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Gotham Garage’s Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ Cast, Location, Facts.

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Car Masters Rust to Riches’ Cast, Location, Facts.

The Gotham Garage consists of some of the most reputable restorers and mechanics in the country. There is no challenge for the workers over at the auto-body shop. As their motto goes, if you can dream it, you can make it. The proprietor of the establishment is 61-year old Mark Towle.

Growing up, Mike used to pilferage dumpsters in search of broken toys he could rebuild. Several years of working in Hollywood gave him the experience he needed to start his auto-shop. They have even worked on helicopters if you can imagine!

About the show, “Car Masters: Rust to Riches”.

Rust to Riches is a series based on the exploits of the crew over at the Gotham Garage. They fix any form of auto-mobile they can get their hands on. It has inspired thousands of people the world over to pick up their tools and rebuild the clunky old vintage cars covered in their garages.

Over the years, producers of the show have faced accusations suggesting that the show is scripted. With reality shows, we always have to be a little critical as there is quite a bit of stage management required to get the best results.

Yet this should not take away from all the hard work the mechanics featured put in to rebuild some classic cars. Still not convinced? Just take Speed Racer Mach 5 they built from scratch, for instance! It was featured on the show, and indeed was a work of perfection.

One of the shows greatest draws is the crew’s pension for recreating vehicles from popular television shows. For instance, they went all out to build the classic car featured on the Munsters. Rust to Riches’ first episode was called Outsmarted, and it aired on September 14th, 2018.

Car Masters Rust to Riches cast
Car Masters: Rust to Riches

It saw the crew work on a 1964 Ford Thunderbird.’ They gave it their famed monster treatment, and the results were incredible! After two seasons, the show has released 16 episodes. Most of the episodes have been produced by the likes of Kathryn Hayden-Hays, Will Ehbrecht, Mark Kadin, and Rob Hammersley.

The last episode of the show’s fourth season was broadcast on July 27, 2022. We are yet to learn when the fifth season will premiere.

Car Masters Cast is Gotham Garage Crew.

There are five leading members of the cast. These include Mark Towle, who is the proprietor of the garage, Constance Nunes, Michael ‘Caveman’ Pyle, Tony Quinones, and Shawn Pilot.

A fact about Gotham Garage that has been widely misunderstood is that people seem to think Gotham Garage is a show. The proof of this is clear when you see what people are searching in the internet. Keywords like Gotham Garage Cast Gotham Garage Cast Mark Towle are trending.

But let me tell you this: Gotham Garage is not the series; they are the group of mechanics that is also the cast of the tv show Car Masters.

Gotham Garage Cast, Constance Nunes.

Constance from Gotham’s Garage was born on November 17th, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. It means that she is set to turn 33 by the end of 2023. Most Scorpio women prefer to maintain a quiet, observant, and mysterious aura about them. If you believe in horoscopes, then you are in for a shock as Constance is one of the brightest personalities on the show.

Her interest in mechanics stems from her childhood. After all, Constance came from a family of talented car mechanics. Her father worked on several vehicles and machines back in the day. At some point, Mr. Nunes even raced the cars he built!

When she turned 16, Constance from Gotham Garage treated herself to a sweet ride. It came in the form of a 1964 Mustang she dubbed ‘Babystang.’ After she moved from home, she embarked on a modeling career. It saw her work with heavyweights in the industry like Feral Cosmetics, Jockey, Reebok, and Wrangler.

Rust to Riches cast, Constance Nunes
Constance Nunes

Her modeling career did not deter Gotham’s Constance’s love for automobiles. After working with Charlie’s Corvettes, she eventually made her way to the Garage. Constance has been on the show since the very first episode titled ‘Outsmarted.’ Since then, she has appeared on fifteen more aired episodes. She is set to star in the subsequent seasons as well.

Mark Towle.

Mark Towle, or the car whisperer as he is aptly known as is the founder of the Gotham Garage. He was born in 1962 and is set to turn 61-years old this year. Mark was brought up by a single mother, along with three other siblings.

Growing up, he did not have a lot of toys. It gave him the initiative he needed to make his own! Decades later, and he is one of the most renowned builders in the country. His expertise enabled him to work with different movies and television sets, designing sets and props.

These include shows such as Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, America’s Most Wanted and The Today’s Show. In the series 16 episode run, Mark has featured in all of them. It ranged from his debut appearance in Outsmarted to season two’s finale ‘Petersen Built,’ which aired on March 27th, 2020. Mark Towle is not your everyday auto-body shop owner; this is to say that he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

owner of Gotham Garage, Mark Towle
Mark Towle

He is right up there in the thick of things, working alongside his crew. On the show, we have seen him build some of the unique automated devices; these range from boats to helicopters! As things stand, we will have a third season of Rust to Riches. When it premieres, you can rest assured that Mark will be part of it.

Tony Quinones.

He is the designated expert in the fabrication, design, and manufacturing of cars at Gotham Garage. To date, Tony has appeared in all of Rust to Riches’s released episodes. These include 16 episodes that were spread across two seasons.

Netflix introduced us to the talented car designer back on September 14th, 2018, when they released all eight episodes of the first season. Tony is a mainstay on the highly related show. Clearly a fan favorite and design expert, we expect him to continue featuring throughout the third season.

Tony Quinones
Tony Quinones

The car master’s designer presently lives in Murrieta, California, with his family. A look at his Instagram handle reveals that he has above 47,000 followers. We also learn that he is the proprietor of TQ Customs, another auto-body design business in California. It is evident that his page is an homage to his love for building cars and other things.

Most recently, we see that he also built a golden Anziano Buick hood ornament. It was three-quarters acrylic and aluminum. At the moment, Mark is still a part of the show.

Shawn Pilot.

