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Counting Cars Cast, Location, Cancelled or Renewed?

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Counting Cars Cast' Net Worth, Location, Cancelled or Renewed?

Counting Cars is an American reality show aired on the channel, History. The show follows the Count’s Kustom garage members’ daily activities revolving around car restoration and modification.

Danny Koker owns the garage. He is a classic car enthusiast who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. Read this to know Counting cars cast.

The reality show is a spinoff of the mother show, Pawn Stars. Yes, I know it sounds similar to the X-rated homophone some of you are thinking about, but believe me, it’s just a car show. Take a ride with us as we learn more about this show in the paragraphs below.

About the show, “Counting Cars.”

It chronicles the creative car geniuses of the Count’s Kustom garage as they buy, restore, customize and sell classic cars and motorcycles. The show premiered on the History cable network channel on August 13th, 2012.

Leftfield Pictures produce it. Interestingly, the show, as aforementioned, is the third spinoff of the Pawn Stars show, in which Danny was a cast member.

Currently, the show has 10 seasons and 184, twenty-two-minute episodes, according to Season 10 premiered on September 15, 2021, and its last new episode aired on December 1, 2021.

Counting Cars Location.

The Counting Cars show centered on the Count’s Kustom garage, is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. Luckily for us, what happens in Vegas hasn’t stayed in Vegas when it comes to this show.

Audiences, the world over, have witnessed the creativity and hard work of the Count’s Kustom garage crew working tirelessly from the infamous or famous, Sin City, depending on how you like it.

Is Counting Cars Cancelled?

For those fans rooting for a return of the hit reality car show for its ninth season, well, continue keeping that hope alive. However, there has not been any official confirmation of the show returning, though it would be an opportunity lost for the History Channel because the show has amassed fans worldwide.

In view of this, the chances are high that the show will once again give us more entertaining moments as restored classic cars are churned out.

Counting Cars Casts and Their Net worth.

1. Danny “The Count” Koker.

Without a doubt, Danny Koker is a nobleman of the automotive world, and as such, we can’t revoke his nickname, “The Count.” Embarrassingly though, his nickname came from a cheesy, almost laughable, horror show in which he played a vampire alongside his brides years before Counting Cars.

The self-proclaimed car addict is a self-taught car mechanic genius. He grew up in Detroit after moving from his birthplace, Cleveland, Ohio. His uncle worked in the Ford Motor Company, and seemingly, this sparked the young Danny’s interest in cars.

He later opened up his business, Count’s Kustoms, in Las Vegas more than 20 years ago. His honed mechanical skills would eventually lead him to be a dancast in reality show Pawn Stars. He also worked on the show American Restoration. His enthusiasm and passion for restoring cars ultimately led him to get his show, Counting Cars.

Being the CEO of Count’s Kustoms, the 59-year-old has the ultimate executive powers to decide what is aired on the show. He chooses which cars to restore or modify and whether to keep them or sell them. Without a doubt, it’s never an easy decision for him. He also makes and approves all executive decisions in his company.

In the show, he is often filmed driving around town looking for potential vehicles that pique his interest. Once he spots a good catch, he tries to get its owner to sell it to him.

He, undisputedly brings a fun, driven, and energetic personality to the show. In total, he has featured in the show since its first episode. Unsurprisingly, he also gets a count’s share of the show’s income.

Danny "The Count" Koker
Danny “The Count” Koker

Main Cast of Counting Car Danny Koker Net Worth is $13 Million.

An enviable, $100,000 per episode, I must say. The Counting Cars’ starring cast has a net worth of cool $13 million. Counting Cars Cast, Danny Koker also spends his money well. The Count’s Kustom CEO has a jaw-dropping car collection of over 58 cars; yes, you read that right. In addition to that, he has over 77 motorbikes.

Could it be the reason why his show is named Counting Cars? He’s too busy trying to count all the cars and bikes he owns? Maybe.

