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Drew Pritchard New Wife? First wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Children

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Facts about Drew Pritchard and his wifes

Drew Pritchard is an acknowledged antique dealer who is a native of the United Kingdom. He is a renowned host of the British show Salvage Hunters. This show is now on its 15th series and being watched by millions of people, not only in the UK but globally. 

Drew wanders and searches various parts of the UK to look for antiques and restore and sell them. For many years and multiple spin-offs of the program, Drew’s name in this industry became widely known, and also many of his viewers want to get to know him better. He was previously married to his co-star, Rebecca Pritchard. So, who is his new wife?

So, let’s dig a little into the background of the modern-day treasure hunter, Drew Pritchard, and his net worth and children in this Wikipedia-type bio.

Drew Pritchard Wikipedia

Andrew Thomas Pritchard, popularly known as Drew Pritchard, is a 53-year-old antique dealer born in Conwy, Clwyd, Wales, on the 24th of June 1970. 

Drew attended the schools in his birthplace, though there was inadequate information regarding his school or college name. There is no data on his record about his lineage as well; however, we all know that his father has a passion for old, classic motorcycles and cars. And since there were frequently vehicle repair tools on their slab, Drew acquired the same hobby. 

Young Mr.Drew, age 8, was already helping his dad in his business. He was scoring and selling stuff like auto parts, rusted bikes, and other items that appeared on the riverbank near their place. Well, he pretty much possessed all the ingredients for his future profession. 

At the early age of 15, he learned how to be a stained-glass conservator and restorer at a Youth Training Scheme. There was a time in his trainee days when he had to assist in taking out stained-glass windows from a church being taken down.

Many years passed; who would’ve thought that he would come across the same stained glass from a dealer, which he eventually got for a discount and marketed for a profit, which allowed him to establish his business? 

From his income, he built DP Classics in 1987, a business under his name that specializes in classic car and motorcycle repair and overhaul. He manages the shop with his old buddy, Clive Holland. Only some folks can turn their pastime into a career. Drew’s love for automobiles and wheels is now converted into his shop, from which he has been making a great deal of money. 

He also has an antique business in Conwy. He scores and sells from old items to up-to-date stuff and adores the fusion of things it fabricates. Drew is truly a master of classics who has nautical experience in recognizing a gem and other antique items. Not only skilled in old and vintage items but also an expert in reviving and sorting out those artifacts. 

Due to his hard work at an early age, he already had his first car at just 15. He had a full international race license. Perhaps he could’ve been a racer if he hadn’t engaged and pursued his passion for restoring artifacts. 

Drew’s success was not an accident or all that jazz, as his role in the Salvage Hunters played a massive factor in his fame. The program generally revolves around the team of Drew travelling to different places, searching for unusual things, buying and negotiating for the chosen items, and bringing them to their store in Conwy.

His other TV programs, like the spinoffs of the Salvage Hunters (Classic Cars and The Restorers) and Three Men Four Wheels, likewise contribute to his reputation as an artist with lots of expertise in terms of vehicles and antiques.

His name doesn’t exist on the Wikipedia page yet, but soon in the future.

Who is Drew Pritchard’s First Wife?

Drew Pritchard’s first wife was Rebecca Pritchard. But sadly, their love affair didn’t have a happy ending, and both chose to part company in 2017. 

The two didn’t disclose the exact reason for their separation, but we can assume that both parties agreed on the terms. Few people presumed that Drew’s affair with a woman named Amanda Thomas (wife of Janus Thomas) triggered their separation. However, Amanda and Drew had already split up a few years before the issue emerged. 

Rebecca still has a good relationship with Drew as a friend and a colleague in their show, Salvage Hunter.

Drew Pritchard with his first wife, Rebecca Pritchard
Drew Pritchard with his first wife, Rebecca Pritchard

Is Drew Pritchard married to a new wife?

Ever since the news of the divorce of Drew and Rebecca Pritchard came to light, Drew had been single and happy with his life.

Drew Pritchard and his rumored girlfriend, Amanda Thomas
Drew Pritchard and his rumored girlfriend, Amanda Thomas


Drew and Rebecca Pritchard have a son, Tom Pritchard, who constantly lends a hand in their antique shop. However information regarding their other sons and daughters is unknown to the general public. No details have been reported if they are with Rebecca or Drew.

Drew Pritchard with his son, Tom Pritchard
Drew Pritchard with his son, Tom Pritchard

Net worth and Income Sources

Drew has profited an enormous amount due to his profession as a host in Salvage Hunters and his antique restoration shop. The exact details of his net worth are still undisclosed, but it is estimated to be about $9 million. 

And because of his exceptional net worth, our antique expert delights in a comfortable life in his expensive house in Wales.

Death rumors

On December 3, 2020, a rumour circulated that Drew Pritchard had passed away on the Twitter platform. It was also published by InsideEko Media, though there was no confirmation regarding the unexpected “death” of Drew. No news about his health conditions nor accidents. 

However, contrary to the fake news, Drew Pritchard is still alive and in good shape. As it happens, he showed up in the filming to advertise the latest and subsequent series of Salvage Hunters in Conway.

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