Shawn is an American actor whom we were properly introduced to back in the late 90s. It came with the David O. Russell film, Three Kings, which saw him work with the likes of George Clooney, Ice Cube and Mark Walhberg. Though he made a strong debut into Hollywood, his acting career is not what we’d call successful.

His only other credit besides the three kings and Rust to Riches came with the television show, Inside West Coast Customs. Much like the Gotham Garage, they also dealt with the customization and building of various car models. We watched as the talented crew customizes the most average cars into works of wonder, which they then auctioned.

Rust to Riches Cast, Shawn Pilot
Shawn Pilot

Despite having an acting background, Shawn is no slouch when it comes to working in the garage. He can get his hands dirty, and hold his own relatively well along the other established mechanics. Like the rest of his co-stars, we were first introduced to the man on the episode titled; ‘Outsmarted.’ It was made available on Netflix back in 2018 in September.

Shawn has appeared on all sixteen episodes so far. We expect to see him up and running in the third season of the show.

Michael Vincent (Caveman) Pyle.

From his nickname alone, you can tell that Michael has one of those appearances that are not easy to forget. Rivaling Dumbledore with his long white hair and beard, it is easy to see why his physical attributes are more pronounced than even the stunning Constance.

Well, don’t let his good looks fool you as he is an expert mechanic. Perhaps even more experienced than all the others when you take his age into account.

Michael Vincent Pyle, the Caveman
Michael Vincent Pyle

Michael ‘Caveman’ Pyle is a vital part of not only the Gotham Garage but also the show. It is evident by the fact that he has starred not only in the show’s two seasons but all 16 episodes in general! It was a truly remarkable achievement as it confirmed his significance to the show.

Some of his most notable episodes include titles such as Electric Drag, Motorboatin’, Deal with It, and Petersen Built. If there is to be a 5th season, then we expect the Caveman to be a part of it.

The Garage has its own website.

Gotham Garage has a website of the same name. The site provides a bit of information about the establishment and its employees. We also get to see some of the cars and motorcycles that the crew has rebuilt. Mark and his team have worked on classic bikes like Barbwire, Bittersweet, and Orange Peel. The site additionally offers a platform for fans to communicate with the garage.

Gotham Garage cars (custom Built cars).

The Gotham Garage has produced some truly remarkable vehicles. These range from classics such as the Grand Sport VETTE, which bore all of the character traits of the corvette.

Other cars they have worked on include Hot Wheels miniature cars, the Old Crow, the classic Paddy Wagon, the Munster Koach, the Speed Racer Mach 5, and even the batmobile! Most of their custom works are spitting images of the old vestiges they are paying homage to. And they are not cheap, either!

Mark sold the replica batmobile for $90,000. The rest of his custom-built cars have fetched quite a pretty penny as well.

Gotham Garage’s Litigation Problems.

While it is fun building whatever you want, it is not always advisable. It is especially true when copyright laws are involved.

The Gotham Garage learned this the hard way when they made a replica of the popular batmobile and sold it for almost $100K. They did this without the express permission of Warner Brothers and DC Comics, who own the rights to the Batman Franchise.

Subsequently, Mark was sued by DC Comics in 2011. When his lawyer was deposed, he claimed that the Gotham Garage proprietor had made several batmobile replicas.

Mark and his attorneys lost the case and the subsequent appeal; this was even after they argued that they had made a few alterations to the famous car. However, the judge maintained that the DC Comic strip owned everything to do with the character and his various devices.

How does the process work?

The garage has a unique process for each of the projects they take on. To begin with, Mark and one of the other crew members go in search of old cars and scrap metal.

These usually come in the form of vintage, dilapidated cars that they usually acquire for $500 to $1,000. Then after it is dropped off at their garage, they set off to work.

The process is not easy, and every single member of their crew has a part to play. By the end of it all, the car on display is bound to blow your mind. The team is well rewarded for their hard work as the cars they rebuild tend to fetch quite a pretty penny!

Teamwork is a key part of the show’s success.

Unity is a trait that defines the Gotham Garage in its entirety. The coordination on display in Car Masters is not scripted. No, the crew over at the garage has been working together for several years. It has created a sense of togetherness, which makes them more productive. This is crucial as it ensures that most of the projects are done on time. Over the years, the co-stars of Rust to Riches have proven that they work as one.

The show airs on Netflix.

In last few years, Netflix has risen not only in popularity but also in stature. As such, they have taken to funding several films, television shows, and even reality-based documentaries. The workers over at the Gotham Garage were lucky enough to have a show focusing on their endeavors greenlit.

They have been given all the money and resources needed to produce a high-quality show that has captured the hearts of mechanics and non-mechanics alike. We can only hope that Netflix will continue funding it for several more seasons to come.

Gotham Garage’s Social Media.

The Garage has a very popular Instagram page. At the moment, the garage boasts a following of 253,000. They have made several pictures depicting their previous works on this page. We also see the cast invite fans of their show to comment and rate it. Good ratings will help ensure that the show keeps running for as long as it can.

Gotham Garage Instagram
Gotham Garage Instagram Profile

Looking from the account, we also learned that when the second season premiered, it was number six in the whole of the US!

Car Masters is set for a spinoff!

Yes, the popular show is set for another spinoff. The show will be called Gotham’s Garage, and will in all likelihood, feature most of the same crew. Its release date is not announced yet. So far, all we have is a picture of Mark Towle in the background.


  1. Where is Gotham Garage Located?

The famous customization garage can be found in Temecula, California.

  1. Where is the show filmed?

The production location listed on the show’s credit sequence is California.

  1. How many seasons of Car Masters have been released?

Presently, the show has four seasons. We are still waiting for the confirmation of its 5th season.

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