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What happened to RedBeard on Diesel Brothers?

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What happened to diesel mechanic, RedBeard on Diesel Brothers

Josh Stuart, commonly known as Money Man RedBeard, is an American diesel engine mechanic. He is famous for his cast on Diesel Brothers, where he casts alongside his other three brothers.

He is a Uinta native, coming from a small town called Roosevelt, where he grew up. The city is situated in the Uintah basin, which forms the greater Uinta Indian reservation.

Joining “Diesel Brothers”.

Dave met Josh Stuart, aka RedBeard, in one of the social groups they both had subscribed to, and their friendship kicked off. They discovered that they had a common interest in diesel engines, with Josh more interested in the business aspect of the whole venture.

When the time came for Dave and Heavy D, who were also in the same group, to start their shop, they needed someone with excellent business skills, and Josh was the best candidate. From the start of DieselSellerz until it gained much fame, Josh has been the ‘Money Man.’

Diesel Brothers cast, Josh Stuart aka RedBeard
Josh Stuart aka RedBeard

Why Josh Stuart “RedBeard” left the show “Diesel Brothers.”

After missing out on some episodes of the fifth season, The Muscle, Keaton Hoskins, one of the five Diesel Brothers, asked the question every fan of the show was asking himself: where is Money Man? Well, it seemed like no one was able to answer that question.

Neither Dave nor Heavy D knew the answer to the problem. The fans on the internet also got concerned and started to ask him about his whereabouts. Unfortunately, none of these queries have been answered so far.

Did he ever leave? Is he still on?

According to the Discovery website, RedBeard’s bio has not been pulled down; neither has the tense of the paragraph below his name changed to past tense. We consider that as a consolation and a surety that he is still on the show. He could have limited his filming, but he is still on.

To cement this, the recent video of him and Dave taking part in the outlaw truck giveaway promotion. That simply means he is part of the team, and we hope to see him on the screen soon.

Josh is a family man with one wife and four children. He recently celebrated his 15th anniversary in marriage with his wife and children in one adorable photo. It could be that he took some time off to be with the family or something but never left the show. He is still on.

Net Worth.

Being one of the co-founders of the Diesel Brothers, Josh’s net worth is estimated to be $900,000.

Social Media.

Josh has 434k Instagram followers. Again in his bio, he identifies himself as a co-founder of the DieselSellerz.

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