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Edd China is married to wife Imogen China. His Net Worth, Height, Wiki-bio.

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Does the name Edd China sound familiar to you? You might have recognized him from the British Television Show Wheeler Dealers. The TV star is also the author of various books. One of the books includes Grease Junkie, Tall Stories, and Wheel Adventures. Better yet, China has already broken a couple of Guinness World Records.

Some of the records he targeted include the fastest bed shed and the world’s largest motorized shopping trolley. In this article, we will get to know more about him.

We will talk about his net worth and career at Wheeler Dealers, his new show, and his wife Imogen China.

Who is Edd China?

Edd China is a British TV presenter, Inventor, and Mechanic. He is known famously for hosting the TV reality show Wheeler Dealers. Apart from this, he has also appeared in famous shows like Top Gear and Five Gear.

Edd has made a lot of accomplishments in life, and that has led him to be the millionaire he is now. A lot of his fans have wanted to know more about the Inventor’s past life.

At a young age, Edd was already obsessed with cars and building things. He graduated from the University of London South Bank with a degree in engineering product design. While at the University, the TV presenter invented a drivable sofa. That must have been big news back then, and how his career began.

He started appearing on several TV shows like Scrapheap Challenge, Panic Mechanic, Auto Trader, Top Gear, and Fifth Gear. The British Inventor and the TV host Edd has a new show coming up, Garage Revival, which we could also add to the list.

Many fans have always wanted to know about all his attempted world record, which he mostly beat.

Edd China
Edd China

Records Bested.

  • 1998- Edd invented the fastest furniture.
  • 2005- He created the largest shopping trolley, aka TrolleyshoppusRex.
  • 2006- He invented the fastest office Hot Desk.
  • 2007- The fastest furniture.
  • 2008- The fastest mobile bed, aka street sleeper.
  • 2011- The fastest Toilet; The fastest garden shed.

The Wheeler Dealer star beat all the records on the list except the fastest furniture and garden shed.

Edd China’s marriage with Imogen China.

There have been a lot of questions regarding Edd and Imogene’s marriage. How long has the couple been married? When did they get married, and where? Do they have children? Sorry to burst your bubble, but all that information has not been disclosed. So far, all we can do is make assumptions.

Edd and Imogen have been married for years now. There is no information on how they met. We do know that it was a private wedding with only invited people in attendance. Their wedding took place in London. So far, so good, their marriage has been scandal-free as the couple enjoys each other’s company.

We do not know much about their relationship background; however, we could say they are fit for each other. Both Edd and wife Imogen are go-getters. Imogen must have fallen in love with him because of his charms. Smart guys are also found to be attractive.

You might be interested in finding out more about Imogen China. She was born in Norway. Imogen works in business as a public relations manager at a certain company. Mrs. China started gaining publicity the moment after she tied the knot with her famous husband. Apart from working as a manager, she is also a director at China’s republic of people.

There is very little information about Imogen’s past life. We do know that she was born in 1971, so she must be around the same age as her husband. During particular interviews, we were able to gain information about her education life. In 1990, she went to the Norwegian Business School.

Edd’s Wife Imogen China is Masters Graduate in Business Economics.

After five years, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Economics. Imogen had several jobs before she started working in Edd’s company. The turn of the Millenium saw her join British Airways in London. Here, she worked as a VIP relations manager.

Later on, Edd China’s wife joined Tussauds Group. During this period, she was the head of external relations. In 2006, she worked at Comfy Banana Limited as the Director. Her husband, Edd, owned the company. Imogen is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

Liable sources mention that Edd accompanies his wife to various places like; functions, supermarkets and also visiting friends and relatives. There have been tons of questions about whether the couple has children or not. As far as everyone knows, there is no information about that.

Edd China and his wife, Imogen.
Edd China and his wife, Imogen.

His run on “Wheeler Dealers.”

Edd China had been in the British television show, Wheeler Dealers, for 13 seasons before he decided to leave. It was a shame to see that the person who made the show exciting depart from it. Edd and his former co-host, Mike Brewer, used to host the show together.

As we know, the TV show hit our screens in 2003. It has about 16 seasons available on the discovery channel. His former co-star Mike has also been on TV and the car industry for a while now. Mike and Ant (Anthony) currently host the show Wheeler Dealers. According to Mike, Ant is doing a pretty good job.

Edd China Net worth.

Edd China has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His net worth has grown mainly due to his career on television and the business he runs. On the discovery channel, he used to earn about 74k annually.

Edd has a total of 453k subscribers on YouTube, boasting a channel with over 10 million views. We could say that he gains a lot from there. His other income sources come from the other businesses he runs like the Comfy Banana Limited.

Edd started this business in 1999. That is where he showcased his extreme inventions. His company was interviewed by ITV’S Pulling Power in 2001.

Edd China’s House and Business.

Unfortunately, Edd has not disclosed any information about where he lives. However, we can picture him and his wife living in a beautiful, fancy comfortable posh house. Coming to his business life, the Inventor has been in the industry for over twenty years. His first business was Cummfy Banana Limited, which he started in 1999.