Apart from Count’s Kustoms, the Counting Cars’ starring cast also owns other businesses. These are Count’s Vamp’d, which is a rock club, Count’s Tattoo Company, and the Desert Moon. The Count’s Kustoms entrepreneur is also a lead singer of Count’s 77, his rock band. What can’t this man do? Seriously.

The entrepreneur is also on Instagram on his page @dannykokerofficial. There, he loves posting photos of himself, his bandmates, workmates, and his automobiles. He has a following of 5.3K.

2. Counting Cars Cast Kevin Mack Net Worth, Bio.

Kevin Mack is the General Manager of Count’s Kustoms. He took over from former manager Scott Jones, who left between the second and third seasons of the show. Kevin is tasked with reporting back on the progress and daily activities of the business to Danny Koker.

In the show, he is seen riding shotguns with Danny as they hunt for potential cars to work on. The phrases wheeling and dealing have never been more literal.

Moreover, he has been Danny’s best friend and right-hand man for over 20 years. Hilariously, Danny uses Kevin as collateral when he takes a stranger’s car for a test drive in case he runs away with the vehicle.

Maybe the stranger is supposed to sell Kevin or drive him around in case Danny steals their car. That would be very interesting to watch.

The Counting Cars cast Kevin has been featured in most of the show’s episodes and has made some good money along the journey. He is estimated to be worth about $1 million.

General Manager of Count's Kustoms, Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack

Part of his fortune comes from being employed at Count’s Kustoms, during part of it, from his earnings from the reality show. However, actual figures of his salary per episode remain undisclosed.

3. Shannon Aikau.

Another Counting Cars cast is Shannon Aikau. If anyone would replace their two legs with two bike wheels, then it would, without a doubt, be Shannon Aikau.

This bike lover is the lead bike builder and bike manager for Count’s Kustoms. He has honed his mechanic skills, so much so that you feel as if he could build a bike with his eyes closed.

Surely, no one else makes building a bike seem easier. He has confessed that he only works on fast bikes. For him, if it only attains the speed limit, then he isn’t building it.

The Counting Cars cast met Danny in a shop called Evil Twin. The shop specialized in building bikes, and Danny came in as a client. He built the first bike for Danny in 1999, and they affectionately named the bike Tattoo.

Shannon then joined Count’s Kustoms later and subsequently found himself as part of the cast of the car reality show. Aikau has been part of the series since 2012.

It may not come as a surprise to know that he has earned some great dough from his involvement in the show. Sadly for us, his net worth and salary are still undisclosed, but it must be good, considering his crucial role in the company.

Other than being a bike builder, Counting Cars cast Shannon is also a gourmet cook, surprisingly. Aikau loves cooking for his friends and family, and if they’re lucky, his workmates.

Counting Cars' Bike Expert, Shannon Aikau
Shannon Aikau

On his Instagram page @Shannon_aikua.official, he loves posting videos and photos of his work on motorcycles. He also posts pictures with his friends and family. He has 10K followers on Instagram.

4. Counting Cars Cast “Horny” Mike.

Well, before you even get any ideas about Mike’s nickname, I’ll, fortunately, or unfortunately, burst your pervert bubble, and have you know that it is, by no means, an innuendo for Mike’s canal knowledge urges.

No, his nickname comes from his somewhat peculiar obsession of putting 3-D casted horns on anything he lays his hands on. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s a weird obsession to have. But what can I say, people, love strange things?

Especially if those weird things are horns handcrafted by Horny Mike’s own hands, just to throw it in there, Horny Mike’s real name is Michael Henry.

This over-the-top, boisterous, Counting Cars reality star has even made his custom headgear, rocking fake horns. From bandannas with horns to caps and helmets with horns, I’d say the only thing remaining for him is visiting a plastic surgeon asking for external horn implants.

In that case, let’s seriously hide this article from Mike. We might give him ideas—really bad ones, at that. Anyway, enough of those horn jokes. This Count’s Kustoms crew member is a skilled airbrush painter and artist.

Counting Cars Cast, Horny Mike
Michael Henry aka, Horny Mike

Counting Cars Cast Horny Mike Net Worth is $2 Million.

