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Sarah Bogi Lateiner from “All Girls Garage” Wiki, Biography.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner from “All Girls Garage” Wiki Biography.

Sarah Lateiner is a 45 years old American Automotive Service Excellence (ASC) certified Master technician, reality TV host, poet, and an artist. She is famously known for hosting the show ‘All girls Garage‘ on Velocity Network. This is one show that has proven that working in the garage is not purely masculine.

Fans know her as Bogi from All Girls Garage Bogi is hosts the show with two more girls, Cristy Lee and Rachel Del Barros. Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner is also the owner of 180 Automotive and is known to be a staunch women activist. In this article, we will take you through her career journey and learn facts about her.

Sarah Bogi, Age, DOB, and Early Life.

Sarah was born on 15th December 1977 in Flushing, New York. She is 45 years old as of writing this. The details about her parents are unavailable. She, however, spent her childhood with her younger sister, Jenny, in Montclair, a small village in New Jersey.

She had the privilege of being raised in a middle-class family, and her parents struggled to provide her with her basic needs. Her younger sister, Sarah’s only known family member, however, passed on.


Sarah Lateiner joined Oberlin College and attained her first degree in significant Pre-Law and Women’s Studies and a minor in Politics. Bogi’s parents wanted her to be a lawyer. It only took her three years to graduate from Phi Beta Kappa.

Her determination to join Harvard University did not materialize when a second thought of what exactly she wanted to do with her life came into her mind. She made the brave move and went to Phoenix, where she joined Universal Technical Institute and became a mechanic.

Love Affair with Cars.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner’s love affair with cars started when she was 16 when she bought an old VW Bug. The poor service deliveries at the repair shops compelled her to join her high school auto shop. Here, she was able to fix her car.

With guidance from books and mentors, she gave the old Bug a new look. This accomplishment built her passion for car matters. No wonder she changed her mind about joining the coveted Harvard University.


Sarah Bogi Lateiner
Sarah Bogi Lateiner’s first car was an old VW Bug.

Career Info.

Sarah tried to find a job as a mechanic in vain. After making several applications, she got the opportunity to join BMW through the BMW STEP program.

This was a significant milestone in her career. She worked at BMW for seven years as a dealer technician. This was rather just a stepping stone, not her dream job. Being a technician was fun, but Sarah wanted to have a one-on-one interaction with customers.

Bogi from All Girls Garage had no option but to quit the job at BMW and started working as a standalone mechanic repairing cars in her driveway. Her excellent services gained fame so fast when she was 29 years old. She rented a building, hired a few employees and had her first service shop.

She named the shop 180 Degrees Automotive. This was in the year 2006. This shop was a great success. Still, her quest to ensure women get into the automobile industry had not been fulfilled.

This caused her to open a second shop with the same name to create an easy-entry platform for women where they get empowered to offer quality services in the motor vehicle industry. Bogi also had forums where she addressed women from all parts of the country. She has also written articles for the present and future generations.

She is Fans Favourite “All Girls Garage” Host.

To prove to everybody that women can also do it in a big way, Sarah Lateiner started to work in a TV show. ‘All Girls Garage’ on Velocity Network is a reality show that she hosts alongside her two partners, Cristy Lee and Rachel Del Barros.

The objective of starting this show was to teach women car care classes. The show also did evaluations for independent repair shops across the country.

The show (which is still on) started in 2012 and has run for a total of 135 episodes, received a 6.1 IMDb rating and has seen massive support from fans, more so female.

All Girls Garage show has also caught the attention of many renounced car industries, shown by the partnership the ladies have shared.

All Girls Garage's Hosts, Cristy Lee, Rachel Del Barros and Sarah "Bogi" Lateiner.
All Girls Garage’s Hosts, Cristy Lee, Rachel Del Barros, and Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner.


Other than running the show, Bogi from All Girls Garage has had other programs running as well. She had the Chevy Montage Build Program that saw a total of up to 900 women coming in to get the job done. She also has the Volvo PV544 Build program, where she expects even a more significant number of women to get into.

Sarah Lateiner Net Worth.

Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be $5 million. Her salary from the show that has had a successful run has not been disclosed, either per episode or per season.

She has also earned from fixing cars in her shop and other ventures. She also has different properties. Cumulatively, they sum up her net worth.

Shops and Locations.

Bogi owns six different shops in Arizona and Phoenix. Here are the list and location

  1. Olive Avenue, Glendale
  2. 67th Avenue, Phoenix
  3. Mariposa Street, Phoenix
  4. North Valley Pkwy, Phoenix
  5. Lake Pleasant Pkwy, Pretoria
  6. Raintree Drive, Scottsdale

Is Bogi from “All Girls Garage” Single?

Affirmative! The pretty lady on the screen is single. She neither has a past relationship, nor is she seeing anyone. She also straight and has not had any lesbian partner. Since she never wants to talk about her relationship status in public, one of her co-hosts said leaked that she is single because she has not met her Mr. Right.

Her Nickname ‘Bogi” and Hobbies.

Her nickname ‘Bogi’ is a translation of the word ‘Leader’ from Hungary. She had a chance to lead a group of Hungarian students when she was still a student. She has lived her nickname.

In her free time, Bogi rides her bike in Arizona, enjoys her friends’ company, and bonds with the community. She also writes and loves art.

Social media account.

Bogi appreciated the power of social media in the modern world. She has accounts across the major platforms; however, she does not use it to update the followers of her daily life, and she uses it to reach customers, product promotions, and advocacy. She has 50.4K followers on Twitter, 28K on Facebook, 12.3K on Twitter, and 3.2K subscribers to her YouTube channel that looks new.

Sarah bogi Lateiner's social media
Sarah Bogi Lateiner is active in social media.

Sarah Lateiner’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Sarah Bogi Lateiner
Age 45 Years
Date of Birth 15th December 1977
Place of Birth Flushing, New York
Profession Mechanic, TV host, Writer, Advocate
Net worth $ 5 Million
Husband N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents N/A

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