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Ant Anstead Net Worth, Cars, TV shows, 11 Facts.

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Ant Anstead is a designer, auto-car expert, and television personality. Most people will not be aware of the fact that he was a semi-professional football player for well over a decade.

Some of the positions he played were keeper and striker. The Plymouth native was a student at the Haileybury Imperial Service College.

After graduating, Ant began a career in the police force. More than a decade on, he finally found his way to television. So far, he has worked with reputable networks like BBC. Learn more about his net worth and love for cars right here.

Who is Ant Anstead?

Ant Anstead is a reality TV host who gained prominence for featuring on “Wheeler Dealers.” The show stars restorers such as Edd China and Mike Brewer, both of who work alongside Anthony.

They set out to find old classic cars which they can refurbish before re-selling again. On the show, we get to watch as Mike visits several trade car shows, as well as the internet, to find great bargains.

When he does find them, the emphasis falls on Ant and the rest of the team to restore the car to its former glory. After a nearly two-decade run, the show is fast approaching its 18th season; this comes on the back of 218 episodes. Its initial run on the show can be dated all the way back to October 7th, 2003. The episode was titled ‘Porsche 924 Part 1.’

Anthony started featuring on the show 13 years after its introduction. He appeared back in 2017, on an episode called ‘1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth.’ By our count, he has worked in over 32 episodes and is considered to be one of the main stars of the show.

TV personality, designer, Ant Anstead
TV personality and designer, Ant Anstead

Television was not the first thing the Wheeler Dealer actor ventured into. At the earlier stages of his working career, he was a policeman. Ant was placed at Bishop’s Stortford, which is a market town in Hertfordshire.

The English restorer’s hard work and skill saw him promoted to the Tactical Firearms Team. It was a remarkable feat as he became the youngest member in his country’s history.

By the early 2000s, however, Ant Anstead had decided to switch focus to his second love, restoring cars. He possessed a talent for restoration that attracted several new clients. The British restoration expert also tried a hand in the art world, as he created several sculptures.

Ant Anstead’s Net Worth.

The Wheeler Dealer car specialist has enjoyed a long career as a restorer. Most of the classic cars he rebuilds go on to sell for thousands of dollars. Sources say that Ant Anstead’s net worth sits at $6 million. Most of it comes from his work on television as he works on multiple shows.

His wife, Christina, on the other hand, is a realtor who is valued at $12 million. Her wealth comes from her realty business and a stint on television as well. Being married, the two combined both of their income and assets. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they own a Newport Beach Property valued at over $4 million!

Ant Anstead is married to Christina Anstead.

The 44-year-old British host started dating his wife back in October 2017. Both of them were coming off the back of failed marriages. Ant had just gotten a divorce from his first wife, Louise, with whom he had two children. Christina, on the other hand, had split from a fellow realtor and business partner, Tarek El Moussa, in 2018.

Slightly over a year after they started dating, Christina and Ant tied the knot. Their wedding ceremony was held on December 22nd, 2018, at their Newport Beach property. Christina gave birth to their son, Hudson London Anstead, on September 6th, 2019. The boy is now 4 years old!

Ant Anstead with his wife, Christina Anstead and son.
Ant Anstead with his wife, Christina Anstead, and son.

So far, everything is going swimmingly in their relationship. They have been no reports of strife or alleged affairs in their marriage.

Ant Anstead’s Wiki (Full name, parents, siblings).

Anthony Richard Anstead is a British native who grew up in Plymouth, Devon, in the UK. There is no information available regarding his parents at the moment.

The Motor Trend reality star has three other siblings. Much like their parents, their existence is also shrouded in mystery. With time, however, we will be able to uncover their identities.

His Early Life.

Ant Anstead spent most of his childhood in Cambridgeshire, which is located in the East of England. By the time he had turned ten, his father had decided to move the rest of the family to Hertfordshire. It is where the future Wheeler Dealer Restoration expert and his siblings would attend school.

They were enrolled in Richard Hale School before Ant joined Haileybury School, where he earned his A-levels. As a child, the Plymouth born Motor Trend star had two ambitions: to play football and become a policeman. The former proved much harder as he could not get past the semi-profession level.

It is not a failure in any way, however. To date, Ant remains the only player to successfully clinch the Ryman league as both a goalkeeper and striker. During his playing days, he featured in over 700 conference matches before hanging up his boots.

Once he had completed his police training, Ant went on to break some other records as well, particularly in the Tactical Firearms Unit.

Rise to Stardom.

Ant Anstead started generating some buzz with his art. His unique sculptures were mostly featured at galleries. Once he had raised enough revenue, the Motor Trend car expert introduced his own network and launched the show, ‘The World’s Most Expensive Cars.’

His big break came with when Chanel 4 reached out to him. They wanted him to co-host ‘Building Cars Live‘ alongside renowned British actor Philip Glenister. Ant’s work on the show paved the way for more exciting new opportunities on television.

TV Shows.

The former Tactical Firearms member has appeared in a host of shows throughout his career. These include series such as “Britain’s Greatest Invention,” “New York: America’s Busiest City,” “Sunday Brunch,” and “For the Love of Cars.”

The later stages also saw him star alongside his 2nd wife, Christina, on a show titled ‘Christina on the Coast.’ Ant has made two guest appearances on the show so far.

A look at Ant Anstead’s social media.

Christina Anstead’s husband is very popular on social media. His Instagram account has an impressive following of 235K. He usually posts pictures of his family. We see Christina and their little boy in several of Ant’s posts. A few other posts also reaffirm his love for cars.

Ant can also be found on twitter at @AntAnstead. With 58.8K followers, we see that his fan base on this platform is considerably less significant. The former Conference football player recently took to twitter to show what he was up to while on lockdown. Ant is currently working on his 1958 Porsche 356A at home.

Switching gears to his Facebook page, we learned that restoring cars is a passion he has had for a long time. One of the latest posts on the platform saw him promote the Discovery Network show, ‘Classic Car Restoration.’

Ant Anstead’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Anthony Richard Anstead.
Age 44 years old
Date of Birth March 28th, 1979
Place of Birth Plymouth, Devon, UK
Profession Car restoration expert, Reality television personality, former policeman, Semi-pro football player
Net worth $6 million.
Partner Christina Anstead
Kids 3
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Under review


How old is Ant Anstead?

Ant Anstead was born on March 28th, 1979, in Plymouth, Devon. He turned 44 years old.

What does Ant Anstead do for a living?

The man is a jack of all trades! Not only does he work on television, but he also restores old cars to their former glory! Did you know that he was also a former football player? Yes, though he never went pro, Ant played over 1400 hrs of semi-professional football at the conference league. Other than this, he was also a constable for a time.

And let’s not forget his exploits as a sculptor and artist!

Is he a real Mechanic?

Yes, Ant Anstead is a real mechanic. Even before he made it to television, he logged in hours of experience restoring old vehicles. It is wise to take reality television with a pinch of salt as everything is usually sensationalized. But with Ant’s case, he is as real a mechanic as they come. 

Why did he leave the Police?

Ant Anstead left the police force in search of greener pastures. He also wanted to pursue his football ambitions at the time. In fact, he went on to play over 700 games before he finally hung his boots! Quitting the police force also gave him the time he needed to restore old and vintage cars.

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