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Why is Tee (John Tee) Not in Salvage Hunters Anymore?

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Reason for John Tee not in Salvage Hunters

Salvage Hunters is a British TV show that gained immense popularity greater than what the cast expected. The program’s primary host is Drew Pritchard, dubbed as the 21st-century treasure hunter. He wanders all over the country to discover the most delicate artifacts from various stores and unexpected places. The program was watched by several and had a massive audience within and outside of the United Kingdom.

John Tee from Salvage Hunters is no more on the show. Why? And now we will meet and become familiar with one of the show’s stars, John Tee. 

Who is Tee (John Tee) in Salvage Hunters?

John Tee is a TV personality from “Salvage Hunters.” He plays the part of a van driver and helper when transferring the acquired objects, but he is also a great friend of Drew Pritchard. He was formally recognized on the 8th season as a partner of Drew. 

John Tee and Drew Pritchard
John Tee and Drew Pritchard

But to those unfamiliar with Tee, he once appeared in a short comedic film in 2008, Late Night Burrito Place, as the guy who got kicked out by his girlfriend.

Tee’s Weight Loss Journey

He underwent a drastic decrease in body weight. If you follow the program from the get-go, you notice how much John Tee changed in terms of his look. 

Tee was obese due to his unhealthy dietary patterns as he didn’t consider his food and just ate whatever suited his taste. His hectic schedule and lavish life also play a factor in his health. However, he suffered the consequences of overeating, and he was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. 

Doctors advised him to look after his health and get back in shape. Resolved to have a full life again, he began giving much attention to his well-being to become a fit man. He immediately set a limit on his alcohol intake, reduced his calorie consumption, and started having a balanced meal. 

Image of Tee John Before and After weightloss
John Tee before and after looks

Tee’s doctors also advised him to have a bit of exercise to reduce some fats, such as swimming, jogging, and simple walking. He began carrying out these assignments in addition to the correct intake of prescribed medicines. Eventually, his endeavors and sacrifices slowly resulted in promising outcomes, and fans certainly saw the changes. 

Our salvage hunter has now acknowledged the importance of his health to his profession and overall quality of life. He began changing things for the betterment of his well-being. Tee’s effective weight loss’s two essential prescriptions are a controlled and balanced diet program with exercise. It had him a considerable amount of sweat, determination, and self-control, and, at long last, he subdued his thyroid condition and started shedding some pounds.

Why Did Tee Leave Salvage Hunters?

Viewers of the show have been wondering where Pritchard’s good friend is since they last saw Tee during its 8th season. Many questions were raised by the fans since there is also no announcement regarding his leave: “Will Tee ever return to the show?” “Did Drew and Tee have an argument that resulted in his unexpected disappearance?” 

The British program’s initial plan is to have Tee as a cameo appearance for the Salvage Hunters Season 8. Tee will likely not come back from the program since he failed to extend the contract for the recent season, and we all know that this show had many spin-offs and several cameos. Another reason is that his reappearance would have brought about proposals to have him as among the show’s hosts alongside Pritchard, which is contradictory to the first intention of having him only as a cameo appearance. 

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