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Wheeler Dealers Season 18: Renewed or Cancelled? What we know so far.

Wheeler Dealers Season 18

Wheeler Dealers is a show centered on car-obsessed mechanics as they travel the country searching for vintage cars. These vehicles will typically be on their last legs as the crew looks to restore them to their former glory. They’ll then sell them for a considerable profit.

Wheeler Dealers first premiered on the 7th of October 2003, starring the likes of Mike Brewer and Edd China. The show has built a considerable fanbase during its 18-year run. They are eager to know whether the show has been renewed or canceled. Here is what we know.

Wheeler Dealers Season 18: Renewed or Cancelled?

Producers of the series revealed that the show would return during the Autumn of 2021. This comes after an impressive 248 episodes, spread across 16 seasons. Mike, one of the main stars of the show, was first to confirm the news.

He talked about it on his YouTube page, revealing that Wheeler Dealers will even have a new location. Moreover, they’ll be a few more surprises to boot.

Mike from Wheeler Dealers
Mike from Wheeler Dealers

What we know so far about Wheeler Dealers Season 18. 

The producers of the show decided that the series would finally return to the United Kingdom. Showrunners chose Bicester Heritage as the new film location. The new location is a hotbed for car businesses.

For the past six years, Wheeler Dealers was primarily filmed in America. This was not the only surprise that fans were greeted with. Ant Anstead, a recurring cast member of the series, would not be returning. Instead, he’ll be replaced by Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley.

A look at Priestley’s bio shows that he’ll be an adequate replacement. Marc is a former Formula 1 mechanic with decades of experience with cars. Furthermore, he proved his worth on shows like Dream Car, which also aired on the Discovery Channel.

The news of Ant’s departure came as a slight shock. He told fans that he’d be staying in America with his family. Additionally, he was also set to embark on a few new television projects in America. His last appearance came back in January 2021.

The producers of the show did, however, leave the door open for Anstead’s return. They revealed that he’d be welcomed back on the show whenever he was back in the UK.

Wheeler Dealers casts
Wheeler Dealers casting members Mike, Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley, and Ant Anstead

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