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Dave Kindig Net Worth, Wife Charity: Facts.

Image of Dave Kindig and his wife and daughter

Dave Kindig is a 52-year-old American car customizer, TV personality, and businessman. He is famously known as the host of the TV show, ‘Bitchin’ Rides‘ on formally Velocity channel, now renamed Motor Trend.

The series is the display of how cars are customized and built in Dave’s company, ‘Kindig It Design‘ based in Salt Lake City, Utah. In this article, we are going to his biography and net worth.

Dave Kindig Wiki.

Dave Kindig is an award-winning professional car designer and restorer whose name cannot be missed in the list of known car fabricators. Kindig It owner Dave did not attain a college degree in it, but he had a passion when he was still young.

He loved car toys and would draw sketches of car designs as a kid. Dave had a soft spot for Volkswagen car designs and had a VW club as his first car that he did his bodywork after failing to find fitting spares from the shops.

Dave was employed in a high-performance car restoration company for eight years. He leaned coatings, and the other body works around the car.

He also got the opportunity to travel across America, seeing various car designs and businesses. But working in a company every day of the week, week in and week out, was not something he was meant for.

He wanted more flexibility and freedom, so he quit his job and started his garage.

Dave Kindig
Dave Kindig

Kindig It Design.

In 1999, Dave Kindig started his own company after quitting his job and named it Kindig-It Design. He started the business with merely $4,800. Dave was confident of success with much support from his wife, the passion he had, and the experience on his belt.

Today, the shop lies on a 27,000 square foot building that the company owns, after starting on a 4500 square foot rented workspace. This shop is located in Salt Lake City, Dave’s hometown.

Dave Kindig is married to Wife Charity.

Dave got married to his long-time lovely wife, Charity. The two met at a dance party when Charity was still in High school. They fell in love and had their wedding on 11th July 1992.

The couple is soon celebrating their 31st anniversary. The duo was blessed with two children, a son and a daughter, Drew and Baylee.

About his wife Charity Kindig

Dave Kindig’s wife Charity has been alongside Dave for more than two centuries now, close to three. There are no personal details of where she was born and of her parents or siblings, not even her past relationship. But she has been a good wife to her husband and the best mother to her children.

Charity and Dave share a strong passion for cars. The love for cars is one thing that brought them together. She is the one who pushed Dave to start his garage, which has expanded over the years. She is currently the vice president of the company.

Dave Kindig’s wife, Charity Kindig, also has a cute little black puppy called Bugatti. There have never been rumours of infidelity cases or stories. They are living a very happy life as a family of four.

Dave Kindig Wife, Charity
Dave Kindig Wife, Charity

His daughter Baylee Kindig works with him in the team.

The father, Dave, is the president, the mother is the vice president, and their daughter, Baylee, is in charge of the website. Being familiar with the internet, this position suits her the best.

By a simple search of their company name, you automatically download a questionnaire that you can fill out and send back in the email provided and get your car fixation process or any business you are interested in running just like that. Baylee is currently engaged to his boyfriend and is getting married soon.

Dave Kindig’s Net Worth is $3 Million.

He has also been on TV, where he earned a good salary. The details of the netting are not in the public domain. Dave also owns properties, classic cars, and a house whose car values are unknown.

He does not like putting a monetary value on his work or vehicles, and that’s one cool thing about him. Most of his income comes from his business, Kindig It Design, but that’s not the only income source for Dave Kindig’s Net Worth. He also receives good income from the tv shows like Bitchin’ Rides.

TV Shows

With the kind of work that came from his garage, it was impossible for Dave not to appear on the TV screen. It took time to happen, but it was bound to happen. And when the right time came, there was no turning back. On 2nd September 2014, the show Bitchin’ Rides was aired on the Velocity network. The show has run for six successive seasons and is set to continue this year. The show received a 7.5 rating on IMDb.

Dave Kindig has also appeared on other TV shows, for example, Beyond Bitchin’ Rides in 2015 and Bitchin’ Boot Camp, The Best of Top Gear 2019. Also, he has had interviews with various TV shows that are aligned to the car business.


There are no details about Dave’s residence. We, however, speculate that he is living in his hometown, Salt lake Utah, where his business is well established in.

Car collection.

With decades of day to day life with cars, he loved Volkswagen beetles and bought it as his first car, and he owns a range of classic cars, including a Mercedes Benz. He had many projects on cars super classic cars, some of the notables one are, Audi R8 Spyder, 1962 Volkswagen Bus, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, 1933 Ford Tudor, and 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, commonly known as Vette among many more.

Major Contracts and Awards.

Kindig-It Design has signed significant contracts with major companies, such as Maverick and Cornwall Tools Company, Harley Davidson, Lamborghini, and Lotus Corvette car companies. On awards, Dave won the 2007 GM Designs Awards at SEMA, the 2008 Utah Hot Rod Inductee Award, the 2012 Master Builder at Boise Roadster and Trendsetter Good Guys Awards, and the 2013 Ford Design Award.

Dave Kindig Age and DOB.

Dave is currently 52 years old. He was born on 6th February 1971 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The details of his family are unknown, but he is a family man now. His zodiac star is Aquarius.

Owner of Kindig-It Design.

Kindig It Designs specializes in working on designs that Dave has come up with. Being a designer, Dave not only restores old or damaged cars brought on his garage but also designs and builds cars from his company. He also gives his own signature design in already created cars to have his mark on them.

He runs a store Kindig apparel.

Dave also runs an online apparel shop. Here they items that are all customized with the ‘Kindig-It Designs’ logo. These items include varieties of key holders, golf towels, coffee cups, backpack bags, caps, t-shirts, etc., and you can order online and get it delivered to you. Baylee has done a fantastic job on this.

Dave Kindig’s Unknown facts.

  1. He designed his logo for the company by hand drawing it, and he did not like it. He later accepted it after his team gave it a computer retouch.
  2. His two children are working on his company, firstborn girl as a web designer and son as a car designer. His whole family loves hot rod cars.
  3. Dave’s family loves pets, and they have a puppy named Bugatti. It’s a cute black puppy. Its face is ubiquitous on their Instagram pages.
  4. Dave never had beards in the past; in fact, there was a time he died his hair. He seems to have embraced the new look that he has kept for years now.

Social Media.

Dave has an active Instagram account with 270K followers. He also has a well-designed website where one can easily interact with his various products and services.

Dave Kin-dig’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Dave Kindig
Age 52 years old
Date of Birth 6th February 1971
Place of Birth Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Profession Car Remodeler, Businessman, TV host
Net worth $3 Milion
Wife Charity Kindig
Kids Baylee and Drew
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents N/A

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