In 2009, he started Grease Junkie Limited. The business sells stuff from Wheelers Dealers. Grease Junkie sells merchandise like; t-shirts, Philips penlight, extra length gloves, signed books, and signed postcards.

Last year, Edd published the book Grease Junkie, a book of moving parts. There was also another version of the Grease Junkie, Tall stories and wheel adventures.

Edd China’s Car Collections.

We all know that the TV star has been into cars since his early childhood. He must have come from a family of geniuses. Edd China has several car collections. Here are the examples of some of his favorites;

  • V8 Range Rover ( L322)
  • Casual Lofa ( fastest soft car)
  • Edd China toilet
  • 1914 V8 Cadillac
  • Motorized bathroom suite( Bathtub car)

Why did Ed China leave “Wheeler Dealers”?

Edd was the chief mechanic in the show. He made the show very interesting as an entertainer. The show is available on the Discovery Channel. There have been a lot of questions as to why Edd China left the show. The lousy news let viewers’ heartbreaks. China was a massive part of the show and has been on it for 13 years.

The reason why he left the show was that the new producers of Wheeler Dealers wanted to dumb down the show. Velocity wanted to reduce workshop time and reduce expenses. Edd refused to compromise the quality of his work. His fans came to understand his decision to leave the show.

Viewers expect nothing less than perfection from him. With his years of experience and a sharp mind, nobody can make him reduce his resources. We know Edd; his work is efficient and appreciated by many.

So maybe it was his time to leave and start his adventure. We also know that Mike Brewer and Edd China did not get along well. After Edd left the show, he was replaced by Ant Anstead.

There were results to Edd leaving the show. His former co-host Mike and his family had been receiving threats. According to Mike, the threats were because of the statement that Edd had made.

Fans then thought that Edd leaving the show was Mike’s fault. Mike Brewer admitted having been assaulted in the streets, restaurants, and supermarkets.

What is Ed China doing now?

Most people have been wondering what the TV star has been up to since he left Wheeler Dealers. For starters, we do know that he has been getting free time to spend with his wife. Apart from that, he has been keeping his YouTube subscribers busy.

Edd has mostly been active on YouTube, keeping his fans posted and up to date. Most of his supporters did not handle his leaving the show quite well. He even had to ask his fans to stop harassing his former workmate Mike and his family.

Edd has been concentrating on his ‘Garage Junkie’ business. The Wheeler Dealers TV star was even working with Pure Agency. Their company’s based in Leeds, and they helped him manage it.

Leaving Wheeler Dealers was not the end for Edd. His book hit the top sales charts in the UK. In the book, he talked about wanting to set a record for an electric ice-cream van that moves at a speed of 70mph.

He also mentioned that he tried to track a vintage Bentley, which his uncle once owned. His plans were postponed, however, due to the Covid -19 pandemic and the travel restrictions.

About Edd China’s new show, “Garage Revival.”

If you thought Wheeler Dealers was Edd’s last show, you are mistaken. He has another display of his own now, Edd China’s Garage Revival. In the show, China works with car owners to restore vehicles. They deal with classic cars mostly. If you love classic cars, you will enjoy watching Edd do his magic. It’s evident that his fans followed him to YouTube just to watch his new show.

In the first episode of the show, the TV reality star travels to Norway to help a car owner complete his project. In the second episode, he teams up with many car owners to work on a series one jaguar E-type from 1968. Edd and his crew were joined with audience members like; Paul Stewart and Savile Raw Tailor.

The good thing about the show is that viewers would get to see every step of the car being restored. Edd helps in restoring wheels, changing GTI headliner, and reinstalling windshields.

He meets with different people in each episode to help them with their unfinished car problems. Garage Revival airs on YouTube and has ten episodes.

How tall is Edd China?

China is quite tall. He stands at 6ft 7inches tall. We have no further information regarding his body measurements.

Facts about Edd China; you should know.

Edward John China is an English born TV presenter and Inventor. He was born on 9th May 1971 in England, United Kingdom. He is currently 48 years. His parents are a mystery. Looking at him, you could tell he seems like a fun person. He’s even rocking a crazy hairstyle that suits him.

His zodiac sign is Taurus. Intelligence is one of their most notable characteristics. We do know for a fact that Edd is a brilliant person. He invented very many things and even won a couple of Guinness world records competition. Most of his photos on social media are of cars and his inventions.

Edd is blonde and has brown eyes. Looking at his social media, he has quite a several fans. China has over 148k followers on Instagram @theeddchina. In Twitter, he has over 148k followers. Finally, on YouTube, he has over 453k subscribers.

Edd China’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Edward John China
Age 52 years old
Date of Birth 9th May 1971
Place of Birth England, United Kingdom
Profession TV Presenter, Inventor, Motor Specialist, mechanic
Net worth $3 million
Wife Imogen China
Kids N/A
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents N/A

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