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Kevin Schiele Net Worth, Wife, Wiki.

Kevin Schiele

Kevin Schiele is a car enthusiast, mechanic, and television personality who rose to the limelight when he was featured in hit reality television shows, Bitchin’ Rides and Beyond Bitchin’ Rides.

Although most of his life’s details are kept in the shadows, the little details of his life story and rise to prominence is something that is truly amazing. Know Kevin Schiele’s net worth and wife here.

Kevin Schiele Wiki.

Kevin has not yet publicly disclosed his childhood days. Moreover, there is no reliable information about his early life, parents, siblings, and education other than the fact that he was born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kevin was passionate about cars from a very young age. As a result, he learned about the details of the cars, restoration of parts, etc., from anyone he knew, and he decided that he would make a career in cars.

Kevin SchieleKevin Schiele

Full Name Kevin Schiele
Nickname Mother Trucker
Mother’s Name Not available
Father’s Name Not available
Date of Birth June 13, 1980
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Profession Automotive mechanic, Former Reality Show star
Net Worth $2 million
Girlfriend Melanie Kay Neff
Children Not available



Kevin began his career in 2004, when he started working as a shop foreman at a professional car restoration and repairing company Kindig-It Design which has 27K square-foot of area. Kevin displayed a true passion for cars ever since he got this job.

It is reported that Kevin used to be the first one to get to work and the last one to go home, as he not only completed his tasks but also tried to learn in every way about restoring cars.

As a result, Kevin Schiele mastered all the car parts and the functioning of the car. Moreover, his colleagues used to call him a go-to guy for solving the problems regarding chassis. To this date, his friends and fans tease him with emphasis on the term chassis.

Kindig-It Design took in numerous car restoration and repair projects, ranging from old vintage vehicles to modern staples. Moreover, they have also done charity work by customizing cars of veterans, armies, and other local people.

As a result, it became one of the prominent automotive services in Utah and their effort was recognized by Velocity TV. From here, Bitchin’ Rides was born and in an instant, it became one the highest-viewed series on Velocity TV network.

Kevin Schiele’s Stardom from Bitchin’ Rides.

Kevin had a huge role in this series. As he was the foreman of Kindig-It Design, he always appeared in the episodes, giving out lessons and insights about cars.

Along with Dave Kindig, Kevin used to meet with clients to assess their vehicles and talk about the client’s modification and restoration requirements.

Throughout the show, they would talk about how the work could be done. However, Kevin had the important role of taking the viewers through the convoluted process of car disassembling and rebuilding and explaining it to the best of the viewer’s understanding.

Some of Kevin Schiele’s best works on this series were configuring an ancient ‘33 Ford Tudor, ‘57 Chevy Corvette, and an Audi R8 Spyder. Kevin was willing to take the company’s name around the country and meet high-profile clients for which he was nicknamed Mother Trucker.

Because the first season of Bitchin’ Rides was a hit, Velocity TV offered a second season to Kindig-It Design. This time by the name Beyond Bitchin’ Rides. As before, Kevin used to lead the role in orchestrating projects and dealing with the clients’ needs. What made these shows better was the candid reaction of every crew member and Kevin’s berserk attitude when his crew members screwed up things.

Kevin Schiele Net Worth.

According to several genuine sources, Kevin Schiele is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. This accumulated this figure from his 17 years of service with Kindig-It Design as well as from the reality shows Bitchin’ Rides and Beyond Bitchin’ Rides.

Kevin Schiele’s Wife, Married life, and children.

Much about Kevin’s married life is still a mystery to everyone. However, it is rumoured that Kevin is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Melanie Kay Neff.

As far as his children are concerned, Kevin has not revealed whether he has become a father to anyone. He still receives royalties from both the shows’ re-runs and streaming numbers.

Melanie Kay Neff
Melanie Kay Neff

Social Media.

Just like many TV personalities, Kevin Schiele is also active on his social media where he posts pictures of his work and interacts with fans. Moreover, he also posts pictures with his girlfriend. He has over 87K followers on Instagram and 14.7K followers on Twitter.

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