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Constance Nunes is Separated from Husband Jared Toller and Dating a Mystery Man.

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Image of Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes is a mechanic, tv personality, entrepreneur, and car enthusiast. Her path to fame can directly be attributed to her time at Gotham Garage, a restoration business owned by Mark Towle.

Consequently, Nunes would gain nationwide fame after a starring role on Netflix’s reality show, Rust to Riches. Like most tv celebrities, her popularity also led to a larger social media following.

On Instagram, for instance, Constance has an impressive 1.1 million following. She uses this platform to give her fans regular updates on her career and personal life.

Is Constance Nunes married in 2023?

For a long time, it was public knowledge that Constance Nunes was married to fellow car enthusiast Jared Toller. The two reportedly met at a get-together thrown by mutual friends back in 2011.

Jared would make the first move, helping Nunes open a stubborn bottle of wine. His chivalry endeared him to her, and they spent the rest of the night in conversation.

They would then proceed to date for the next eight years, revelling in their love for driving and cars in general. Eventually, they took the next step, tying the knot in February 2019.

The ceremony was held at a beautiful location in California.

Constance Nunes is Separated from her husband, Jared Toller

Towards the end of 2020, Constance took to Instagram to talk about her difficult year. To begin with, she revealed that her dad almost succumbed to oesophageal cancer.

Fortunately, he was able to beat it and go into remission. Aside from this, she and her husband also had to contend with the COVID-19 Pandemic. It significantly strained her marriage as she and Jared drifted further apart with each passing day.

Image of Constance Nunes with her husband Jored Toller

After nine years together, Nunes and Jared decided to separate. As most people know, this is typically the first step toward divorce.

Constance packed up her bags, got in her car, and relocated to a new town. Remarkably, she did all this in the middle of the global pandemic.

Who is Constance’s New Boyfriend?

Back on the 15th of February 2022, Constance set the internet ablaze when she released a series of pictures on Valentine’s Day. She and her mystery man were out on a romantic date at the popular Madonna Pink Hotel.

Image of Constance Nunes

Throughout the series of pictures, we get the sense that the two enjoyed a romantic evening. At the very least, it’s safe to say that they are dating.

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