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“Highway Thru Hell” Cast Jamie Davis Net Worth, Wife, Wiki

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Facts about Highway Thru Hell Cast Jamie Davis, Networth and family

High risk and high stakes; regardless, Jamie Davis Towing finishes the job. Jamie runs his company ‘Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto Towing‘ which services the highway area of Canada where towing is needed.

If you are an avid watcher of the series ‘Highway Thru Hell,’ you already know who Jamie Towing is. But if not, then buckle up ‘cause it’s a long trek ahead. Read this to know Jamie Davis’s net worth, his wife and his kids

Who is Jamie Davis? 

Davis is well known as the co-founder of the show Highway thru Hell, where he tows monstrous and gigantic trucks in hard-to-reach places. In reality, the company’s prices are affordable, and locals love the services they offer.

Highway Thru Hell cast Jamie Davis was born on April 18, 1963 (60 years old) and has been raised in America since then; Completed his education while also playing for the football team. Jamie was not your typical achiever in school, but he is a natural when it comes to vehicles.

Image of co-founder of the show Highway to Hell, Jamie DAvis
Jamie Davis

Jamie was already a fan of vehicles at an early age. And from his love of cars, Jamie created his very own ‘towing’ company.

His towing company is successful up to this day, and with the help of his show Highway Thru Hell, his business became ever-popular and searched in the area.

Jamie Davis Towing facts.

Highway Thru Hell started when one of the show’s directors had a car breakdown in the middle of the highway, and fortunately, one of Jamie’s employees towed his car from danger.

Since then, the directors of the show have discussed a potential series for Jamie and his towing business. Safe to say, a single towing crisis became a big hit in local and international TV.

Jamie Towing wanted to change the public’s perception and opinion in the towing business. Many people disregard towing as something crucial for the safety of the roads.

Still, Jamie’s series showed the risks, dangers, and challenges of towing gigantic trucks on the deadly highways of Canada.

Ever since Highway Thru Hell exploded on television, people have been visiting a local village called Hope. Not only did it provide foot traffic, but the show’s popularity boosted the village’s local economy as well.

Highway Thru Hell cast Jamie Davis Net Worth

Jamie Towing’s interest and love for vehicles led him to a milestone of being a successful businessman. His business has made a name for itself for raving through storms, thick foliage, and even dangerous ground.

Being a successful businessman and showrunner, he earned his right to be part of an international sensational TV series. Having his own business and show, Jamie Davis Net Worth is $3 million.

Wife and kids

A successful businessman and a loving father, Jamie had the full support of his girlfriend, now wife, Sherry Davis.

Highway Thru Hell cast Jamie Davis and his wife have been together ever since college; finished it together and soon after, married each other. Now, they have three children, Brandon, Alexis, & James Jr Davis; which they consider their happiness.

Jamie Davis with his wife, Sherry Davis and kids
Jamie Davis with his wife, Sherry Davis, and kids

Jamie Davis Accident

A Highway Thru Hell star Jamie Davis was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 5, just outside of Avola, B.C., on Sunday (Jan. 8).

Luckily Jamie did not suffer any major injury in the crash, according to Pacific Media. The emergency services were quick to respond to the accident.

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