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Ant Anstead is now Married to Christina Anstead after Divorce from Ex-wife, Louise Anstead.

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Ant Anstead is now Married to Christina Anstead after Divorce from Ex-wife, Louise Anstead.

Ant Anstead is now married to wife Christina Anstead who is a 40-year old realtor, entrepreneur, author, and television personality. Most people are accustomed to seeing her on shows like Christina on the Coast. In regards to her career in print, she has published titles such as ‘Flip Your Life.’ The real estate mogul is married to Ant Anstead, who is the subject of our study.

Much like his wife, he has enjoyed a long stint on television. Additionally, the Wheeler Dealers star has a documented passion for cars. Take a look at Ant Anstead’s marriage and kids with his current wife and his divorce with ex-wife Louise Anstead.

Ant Anstead’s Current Marriage with Wife Christina Anstead.

The former Conference football player is married to a woman named Christina Meursinge Haack. Ant Anstead’s wife met her future husband sometime back in October 2017.

At the time, the two were dealing with the aftermath of their collapsed marriages. Ant Anstead’s ex-wife is a 43-year-old woman named Louise.

Christina had been married to Flip or Flop television personality Tarek El Moussa. Her divorce was not even finalized before she started dating the Wheeler Dealers host. By December 22, 2018, Ant and Christina were husband and wife.

Ant Anstead with his wife, Christina Anstead.
Ant Anstead married to wife, Christina Anstead.

It came only a year after dating! They enthralled their close friends and family with a surprise winter wonderland ceremony. The happy couple packed their guests on a hired bus and convinced them that they were on their way to see the Christmas Boat Parade in Newport.

Instead, they witnessed a wedding in the couple’s front yard! It took place in the presence of 70 guests at their Newport Beach Property in California. The theme was inspired by the desire to include all of their children in the ceremony.

It is not easy for them to see all the children at the same time because of existing joint custody agreements. However, the two do their best to make sure that they spend as much time with the kids as they can.

They bought the kids plane tickets to California so that they could all be together on the 25th. In addition to this, the blended family also took a family trip to Maui.

He has a Son with Christina.

A short while after they walked down the aisle, Ant Anstead’s wife, Christina, took to Instagram to announce that she was expecting a baby. Nine months later, more specifically, on September 6th, 2019, their son Hudson London Anstead was born.

He is just 4 years old at the moment! Christina regularly posts pictures of their beautiful blonde baby boy on her Instagram page. Some of her posts show Hudson already crawling. The boy is well on his way to walking!

Ant Anstead’s Marriage with first wife, Louise Anstead.

Ant’s ex-wife is Louise Anstead. Ant and Louise Anstead met back in the 90s in the UK. At the time, both of them were college students. The Wheeler Dealers actor had not even made his name on television yet! They dated for a prolonged period, almost a decade, before finally tying the knot in 2005.

Around the time that their second child was born, the former conference player’s career on television had begun to take off.

Consequently, Louise spent the most time with their kids. She was also a dutiful wife who accompanied her husband to various red carpet-events. One such event was the Island Bridge Capital Limited ‘Teen’s, Unite Gala.’

Ant Anstead with his ex-wife, Louise Anstead.
Ant Anstead with his ex-wife, Louise Anstead.

Here is Why Ant Anstead Divorced with first wife Louise.

With the success of his television shows and restoration business, Ant’s schedule was full to bursting. We can imagine that he had to juggle his family and professional life quite often. Perhaps it is what even led to his eventual separation from his wife by 2017.

Of course, this is all speculation, as neither of them came out to reveal what had caused the strife in their marriage. However, quite a few people had caught wind of the fact that there was evidently trouble in paradise.

The rumours were officially confirmed when Ant took to his social media pages to tell the world that he and his first wife were separated.

According to him, their marriage had been in shambles for the past few months. They were officially divorced by the end of the year, at which point Ant had already begun seeing someone else. He had re-married less than a year later.

He has a son and daughter from his first marriage.

Their daughter Amelie Anstead was born six years after they started seeing each other. Slightly under a year after they walked down the aisle, Ant Anstead’s first wife gave birth to their second child, Archie Anstead.

Amelie is set to turn 19 years old in 2023, whereas her brother Archie is 16. The girl is in high school; her brother, on the other hand, is still traversing the painfully awkward phase of middle school.

Both of them moved in with their mother after their parent’s divorce. However, they regularly visit their father and his new wife in California; they even take trips together! It shows that Ant and his first wife ended things on amicable terms and only have their children’s best interests at heart.

Christina El Moussa was Married to Tarek El Moussa.

Tarek and his ex-wife, Christina, met because of their joint affiliation with the world of real estate. The two worked together, gradually growing close and developing a deep affection for each other.

It inevitably led to them dating each other; talk about having your cake and eating it! Not a lot of people can manage spending time with their better halves both at home and at work.

Yet somehow, the two of them made it work. As such, Christina and Tarek were walking down the aisle in 2009. It was a year after the real estate market had crashed! To make a living, the two decided to start flipping houses in Orange County. Three years on, they decided to try a hand at television.

The couple videotaped themselves renovating and then selling a home. Their work was sent to the HGTV network, and not a while later, they were offered the chance to host a weekly program.

Switching focus to their children. Ant Anstead’s wife had two sons from her marriage to Tarek. These were Brayden and Taylor El Moussa.

We learned that their first child, Taylor, was born on December 22, 2010. By 2013, the family faced a worrying crisis.

Christina with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa.
Christina with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa.

The two became so disengaged from each other that they even stopped sharing the same car! An incident in which the police were brought in proved the final nail for their marriage.

Tarek had apparently gone into the woods with a gun, the implication being that he wanted to ‘end it all.’ However, he denied this. After separating in 2016, they officially divorced in January 2018.

Ant Anstead’s Current Wife is a popular TV presenter.

Christina Anstead is a famous television personality who has appeared on several shows. Her film debut came back in 2013 after HGTV brought her on to host Flip or Flop. The show has eight seasons to date, with over 120 episodes under its wing. It also spawned a sequel called Flip or Flop Follow up.

In total, she has over 18 credited appearances on television. These include shows such as Brother vs. Brother, HGTV Insider, Good Morning America, and the Talk.

His first wife, Louise Antstead Biography.

Louise Anstead was born in July 1980. It makes her 43 years old after July of this year. Unlike her ex-husband, there is not a lot of information regarding Louise.

After meeting her husband in college, it is reported that she stayed home to take care of her kids while Ant was building his T.V career.

With the divorce from her first husband being finalized, it is reported that she received quite a hefty settlement fee. Presently, Louise Antstead’s net worth stands at $500,000.

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