He turns the mundane barren paint jobs of classic modified cars into colorful artistic masterpieces. It has made him a valuable asset to the Counting Cars show. He has featured in all the seasons and earned a fortune, $2 Million to be exact. However, his exact earnings and salary from the show are not available.

Counting Cars Cast Horny Mike also has his website, Horny Helmet Accessories, where his march can be bought. With a good assortment of embroidered caps, t-shirts, bandannas, and helmets, there is enough to tickle your ‘horny’ side on his site. You can get up close and personal with Horny Mike on his social media.

His Instagram page, @thehornymike, is awash with photos of himself, friends, bikes, family, and animals. Who knew he loved animals that much? He also enjoys showing off his bike creations, and we couldn’t be more envious. He has a massive 96K plus followers on Instagram.

5. Ryan Evans.

Sporting a braided goatee and a bandanna half the time, Ryan Evans is the head painter and artist at Count’s Kustoms. He was introduced to Danny Koker by Shannon Aikau after seeing his artwork driving around town. That was over 17 years ago.

The Counting cars cast Ryan Evans says that he loves motorcycles, especially. He refers to them as canvasses on two wheels. The Count’s Kustom crew member also says that with bikes, he can practically get away with anything, unlike cars. In contrast, his favorite paint job to date remains to be three of Danny’s cars from his eclectic car collection.

Danny is on record referring to one of Ryan’s paint job on one of the cars as the sexiest paint job he had ever seen on any vehicle. Without a doubt, Danny is proud and fond of his lead painter.

The Count’s Kustom Lead Painter has been part of the cast of the Counting cars show since its debut in 2012 and remains a pivotal character to date. As a result, he has earned millions from his work. With a net worth of about $1-$6 million, the reality star must be smiling all the way to the bank.

Count's Kustom' Head painter, Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans

The Counting Cars reality star is also active on social media. His Instagram handle is @ryanatcounts. He has an impressive following of 61K. A lead painter is a family man, as he loves posting photos of his wife, kids, and other family members. Moreover, he loves showcasing his paint jobs on cars and motorcycles.

6. Counting cars Cast Roli Szabo.

Sporting an alluring Hungarian accent, Roli Szabo is the head of cleaning and polishing finished cars from Count’s Kustoms. The Hungary native had worked several jobs, such as being a bodyguard, a PVC pipe service worker, transport manager, and a personal assistant before joining Count’s Kustoms.

His mirror-like paint finishes have earned him quite a reputation when it comes to painting, detailing, and correction. He has been featured on the reality show Counting Cars since its debut, and he has continued working hard ever since.

The Counting Cars cast member is reportedly paid $2,000 per episode of the hit reality show. He is estimated to be worth about $200K, which is a decent amount to live a comfortable life. Unfortunately for him, he lost thousands of dollars in equipment when his trailer was raided on January 26th, 2017.

It was indeed one of the saddest and lowest moments in his career. Hopefully, his impressive and high-quality work should earn him back more equipment and more cash in the years to come.

Counting Cars Cast, Roli Szabo
Roli Szabo

Visit his social media @THEROCKNROLI on Twitter and Instagram and support him. There you will get to see his photos and his work activities at a more personal level.

7. Scott Jones.

Scott Jones was known for being the argumentative general manager and bookkeeper for Count’s Customs. He was featured on the Counting Cars show from season one and became a source of entertainment for fans, the world over. Mostly due to his rubbing shoulders with his boss, Danny Koker.

The latter is even on record saying that Scott could be a real ass at times. Those two clashed over budgets and schedules and whether Danny should keep or sell some finished cars, especially some that he liked.

Counting Cars Cast Scott, however, had a short stint and left the show and Count’s Kustoms somewhat prematurely, between the second and third season. Rumors swirled that he was fired for embezzling funds.

Counting Cars' Ex-cast, Scott Jones
Scott Jones

Some said that he simply got tired of working with his boss, whom they frequently clashed over petty issues. Whatever the reason was, it must have been a serious one. He is said to have moved back to his home in Vegas and later opened his garage.

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