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What happened to Cato from “Iron Resurrection”?

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What happened to Cato from Iron Resurrection?

Iron Resurrection is a television show with a simple premise. Joe Martin and his crew of hardworking mechanics set out to restore any auto-mobile they can find.

They are not picky about their projects either, as the team has worked on an assortment of automobiles over the years. These have ranged from a rusty old bike to an abandoned roadster.

Their overall goal is to give the vehicle a second chance by restoring it to its former glory. Phil Cato played an essential part in the show during its initial run. Fans noticed that he was not featured in the fourth season. What happened to him?

Who is Phil Cato?

Phil Cato is a customization specialist and a television personality who was once part of Joe Martin’s crew. He was usually tasked with fixing the upholstery of the cars that came into the shop.

Phil spent several years working at Martins Bros Customs, a family run business owned by Joe and Amanda Martin.

The shop handles an array of tasks, ranging from metal fabrication to customization. It is located in Texas, more specifically, along 128 Martin Bros Lane, Johnson City.

His affiliation with the custom shop eventually paved the way for his career on television. Martin Bros Customs was so famous that it was ultimately given its show. The very first episode was titled ‘Texas Two-Step,’ and it was released back on the 13th of April 2016.

Phil Cato from Iron Resurrection.
Phil Cato

Phil and the rest of the crew attempted to convert an old 1962 Chevy truck into a custom low-rider that scraped the ground.

Will he appear on the 6th season of Iron Resurrection?

When the fourth season of Iron Resurrection premiered on the 11th of March 2020, fans were quiet to notice that Cato was not featured. They hoped that he’d appear at some point during the season, but this was not the case.

The series is in its 6th season so far, though he has yet to make an appearance. Fans were quick to notice that when the producers released the list of the recurring cast, Cato was not on it.

Predictably, all sorts of rumours began doing rounds. Some news outlets suggested that he had a falling out with one of the producers. Others theorized that he had been let go from Martin Bros Customs. So what happened? That’s what we are here to find out.

What happened to Cato on Iron Resurrection?

Fans finally got an answer regarding Phil Cato’s absence on the show when the showrunners clarified that he’d no longer appear in the series. Cato and his family had moved to Atlanta after his wife had gotten a job offer, which she simply could not turn down. Being the supportive husband that he is, Cato made the life-changing move as well.

He stepped down from television altogether. There is no bad blood between Cato and the producers. They understood and respected his decision to leave.

What is Cato doing now?

After settling down in Atlanta, Phil set up ‘Cato Custom Upholstery, ’ which is located at Fuller Moto. It is good to see that his departure from television has not tampered with his love for customization.

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