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Vegas Hot Rod Cast Twiggy Tallant Wiki, Bio, Measurements.

Twiggy Tallant is a 35-year-old American-based Canadian car model and car maker. She is famously known for her appearance on the reality show ‘Vegas Rat Rods as the only female crew. Working as a welder in a group of boys made her stand out and became fan favorite.

She has also made good progress as a car specialist and TV host. In this article, we are going to look into her career and dig out facts about her.

Twiggy Tallant’s Wiki.

Twiggy Tallant got her first job as a car model in Canada. Before that, she worked as a strip dancer in her 20s and later retired. It was during her career as a car model that she had her first encounter with hot rods, and they melted her heart.

From then, she purposed not only to know how a model for the car is but to build cars.

A friend of hers, Tony Smith, recommended her to join a team of boys in their welding garage, and she took it up. She joined a group of boys headed by Steve Darnell and started working as a welder. Being an accomplished model, she took up many gigs for car shows.

She was hired as a professional model to stand at a booth in a car show. In 2018, she appeared on the Motorama, the most prominent indoor and outdoor automotive display in Canada.

Vegas Hot Rod Cast, Twiggy Tallant
Vegas Hot Rod Cast, Twiggy Tallant.

TV Show

Upon joining Steve Darnel crews at the ‘Welder Up,’ she was informed that there are plans of having a TV show at the garage. She did not take it seriously until a man approached her with a camera, then she realized it was not a dream.

She featured on ‘Vegas Rat Rods’ show for two seasons before leaving to further her studies. While still at the show, she won many hearts and became fans favorite. Her missing in action without prior notice irked her fans, but she later gave reasons for her absence in trying to calm the situation.

The reason why Twiggy Tallant Left Vegas Hot Rod.

Some would say it was bound to happen, that there was no way a lady with no background in welding would stay long in a garage dominated by big boys. Twiggy Tallant surely did manage to stay.

And the reason she left was purely not because of being the only girl in the garage. She left to further her study. After two years of silence, she decided to clarify to her fans who kept inquiring about her whereabouts.


Tallant left her job and TV show concurrently to pursue higher education. She joined George Brown College back in Canada. She majored in Welding as she seeks to take her passion to the next level. Her high school education details are not on the internet.

‘Hair up Hustle Hard’ Initiative.

Charity begins at home. In the process of her studies, Tallant started the hair up hustle hard initiative. This program is meant to empower ladies in her hometown who have the dream of doing business.

Early life.

Twiggy Tallant was born in Ontario, Canada. She later moved to England, where her mother, Paula, was going to study at Leeds University. The details of her line of studies are unknown. This was when she was eleven years old. She grew up in Leeds before heading back to Ontario, Canada, her hometown. Also, the details of her father are not available on the internet.


The 35 years old Canadian is a knockout model. She got the physic that’s perfect for that role. To complement her astounding beauty are her coloured tattoos that are all over her body, from hands, thighs, and toes. Tallant loves to proudly show off her tattoos by flaunting her loose shirts and dresses.

Tallant loves to proudly show off her tattoos.
Tallant proudly shows off her tattoos.

Is Twiggy Tallant lesbian or Bisexual?

In 2018, through a Facebook post, Tallant came out clearly and confirmed that she is bisexual. The gorgeous lady added that she is dating her longtime friend.

Tallant even went ahead and posted a photo of them together. She calls her best friend to come to partner Jazmine. However, the fine details of her are only known to Tallant.


Other than her mother and sister, Brianne Foulkes, there is no one else known that relates to Tallant. As time goes by, she will have her Wikipedia, and more details will be out. Be sure to find them right here, immediately they leak.

Date of Birth, Age, and other details.

Twiggy Tallant was birthed on June 4, 1988, in Ontario, Canada. She is currently 35 years old. Her zodiac star is Gemini. Tallant is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She is white and got brown hair.

Love for Motor Bikes.

Twiggy Tallant seems to be keen on motorbikes, in January 12, 2019, she encouraged ladies to turn out in numbers for the Women’s Motorcycle Show in Los Angeles. She has posted photos of her posing with motorbikes at the Kreater Customs.

Net Worth.

Tallent’s hard work in the car industry has earned her the right amount of money and fame and grants her a great platform to grow from. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be 500,000 Canadian Dollars.

As time goes by with persistent hard work, her net worth is set to rise over the coming years.

After Quarantine Plans.

In a video Tallant posted on her Instagram page, Twiggy Tallant describes how hard the period has been for her. She had no machine to play around with, just a bicycle, which she says she is going to assemble and disassemble many times to keep herself busy. But she also has big plans ahead.

She is planning to develop a CNC machine, do more artistic welding work, and even hinted at having her workshop. She said that she got projects she has been working on that she can’t wait to share once normality resumes.

Social Media.

She has two Instagram accounts, one “@thenerdystripper” is about real-life with 59K followers, and the other “@twiggytallant” is for work, with 47K followers. She seems to have a double identity, which she is struggling to balance.

Twiggy Tallant’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Twiggy Tallant
Age 35 years old
Date of Birth June 4 June 4, 1988
Place of Birth Toronto Ontario, Canada
Profession Car Model and car maker
Net worth $ 500, 000 CAD
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents Paula Tallant

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