Valerie Gillies from Bitchin’ Rides is Married. Congratulations?

Valerie Gillies is a reality television personality, office manager, and a key member of team Kindig-It Designs. She has been with the team for the better part of two decades, taking on a variety of tasks.

These ranged from business arrangements to customer relations. Over the years, Valerie has proven to be an invaluable asset.

It explains why she is still with them 19 years down the line. Moreover, her popularity has translated into both tv and social media fame.

Recently, Valerie made headlines after getting married to her partner.

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Valarie Gillies on Bitchin’ Rides

Bitchin’ Rides is a series that focuses on the incredibly work that goes on at Kindig-It Designs. This is a restoration shop owned by Dave Kindig.

He brought Valerie into the fold back in 2003, at a time when the shop was just starting to pick up. Over the years, Kindig-It designs would develop a reputation for coming up with the most innovative designs and restorations.

Gillies initially started out as the office manager. She handled most of the paperwork needed to keep the autobody shop afloat.

Image of Valerie Gillies

Essentially, her work was to simplify the lives of the restoration experts and engineers. Valerie Gillies’ first run on Bitchin’ Ride came back in October 2014, in the episode titled ‘Lights, Camera, Auto-Rama’.

Her popularity on the series meant that Gillies was also considered for various spinoffs, including Beyond Bitchin’.

Valarie Gillies is Married

Gillies is presently married to fellow American, Shaun Taggart. The two officially got engaged back in December 2021.

Shaun asked a few of their friends to step in and help. They made a banner and took Valarie on a hike in Moab.

This is where Shaun would propose, and Gillies would say. They’d get marry in just under a year in front of their friends and family.

In an anniversary post, Valarie talked about how Shaun was perfect for her. They were friends, soulmates, two people who could talk about anything without ever getting bored.

She went on to add that she loved her husband because he always encouraged her to be better.

Her children                          

Valarie Gillies has three beautiful daughters. Venice only just turned 11 this year.

She was born on the 13th of May 2011. In a birthday post back in 2021, Valarie gushed about her daughter’s soft-spoken personality and unique fashion sense.

Moreover, her daughter was also kind and smart. Gillies even went on to add that Venice would become a famous fashion icon in the future.

Her sister, Kiddo, on the other hand, was born on the 2nd of June 2008, which makes her 14. Presently, there isn’t a lot of information available regarding Valarie’s third, and possibly eldest daughter.

Judging from the pictures Gillies posts on social media, however, we can tell that she’s a few years older than the other girls.

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