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What Really happened to Flip on Street Outlaws?

Photo of Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy.

Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy was a drag racing car enthusiast and customization expert. Most fans of Street Outlaws remember him from the first season of the series. Other than that, Flip has also been referenced on multiple occasions throughout the series’ run.

Flip’s vehicle of choice was his trusty 1980 Chevy, which was dubbed ‘The El Camino.’ His friends had a different name for it, jokingly referring to it as a ticking time bomb.

They were quite certain that Flip’s car would implode one day. Here’s what happened to Flip from Street Outlaws.

Who was Flip on Street Outlaw?

Tyler Priddy was a prominent drag racer in the Oklahoma racing scene. He was born back on November 30th, 1981, in the same state. Flip’s love for muscle cars dates back to his youth when he and Justin Shearer would race around in their bikes.

Over the years, he’d developed an affinity for modifying vehicles.

To fund this expensive venture, Flip would take a job at Warren Caterpillar, a construction company. He’d stay in this line of work for nearly a decade, using the funds he earned to re-mod his dream vehicle.

Soon after, the Discovery Channel came calling as Flip, and the rest of the crew were given the opportunity to appear on television.

Image of Filp from Street Outlaws
Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy

What happened to Flip on Street Outlaws?

On the 28th of May 2013, Flip’s family revealed that he had been found dead in his Yukon home. This came just a few weeks before the official premiere of Street Outlaws.

At the time of his passing, Tyler was only 31-years old at the time of his death. Moreover, his family was also reluctant to comment on his passing, which, naturally, led to considerable speculation.

Tyler Priddy left four children behind (all boys) and a wife named Amber. When Street Outlaws finally premiered, his crew organized a massive burnout to honor his memory.

How did he Die?

Because of the untimely nature of his passing, most people believed that Flip committed suicide. However, this was just speculation as the cause of death was never confirmed.

The rumor mostly stemmed from the fact his wife, Amber, talked about suicide a few weeks after his death. Some sources have suggested that his passing was entirely accidental after a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to them, Flip had allegedly gotten hold of his firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

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