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“Chasing Classic Car” Cast Wayne Carini Net Worth, Wife: 15 Facts.

Chasing Classic Car Cast Wayne Carini Net Worth Wife Facts

Wayne Carini is a 71-year-old American classic car restorer, businessman and TV personality. He is famous for his cast on ‘Chasing Classic Cars,’ a reality TV show.

Wayne has been featured in the New York Times and several car magazines and starred in two television specials. In this article, we will bring out 15 surprising facts about this old boy in love with old cars.

Wayne Carini Wiki.

Wayne was born 71 years ago in Portland, USA. His dad was running a car restoration as a family business. So, he grew up seeing his father restore old cars and get money for the family.

His dad nurtured him to love cars like he did; at the mere age of 9, he started making an appearance with his father in the garage. At the age of 12, Wayne was awarded his first car, a 1914 Saxon, after getting good grades from school.

Wayne Carini had a different dream, so he went to college and trained to be a teacher at Central Connecticut University. It was after college that reality dawned for him: there were limited teaching opportunities, and he struggled to get a stable one.

Upon seeing his struggle, his dad gave him an offer, and he could not turn it down: handing over the family business to him. His mentor, Francois Sicard, a specialist in Ferrari restoration and his friend Luigi Chinetti Jr. played a massive role in sharpening his skills.

Chasing Classic Car star, Wayne Carini
Chasing Classic Car star, Wayne Carini.

Wayne has done body and paintwork for famous people, including David Letterman, Ivan Lendl, and the DuPont family. He has a passion for nurturing young people in his line of work.

Wayne Carini’s Net Worth.

The legendary car restorer has a net worth of $ 20 million. He has accumulated this wealth from decades of work in the garage, which has his car collection and other valuable assets.

He also runs a merchandising business by printing his name on t-shirts for his fans. Those who cannot buy the cars can still support him by buying his products that go for $25.

Wayne Carini’s Wife.

Wayne is married to his wife, Laurie. The couple got married in 1980. Their wedding is said to have taken place in Wayne’s hometown in Somerset, United Kingdom. And forty-three years later, they are still living happily ever after.

The details of how Wayne Carini and wife Laurie Carini met, where they met, and their dating period are unknown. Laurie’s early life is confidential. She is not a celebrity like her husband, but a loving and caring wife and mother of two—there have not been any rumours about any divorce between the couple.

Wayne Carini and his wife. Laurie Carini.
Wayne Carini and his wife. Laurie Carini.

Wayne Carini’s Children.

Wayne is a proud father of two beautiful daughters, Kimberly Carini and Lindsay Carini. Lindsay is married but is a frequent visitor at their home in Connecticut.

Kimberly, however, has autism and still living under the care of her parents. At times, her dad took her for a ride in the classic cars, which worked for her. She loves it when his father speeds.

Height and measurements.

Chasing Classic Cars cast Wayne Carini is 165 cm tall. He has blue eyes and loves to keep his hair traditional; he prefers a moustache to a beard. His weight is approximately 60 kg.


Wayne was born on October 13, 1951; he is celebrating his 72nd birthday in a couple of months.

Wayne Carini’s Car Collection.

Wayne has a good taste for cars. His picks are pretty impressive and show just how good he is with cars having interacted with vintage from childhood. In his collection, he has a 1906 MG A 1600 Coupe, 1961 Porsche 356B Cabriolet, 1967 Jaguar XKE convertible, 1986 Mercedes Benz 560sl Roadster, 2002 911 Porsche Turbo Coupe X50 and a 2012 Tesla Model S 85 signature.


There was a controversy between Wayne and Roger Barr, his childhood friend, and college at work. Roger was out of the show for some time, and the fans got concerned, it turned out that he had sustained an injury at the garage. It’s also said that the excellent mechanic started a funding program for himself to support his hospital bill, but the money did not reach him. The basis of this story is unclear.

Wayne Carini and Roger are still great friends, just like their fathers were, they are also compatible, Wayne does the body worked and Roger on the engine in the same garage. The parents owned different shops, though, but shared projects.


Wayne has a new passion. At his home in Connecticut, where he is living with his family, he has a vineyard where he plants grapes for wine. Carini vineyards are where he brews the wine and does the charity events at the winery.


Currently, Wayne is running three different garage and car dealers, F40 Motorsports, Carini Carozzeria, and Continental Auto Ltd that are all situated in Portland, his hometown.


His mother’s name is Rosemary Carini, and his father, who passed on in January 5th, 2016, was called Bob Carini. On several occasions, his dad was spotted with him in motor shows and events. His dad must be so proud of his son for returning the favor.

Wayne Carini and his father, Bob Carini.
Wayne Carini and his father, Bob Carini.

He as the Main Cast of a Hit TV Shows “Chasing Classic Cars”

Wayne Carini’s passion for classic cars was noticed by Chief of Essex Television Group, Jim Astroski, who approached Wayne and offered him an opportunity at the Discovery Chanel. The show, Chasing Classic Cars, ran for 12 seasons with its first screen premiere on June 3rd, 2008, and the last episode on April 10th, 2019. Being on TV was turned out to be a significant thing in his popularity.

The first car to drive.

Wayne first drove when he was nine years old. He still had no license so he could not hit the road, but he cannot forget the feelings he had, all the nervousness in his body and the shaking of his feet as he pressed the pedal of a Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB Ferrari.

Chasing Classic Cars Cast Wayne Carini’s Dream Car.

At the age of 16, he spotted this car being brought to their garage for restoration. And he loved it from the word go. It was until he was 52 years that is 36 years of pursuit that he brought this car. It’s a yellow Hudson Italia, sporadic to find, one of its kind.

Smoking and Tattoo.

Wayne does not do cigar and has no tattoo. He has kept his lungs fresh and skin clean. The smoke from exhaust and the oil from the engine is enough for his lungs and skin.

Support for Autism

Wayne Carini’s elder child, Kimberly, has autism. This inspired his father and family to support initiatives dealing with autism in society. In one instance, Wayne auctioned one car from his collection, a two Italian Bimbo Racer V12. The money was channeled to ‘Autism Speaks’ organization.

His dad was his first employer.

Working with his father in the garage was a form of training, and he also earned from it. When he turned 16, and his hands were getting god, his father would give him extra errands to do, and pay him 5 dollars by the end of the week.

He ‘held’ Guinness Books of Records.

The legend in car restoration once got a rare opportunity of handling an item that had won the Guinness Books of Records. It was the red Volvo P1800. The car that was previously owned by Irv Gordon till 2018 won the Guinness books of records award from having the highest millage of 3.2 million miles.

Social Media.

Wayne has no personal social media account, but recordings of his work with the team can be found on ‘The Real Chasing Classic Cars,’ #therealcccars across all social media platforms.

Wayne Carini’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Wayne Carini
Age 71 years old
Date of Birth October 13th, 1951
Place of Birth Portland, USA
Profession Classic Car Restorer, TV personality
Net worth $ 20 million.
Wife Laurie
Kids Kimberly and Lindsay
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Bob and Rosemary Carini

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