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David Freiburger Age, Wife, Net Worth: Wiki-Biography.

Editor of Hot Rod, David Freiburger Age, Wife, Net Worth and wiki-Biography.

David Freiburger is an American media personality and the Editor in Chief of Hot Rod. Freiburger has always known that his destiny had to be centred on cars. David’s first job was in a dealership that sold Dodge cars. He also worked in a car parts machining company.

Later on, David got a job in a company that manufactured car ignitions, of course, in the aftermarket segment. After his stint in technical roles, he then secured a job in Hot Rod as an editor. This position would kick off his career in automotive journalism. Curious about David’s life? See our article.

His Age and DOB.

David was born on August 21st, 1968. As of 2023, David Freiburger is 54 years old. Moreover, David will not hesitate to do a burnout if he gets a chance in a custom hot rod ride.

Can we have what he has, please? We hope that we are at least as active as he is at 40. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that David is so energetic. Leos are known for being active and ambitious. We guess David is the ethos of what a Leo should be like.

American TV personality, David Freiburger
David Freiburger

David Freiburger’ Net Worth.

If you are an automotive enthusiast, it isn’t strange to hear that David Freiburger’s net worth is about $1 million. Considering that David has been a chief editor of a top car enthusiast media outlet, then his roles are commensurate to his net worth. Freiburger’s salary is reportedly ‎$81,456 per year.

David Freiburger Wife.

Despite his seemingly laid-back personality, David is a very private person. He keeps his private life under wraps. The most we could get out of him was the fact that he is married.

Despite his effort to keep his lips sealed, sometimes, some things slip through. From his social media posts, he does mention his wife.

On March 5th, 2011, David seemingly wanted to purchase a commodity off of Craigslist, most likely a car. However, he felt that his wife would not agree with him. So he posted on Facebook that he was fearful that his wife would make him live in the coolest thing David had seen, in case he bought it.

TV shows.

David Freiburger’s television career has been a successful one. Back in 2014, David got the chance to be the producer, writer, and host of Hot Rod Garage. Three years later, Freiburger was in the show, Put Up or Shut Up. In 2015, David also worked in the show, Engine Masters. Recently in 2020, David has been working in the MotorTrend Working from Home. The Motor Trend Channel features subscription services for its subscribers to view its latest content.

To delve mote into David’s participation of Motor Trend, he works in the channel’s Roadkill Segment. David and his co-host Mike Finnegan take classic cars and turn them into cool hot rods.

Of course, there isn’t any shortage of mechanical breakdowns of the rebuilt and modified vehicles. Moreover, David loves making tarmac donuts with his customized, restored rides. The audience loves this, especially. Before that, David also worked in other shows such as Rod and Custom and Car Craft.

Aside from that, David is also an active YouTube host. His channel David Freiburger has 65.3K subscribers. This is very impressive, considering that Davis has 26 videos uploaded on his channel.

Some of his videos have several thousand to a million views. Not bad for a channel that can be described as a medium-sized channel based on the number of views and videos.

David Freiburger Wikipedia facts.

Full name David Freiburger
Age 54 years old
Date of Birth August 21st, 1968
Place of Birth United States
Profession Reality television star, Editor
Net worth $1 million
Partner Dominique Meierotto
Kids Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Jim Freiburger

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