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Big Chief aka Justin Shearer Wife / Girlfriend, Net worth, Death, Wiki

Justin Shearer

Justin Shearer better known as Big Chief is a street racer, a Car expert, and an American TV personality. He found fame through his significant presence by Starring in the Discovery Channel’s reality program “Street Outlaws”.

Justin is presently located at a place named Midwest Street Cars as a part of the series. He also has several other successes in his car, mainly relating to local racing and power cars.

Justin Shearer Was Raised By A Single Mother.

Born on the 9th of December 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky USA, Justin Shearer, under the sign of Sagittarius, is a 43-year-old Caucasian.

He belongs to Scottish Ethnicity and was raised by his mother solely as his father passed away early when he was a child. Following this Big Cheif’s mother did not marry and raised him and his brother working for two jobs while also finishing nursing school at the same time.

Justin Shearer

Justin Shearer

They moved to Oklahoma City in 1992 when he was 12 years of age. He also took a very early interest in street racing since he used to ride his bike to watch the races on Old Route 66 around his birthplace.

Justin’s education is not known, but it is speculated that he matriculated in 1998, and his further education is not revealed.

Big Chief’s Struggle To Buy his Car.

He started hanging around with various street race crews of Oklahoma City while he was only 12 years old, but it took him a while to start racing himself.

Due to a lack of funds to purchase his first car, he worked varied jobs, such as being a clerk at a gas station. He eventually got a job at Midwest Street Cars, which is a renowned Oklahoma institution that deals with car parts and various other car-related accessories.

His first racing car was a 1972 Pontiac LeMans, which he also named it as “The Crow”, which he still owns today and holds a special part, Though he has restored it after his racing accident, it looks entirely different now.

His Big Break in Discovery TV Show “Street Outlaws”.

However, his career really took off the moment when he began hosting the widely popular street racing reality TV series the “Street Outlaws”, the first episode of which aired on the 11th of June 2013. This show now has now a total of 11 seasons, and it’s still on.

Big Chief wasn’t involved with it from the start, but his popularity through his racing skills landed him with the job. Now, he owns a merchandise store with various clothing items featuring his image, quote, car or nickname, and this business seems to be quite a success. Apart from this and his racing time, Justin also likes to train at the gym.

Big Chief Net Worth.

This TV star has accumulated a lot of success and fame and makes $20,000 per episode in “Street Outlaws”. According to various known sources, it has been estimated that the current total of Chief’s net worth is over $3 million.

He made his subsequent amount of fortune as a street racer and race car expert, but has possibly earned the most through his long-term presence on TV as the host for “Street Outlaws.” As his career continues, his accumulated wealth is to rise.

He was previously married to former wife Allicia Shearer.

Justin Shearer's Ex Wife
Justin Shearer’s Ex-Wife

Big Chief and Allicia tied a knot on 29th September 2006. It is also known that Chief met Allicia Shearer during his time as a clerk at a gas station, where she also worked.

He was 18 years of age at that point, she happened to be a street racing fan and a car enthusiast, which created an instant attraction for the pair. They began dating in 1998 and got engaged in 2005 and eventually got married. Together, they have two sons, named Covil and Corbin.

Big Chief’s former wife Alicia was born in Oklahoma City on August 18, 1980. She is an American national.  After graduating from high school, Allicia attended Oklahoma City Community College, where she focused on Respiratory Care. After graduation, she worked at Integris Southwest Medical Center.

Furthermore, she took up work as a respiratory therapist at Integris and ISMC. After the birth of her sons, Allicia stopped working and decided to become a homemaker to look after her boys and the home.

According to reports, since the divorce, she lives in Mustang, Oklahoma, and has not returned to work, as her medical license is yet to be renewed.

Big Chief AKA Justin Shearer is now dating his new girlfriend Jackie Braasch.

Justin Shearer's Girldfriend
Justin Shearer’s Girlfriend

Justin Shearer’s present girlfriend is Jackie Braasch, and he has been totally blown by the blonde beauty. “Well, now what happened in past is something I don’t have control over,” he said on one of his podcasts. “But now I’m looking at my future, I have plans and Jackie is my future.

Big Chief’s new girlfriend Jackie is a racer and is a member of Car Chix, a motorsport organization for women. She also comes from a family of drag racers and reportedly has been racing since the age of 8.

Big Chief’s Cheating Rumors.

In 2017, Rumors that flown in that Big Chief cheated on his wife but he cleared it through his podcast this happened shortly before just publicly announced his separation after a long-term relationship with Allicia.

There were rumors that this star was cheating the mother of two sons. This brought Chief to come publicly and speak about his relationship status and reassure his fans that he was not unfaithful towards his then wife Allicia ShearerAccording to Big Chief himself, the couple split in November 2017.

“It’s no secret obviously that me and Allicia, my wife of ten years, have been having trouble or whatever you want to call it, well, it is further than just having trouble, we are actually getting a divorce, and that is happening,” he said on The Chief and Shawn Show podcast.

“The internet likes to say things, and they have said, obviously, the whole thing about my girlfriend: who is the new chick, who is the new girl?”

He said.

Big Cheif’s Death rumors and Accident.

Despite all the safety precautions taken on the set, Street Outlaws was still a show about drag racing, and there were chances of danger that comes along with such an activity. So, once in such an incident, Big Chief wrecked his car in a race in 2015 leading to serious injuries.

While racing against Brian “Chucky” Davis, Big Chief crossed over the lane and hit Chucky’s vehicle and flipping his own car which landed in a trench. Big Chief suffered spinal cord injuries and a broken collarbone while Chucky reported back injuries due to the dangerous incident. Both racers were taken to the hospital right away.

In a public announcement following the accident, Big Chief declared:

‘THANK YOU, EVERYONE…. I’m pretty beat up right now. Just woke me up for some breathing treatments. Pulmonary contusions (bruised lungs). Crushed my L2 and L3 in my back, broken collarbone, and pretty beat up, but so thankful to be alive right now. They got me on non-stop oxygen and another round of cat scans, and X-rays coming up. The surgeon doesn’t believe I will need a back operation anymore, but they are going to keep me in the hospital again tonight to keep an eye on the lungs, YES I WILL BE BACK!’

The reason why big chief and Murder Nova Split.

Justin Shearer (Big Chief) and Shawn Ellington (Murder Nova) made separate public appearances, making fans to speculate that the duo is no longer together.

The two went their separate ways with Shawn and Phantom opening up a new custom hot rods shop 187 Customs, and Chief just wanting to street race anyone who will get down while also competing in no prep king’s races across the Country. He actually won a race in Colorado.

Wiki and other facts.

Due to the major influence of social networks, it is a regular thing for celebrities to update their fans with their posts and engagements, for the sake of increasing the popularity of the projects they’re working on, and thus their own net worth.

Thus Chief also uses various networks, his Facebook page has almost 182216 followers, his Twitter account has over 77.2k, and his Instagram account has almost 857k fans.

It is also known that his mother taught him how to ride a horse when he was a child. He also became the host of a Discovery channel show like Joel Lambert.

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