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Constance Nunes Net worth, Age, Husband, Wikipedia, Bio.

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constance nunes

Constance Nunes is a professional model, television personality, and full-time car enthusiast. Besides her beauty, one remarkable thing about Nunes is that she is one of the few women working in what for years has been perceived as a male-dominated environment.

When she is not modeling cars at Long Beach’s Grand Prix, Constance takes to the streets, salvaging parts for various vehicles. Her interest in cars was nurtured right from the onset, as Constance grew up in a family of car enthusiasts.

Explore more fascinating details about Constance Nunes’s financial details, including her net worth.

Constance Nunes
Constance Nunes

Age and Birthday.

Constance Nunes was born on the 17th of November 1989 in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly, she shares her birthday with actors of great renown, such as Danny DeVito and Rachel McAdams.

At the point of writing, Constance is 33-years old. Sources also say that Nunes, who is of Portuguese descent, grew up in a decent Suburb in Los Angeles.

From her birth date, we also surmised that she is a Scorpio as far as her horoscope is concerned. Their determination and helpful nature define most Scorpios, and Constance is no exception.

Is Constance Nunes Really a Mechanic?

Yes, Nunes is really a registered mechanic. Because of her stunning looks and the fact that she regularly posts glamorous pictures of herself on social media, most people assume that she is just a model.

In truth, Constance has enjoyed a long spell in the car industry. She first learned how to repair and build cars when she was just a kid.

This is because Ernie Nunes, her father, was a reputable drag racer. His love for auto-mobiles inevitably pushed Nunes and the rest of the family into the restoration and repair business.

In an interview with Carlyle Motors Publication, Nunes revealed that her love for cars initially started as a shared family activity before blossoming into a full career.

Over the years, Nunes would work with international brands such as BMW, Ford, Acura, and even Audi. Before moving on to these recognized brands, Nunes spent a considerable amount of time honing her skills across various Los Angeles garages. Presently, Constance is one of the mechanics and employ at Gotham Garage.

One of the most interesting mechanical projects she has ever undertaken is her 1964 Classic Ford Cruiser. Remarkably, it took more than a decade to put the whole thing together.

Constance Nunes Career and TV shows.

Nunes started honing her restoration skills when she was still a teenager. By 16, she was the proud owner of a 1964 Mustang she nicknamed ‘Baby-Stang.’ A few years on, Constance decided to move deeper into Los Angeles and explore other interests.

Nunes was quickly picked up by a modeling agency, signing on with reputable brands such as Feral Cosmetics, Jockey, the JLUX label clothing, Motorola, Reebok, and even Wrangler. One of her most notable gigs came when she was brought on to work on the mobile game ‘Hollywood.’

Also attached to the project were reality tv star and business mogul Kim Kardashian. With an Instagram page backed up by over 800,000, Constance often uses this platform to promote various products and brands.

A deeper dive into her posts reveals that she has sponsored brands like VP Racing Fuels and Rockstar Energy Drink. Because of her interest in cars, Nunes was additionally hired to host trade car shows.

As the name suggests, these are shows usually engineered towards generating buzz for specific vehicle brands. Owing to her decades of experience with cars, Nunes’ expertise was often sought by BMW, Acura, and Ford.

TV Experience.

Interestingly, Constance would later make the transition to television. She started off working behind the scene as a stunt woman, appearing in popular films such as Bring it on and Dodgeball.

Nunes’ big break would come after she was hired to work at Gotham Garage. Along with other talented mechanics, Nunes worked on the restoration of various classic cars. One such project came with the revival of a 1964 Ford Thunderbird.

Working with the garage paid diffidence as it paved the way to television. Car Master: Rust to Riches aired on September 14th, 2018, in an episode titled ‘Outsmarted.’ So far, the show has 16 episodes and two seasons in total. Constance has appeared alongside other Gotham Garage mechanics: Shawn Pilot, Mark Towle, Michael ‘Caveman’ Pyle, and Tony Quinones.

