytic converters for Ford F250 is about $2800. The vehicle is a large, heavy-duty pickup truck and thus requires a high-value catalytic converter to abide by the carbon emission standards. Currently, the scrap catalytic converters for this vehicle are the fourth most expensive.

Car with most expensive catalytic converters, Ford-F250

5. Ford Mustang

Ford is reputed for equipping its vehicle with high-quality catalytic converters. The Ford mustang’s catalytic converter is worth $1500, a significant drop compared to our previous picks. In the average market, you can find yourself a catalytic converter scrap for around $800-$1200.

Car with most expensive catalytic converters, Ford Mustanf

Other Scrap Catalytic Converters Prices and Pictures

GM Scrap Catalytic Converter Prices and Pictures

The GM vehicles come in a variety of sizes. The range of vehicles usually comes equipped with two sizes of catalytic converters. The price for a small GM scrap catalytic converter is about $89 currently. Similarly, the large GM catalytic converter scrap comes for $174.

Honda Catalytic Converter Prices

Honda CATs are great at marking their originality (OEM) on the product. This range of vehicles equips the small foreign category catalytic converters and the sizeable foreign Honda converters. The prices of the CATs can range from $87 to $140.

Chrysler Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

The Chrysler CATs can range from somewhere around $58 for models that use small domestic CATs up to $109 for models that use large Chrysel CAT.

Dodge Ram

The average price for the Dodge Ram CATs is about $700. However, you can get used ones for about $470 in the marketplaces like eBay.

Ford V10

The Ford V10 CATs can be bought for as low as $831 in the Pit Stop Auto.

BMW Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

The scraps price for BMW CATs is estimated at $500-$800, depending on condition and use cases.

Ford f350

The scrap catalytic converter for Ford f350 can range from $250-$300.


The average price of catalytic converter scraps for the Nissan line is about $740. The price can go down to $400 to all the way $1400 depending on the condition and the type of CAT used.

RV Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

If you want to replace the catalytic converter on your RV, it shall cost you between $1000 to $2700 with the inclusion of labor fees. Since the labor fees will amount below $200, you are primarily paying for the new parts.

Jeep Cherokee

The cost of replacing a catalytic converter on a Jeep Cherokee can range from $1000 to $1300. However, you can get used scrap catalytic converters for the 2000 Jeep Cherokee for as low as $300 on eBay.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy pieces of machinery such as Trucks come equipped with a catalytic converter that may take you about $800-$1200 to replace.

Mercedes Benz

The catalytic converters for Mercedes Benz can cost all the way up to $1350. However, you can get used scrap catalytic converter for as low as $600.


You can get a catalytic converter replacement for basic Hyundai and KIA models for around $600. The used and scrap parts start at about $150 on the market, such as eBay.


An original Volvo CAT can cost you around $250 – $800. However, you can opt. for universal catalytic converters, which come with the same quality for just about $120.


You can get a catalytic converter replacement for Audi in the range of $150 to $750. This amount excludes labor charges.


For the majority of vehicles, replacing your catalytic converters can cost you about $1500- $2000, including labor charges. For the Volkswagen series, you can find Catalytic converters starting from $500 to $1500.

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Price

The Toyota Prius series is reputed for being a victim of thefts of scrap catalytic converters. Since it is a hybrid vehicle, the equipment corrodes less and is very accessible to thieves. The catalytic converters for this line of cars can range from $300-$1000 currently.

Table for some common car models and their catalytic converter prices

Car Model Catalytic Converter Price (Brand New) Catalytic Converter Price Range (Used and Pre-Owned) Car Manufacturer
Ferrari F430 $3770 $1300- $1800 Ferrari
Lamborghini Aventador $3100 $1100- $2200 Lamborghini
Ram 2500 $3460 $1000- $2100 Ram
Ford f250 $2800 $900- $1800 Ford
Ford Mustang $1500 $200- $700 Ford
Honda Accord 03-07 $110 Honda
Mercedes Benz S-Class $1120 $400 approx. Mercedes
Mercedes Benz E-class $840 $200- $300 Mercedes
Jeep Grand Cherokee $1374 $251- $400 Jeep
Nissan Rogue $143 $49- $69 Nissan
Toyota Prius $1200 $400- $600 Toyota
Hyundai Accent $218 Hyundai
Audi TT S3 $304.91 $100 approx. Audi
Volvo V70 2000- 2007 $140.61 Volvo
Volkswagen Touareg V6 $189 VW
Volkswagen Passat $319 VW
Ford Crown Victoria $400 $79- $120 Ford
Ferrari 456 $948 Ferrari
Lamborghini Murcielago $2699 $450- $900 Lamborghini
Lamborghini Gallarado $1200 $1096 Lamborghini

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