constance nunes

Constance Nunes Net worth, Age, Husband, Wikipedia, Bio.

Constance Nunes is a professional model, television personality, and full-time car enthusiast. Besides her beauty, one remarkable thing about Nunes is that she is one of the few women working in what for years has been perceived as a male-dominated environment. When she is not modeling cars at Long Beach’s Grand Prix, Constance takes to[…]

Mark Towle

Mark Towle’s Net worth, Wife, Wiki Facts. 

Mark Towle is an American television personality, mechanic, and entrepreneur. He is currently listed as Gotham Garage’s proprietor, a company geared towards restoring classic cars to their former glory. Towle’s interest in mechanics was evident while he was still a child. Because he grew up in a relatively modest household, Mark constantly had to make[…]

Murder Nova and Big Chief

What happened between Murder Nova and Big Chief? Why did they Split?

Fans of Discovery Channel’s car-building and street-racing reality show Street Outlaws were saddened to learn that Shawn Ellington, aka Murder Nova, had split up with his long-time racing partner, Justin Shearer, aka Big chief. They have been each other’s wingman for many years. With the show now in its 13th season, fans have invested in the[…]

Amanda Martin from “Iron Resurrection” Age, Wiki bio.

Amanda Martin from “Iron Resurrection” Age, Wiki bio.

Amanda Martin is a public figure, TV star, and businesswoman. She and her husband are the proprietors of a Texas-based auto-shop, which specializes in painting and fabrication. The shop’s success and rising popularity paved the way for Amanda and her family into television. She helps manage the likes of Jayson’ Shag’ Arrington and Michael Zabonik.[…]

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