Gotham Garage Constance Nunes’ Net Worth.

Sources say that Nunes has a variety of channels that generate a substantial bit of income. As a part-time model, she reportedly earns north of $40,000 every year as far as basic salary is concerned. Lest we forget, she also receives thousands of dollars in compensation every time she is contracted to promote one brand or the other on her various social media accounts.

Another important avenue of income stems from her time working in television, where she reportedly earns $20,000 for every episode she works in. There have been over 16 episodes released as things stand, suggesting that she has made over $300,000 from the series alone.

Other than being a model and mechanic, Constance is also a smart businesswoman. She currently runs an online store known as A deep dive into the site reveals that Nunes sells a variety of items on this platform.

These range from a Babystang and Constance Print, which retails for $15, to a Postcard Bundle, which is available for $20. As of 2023, Constance Nunes’ net worth stands at $2 million. With a healthy net worth such as this, it comes as no surprise that Constance owns multiple Mustangs. She usually poses with these cars on her Instagram page.

Constance Nunes is Married to her husband Jared Toller since 2019.

Constance-Nunes-and-husband-Jared Toller
Constance-Nunes-and-husband-Jared Toller

Nunes and Jared Toller dated for several years before the two opted to take things to the next level. Constance described her ideal man as a bad boy with tattoos, a dirt bike, and a pension for Metallica in an interview.

She went on to add that she loved men who were confident in themselves. Because of the amount of confidence she exudes, it wouldn’t surprise us if Constance was the one who made the first move.

Less than a year after they got engaged, Constance and Jared finally tied the knot on the 9th of February 2019 in Piru, California. The ceremony took place at a Newhall-based mansion. The couple has no children of their own at the moment, though Nunes is quite fond of her one-year-old nephew, Kai.

Like most people caught in the world-altering pandemic that was COVID-19, the couple spent the majority of 2020 locked indoors.

The first thing Constance learned about cars.

In one of several posts on her Instagram page, Nunes revealed that the very first thing she learned about cars was how to sort out the carburettor.

This all started when Constance’s teacher asked all her students to work on a show and tell school project. The assignment would require every student to bring an object to school and teach the rest of the class everything.

Constance and her father stayed up all night as he tried to teach her how to fix a car carburetor. The next day, Nunes carried the carburetor in her box, stunning all of her classmates and teacher once she made her way to the front of the class.

This simple lesson taught Constance a very valuable lesson; she could do everything that boys could. It laid the groundwork for her to become one of the most recognized mechanics in the field of car restoration.

She is Daddy’s Girl.


There is little doubt in our minds that Constance and her father are two peas in a pod. Without question, she is a daddy’s girl. Nunes’s love for cars and Mustangs, in particular, stems directly from her father. In a 2020 Father’s Day post, Nunes describes her father as the greatest inspiration she could have ever hoped for.

The two are very close, and Nunes considers her old man to be one of her best friends. Constance adds that her father has been by her side through hard times, constantly reminding her of the strength she has within whenever she needs reminding.

Nunes described her old man as completely selfless; she said that their family could never thank him enough for all the sacrifices he made for them.

Constance additionally talked about her father’s close-shave with death last year. She described it as the hardest thing she has ever had to deal with.

Constance Nunes Wiki facts.

  • She has a husky named Buff- Nunes is the proud mother of a white and black husky dog named Buff. Constance is very fond of her boy, evident that she regularly posts pictures with him on her Instagram account.


  • She has a younger sister- Constance’s sister was born on the 18th of March 1994, which makes her 29 years old as we speak. Like most of the family, Constance’s younger sister is also passionate about cars. She once owned a 68 Chevy Chevelle, which boasted a remarkable 307 V8. Unfortunately for the younger Nunes, the car was wrecked beyond repair after being rear-ended in a scary collision accident. Fortunately, she walked away without any serious injury.

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