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Drew Pritchard Still married to Rebecca Pritchard? Her Illness, Age, Wiki.

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Rebecca Pritchard with his first wife, Rebecca

Rebecca Jane Pritchard is a famous personality in the antique industry and Drew Pritchard’s former partner and co-star from the British TV program Salvage Hunters. This program centers on a group of professionals traveling and searching the country to find some standout artifacts. Rebecca examines the details Drew fetches from their long expeditions.

Please stick with us until the end to know Rebecca’s life and other details like illness, age, and wiki. Also, find out if Drew is still married to Rebecca.

Rebecca Pritchard is Drew Pritchard’s First Wife

Looking into her love life, Rebecca tied the knot to Drew Pritchard. Drew is an expert antique dealer and the center of the famous reality program Salvage Hunters.

They first saw each other when Rebecca was employed in a property development firm. The two got to know each other and finally settled down to have a family of their own. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and they parted ways in 2017. 

The ex-lovers didn’t disclose the real reason for their separation, though a rumour spread that it was due to the entanglement of Drew to another woman named Amanda Thomas while wedded to Rebecca. 

But the rumor seemed to be true. Drew and Amanda Thomas had been together for almost two years. The two are acquainted since their sons were buddies. However, Drew realized that life might take its toll and eventually decided to protect his marriage. 

Drew Pritchard and his ex-wife Rebecca Pritchard
Drew Pritchard and his ex-wife Rebecca Pritchard

Soon after that, Amanda told and admitted to her husband, Janus Thomas, that she had a romance with Drew Pritchard. And according to Amanda, Drew sent a text to her describing her husband as a coward. And that seemed to trigger Janus when he saw and, with no second thoughts, punched Drew at the Liverpool Arms in Conwy, North Wales. 

Regardless of the divorce, Drew and Rebecca Pritchard are still teaming up for the show and establishing friendships for their kids. Her union with Drew was believed to have brought about a few kids, but it is unknown about the number of children. Rebecca has maintained to have this scoop a confidential matter.

Rebecca Pritchard and Drew Pritchard Wedding

As declared earlier, Rebecca met her ex-husband, Drew Pritchard, during the time she was at work in a real estate development. She toured throughout and outside the country to have her apparel industry known by running wholesale and retail shops in various places. 

However, their husband-and-wife relationship lasts only for a short while. After the divorce, Rebecca doesn’t remarry or have an affair, enjoying her single life. She preferred to focus on her profession as a businessperson and as one of the cast behind the Salvage Hunters. She only details her career instead of her love life.

Rebecca Pritchard Illness

Rebecca is in good condition, and there is no news that she’s unwell or has some health conditions.

Rebecca Pritchard, ex-wife of Drew Pritchard
Rebecca Pritchard

Age, Net Worth, and wiki

On February 19, 1958, Rebecca Pritchard was born in the UK and is now 65 years old. Though presently, she resides in both Chester and London. Rebecca has British nationality and is of white ethnicity. No information regarding her parents and siblings is available because she remained out of the spotlight.

Rebecca is a woman of average height with fair weight. Reports state she stands 5 feet and 3 inches. 

Rebecca started her vocation in the women’s fashion industry, selling in bulk and small quantities and mass-producing in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. She was in this line of business for approximately two decades.

Furthermore, she was employed in the real estate development sector in North Wales, where she obtained and marketed several homes and managed a camping area and vacation rental business. 

She goes camping in a trailer during her spare time, cooks, does some horse riding and is a boat owner. 

She was publicly recognized following her debut on the small screen. She works alongside her ex-husband and other antique experts for the British show Salvage Hunters. She also has a Twitter account with a total of 4.5K followers to date. 

Currently, Rebecca’s net worth is calculated to be about $2.5 million. Her primary source of income is her vocation as a TV star, antique analyst, and fashion entrepreneur. We can assume that her accumulated wealth was due to her passion for fashion since she’s been thriving in this line for over 22 years now and indulges in a comfortable life.

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