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Jeff Lutz from Street Outlaws Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age, Accident, Still Alive?

Image of Jeff Lutz with his wife, Christine Lutz

Jeff Lutz is an experienced street racer who is part of the tv franchise Street Outlaws. Sources say that he has been on racing for several years now. He first got on to the tracks after his father gave him a 74 Nova Hatchback. This is Jeff Lutz Wikipedia biography.

Moreover, Jeff’s interest in cars also pushed him towards a business venture in the same line of work. He began acquiring old vehicles, which he’d then renovate before selling for a considerable profit. Explore more facts based on Jeff Lutz’s net worth, wiki, and age.

Jeff Lutz Wikipedia

Image of Jeff Lutz
Jeff Lutz is an American actor and professional car racer. He is known for starring in Street Outlaws as a car racer.

Jeff Lutz is an American tv personality and entrepreneur. He was born on the 15th of May 1970 and turned 53 years old this year. Unlike most of the other racers on the track, Lutz’s love for cars is not a passion he shares with the rest of his family.

Though we don’t know much about his parents, we can confirm that they were not involved in the car racing scene in any capacity. Jeff got behind the wheel first in his brother’s Camaro. Notably, the former did not have a driving license at the time in question.

For a while, Jeff got away with driving without a license, evading the authorities in the process. His luck would eventually run out, leading to legal trouble that kept him from getting a driving license for a while.

After graduating from high school, Jeff decided to join a construction company, working as a bricklayer. The housing market’s collapse a few years later would prove to be a significant turning point.

Lutz finally turned his attention to cars, which paved the way for television. He’d officially join the cast of Street Outlaws during the show’s 12th season, featuring alongside Justin Shearer in the aforementioned series.

On the show, Jeff quickly garnered popularity for racing his Chevy, which he dubbed ‘Mad Max. Jeff’s popularity on Street Outlaws meant that he was automatically cast in its sequel, ‘No Prep Kings.’

Jeff Lutz’s Accident

Image of Jeff Lutz's car accident
Jeff Lutz’s car accident

Sources reported that Jeff was involved in a car crash on the tracks while filming an episode for Street Outlaws. The incident took place on May 9th, 2021, while Lutz was in his infamous yellow 1957 Chevy. At the time, Jeff was competing against Damon Merchant.

Jeff’s car was completely wrecked after the accident, while the racer himself remarkably remained unharmed. Despite this, Jeff was rushed to the hospital just as a precautionary measure. The producers wanted to make sure that he hadn’t suffered a serious concussion or developed internal injuries.

Is Jeff Lutz Alive?

Despite the serious nature of his accident, Lutz did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. He spent a few days at the hospital before taking some time off to recover fully. Unsurprisingly, several rumors about his death started sprouting as soon as pictures of his totaled 57 Chevy surfaced. However, we can confirm that Jeff Lutz is very much alive.

Jeff’s Instagram page remains active to date, with the latest post dropping a few days ago. He revealed that he was set to appear in the June 2022 edition of No Prep Kings.

Net worth and Income

For several years now, Jeff has built his net worth on the back of a successful career on the tracks and television as well.

Most street races come with lofty purses, ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 on the higher end of the spectrum. As a Street Outlaws cast member, Lutz reportedly took home $10,000 for every race that was aired on the show.

Additionally, Jeff also used his growing popularity to launch another business. His auto shop, Jeff Race Cars, offers a variety of services, including car repairs and renovation.

Moreover, Jeff also finds worn-out vehicles, and fixes them up, leading to hefty profits after the sale. Jeff Lutz’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

New Car

Jeff used his sizeable bank account to acquire a few different cars. These include a 632 CI Big Block Chevy dubbed ‘the Beast’, and his recently wrecked 57 Chevy.

The latter was easily one of the most beloved vehicles in the series, and many fans were sad to see it go. However, Jeff did not waste too much time when it came to finding a replacement.

He invested some serious money into building another Tri-Five Chevy. Sources say that one of his main sponsors, Danchuk Manufacturing, was quick to offer all the significant parts he would need for the re-build.

Jeff Lutz’s Wife Christine Lutz and Kids

Image of Jeff Lutz with his wife, Christine Lutz
Jeff Lutz with his wife, Christine Lutz

Jeff’s wife is a woman named Christine Lutz. The two have been together for almost three decades, since getting married on the 31st of July 1989. Though details on their relationship are scarce, we did learn that they first met while they were both teenagers. They’d quickly start dating soon after before eventually taking the next step.

Jeff and his wife Christine Lutz have one daughter together, Charise Lutz. She was born sometime in October 1987 and will turn 36 later this year.

Presently, Charise is employed as a human resource worker at GetGo Café. Before this, it was widely reported that Jeff’s daughter was affiliated with the Centre for Organ Recovery and Education.

As far as credentials go, we found that Charise was once enrolled at Slippery Rock University, which is based in Pennsylvania.

In addition to this, Lutz also has a son, Jeffrey Junior. Unsurprisingly, Jeff Jr decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, getting behind the wheel and becoming a racer.

Where Does Jeff Lutz Live now?

An examination of Jeff’s Instagram page suggests that he is currently based in Houston, Texas. This is where the show No Prep Kings is filmed. Moreover, Lutz makes regular appearances across different tracks in Houston. This tells us that he is firmly based in the area.

What Does Jeff Lutz Do for a living now?

Image of Jeff Lutz as a No Prep Kings star
Jeff Lutz as a No Prep Kings star

Jeff is still very much involved with the world of street racing. As a part of No Prep Kings, he still competes with some of the best racers around. Lutz operates his auto shop alongside Jeff Jr when he is not behind the wheels.

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