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Gas Monkey Garage Girl Christie Brimberry Wiki: 15 Facts.

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Gas monkey Garage Girl, Christie Brimberry Wiki.

Does the Gas Monkey Garage sound familiar to you? That is right; you must have heard it from the reality TV show, Fast N’ Loud. The renowned TV star, Christie, made her debut on the show.

That is the moment she started gaining popularity. In this article, we are going to set our eyes on the one and only Christie Brimberry.

Even though she has been unwell and away from the show for a while, Brimberry was still able to get back up and continued to rise to fame. Let us take a peek at her life.

Christie Brimberry’s Husband.

The Fast n Loud Girl is married to her husband, Darren Brimberry. There are no further details about their relationship before marriage. Though Christie is a rising star, she still prefers to keep some details private. The couple used to work in Richard Rowling’s garage before Discovery Channel featured it.

Christie Brimberry’s husband Darren Brimberry is a professional hairstylist from Dallas, Texas. He is the owner of two successful saloons; Craft & Company Salon and Muse the salon. There is no further information about Darren.

It seems like he does not like being in the limelight. Looking in his social media @darenbrimberry, he doesn’t have many followers, but we see that his business is doing quite well.

Christie Brimberry with Husband, Darren Brimberry
Christie Brimberry with her Husband, Darren Brimberry

Darren and Christie have been married for more than twenty years now. They have four children together. The other two children are from Christie’s first marriage. Here is more information about Christie’s children.

Her age and Date of Birth.

Christie Brimberry was born on 25 March 1972. She is currently 51 years old. The TV star is known to have a strong personality.

She is also known to be bold. You can tell all that by the look at her appearance. Currently, Christie is rocking a pixie hairstyle. Before that, she even used to have dreadlocks.

Christie Brimberry’s Kids.

Malik is the firstborn of Christie. He was born on 4th July 1997. In 2016, Malik graduated from Birdville High School. After he attended high school, he joined the Blade Craft Barber Academy.

Jordan is the second born. She was born in 1999. There is little information about her. Though, we know she attended the same high school as her brother. Jordan, together with her dance mates, won MA National Dance Championship in 2016.

Christie Brimberry’s other children are Billie Modon and Abigale Grinage. There is no information about her other two children. They have been kept off the limelight altogether.

Taking a peek at Christie’s Instagram page, we managed to spot one of her unknown daughters, Trinity. (Instagram account- trinityb3­_)

Christie Brimberry’s Net worth.

Christie has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2023. Her net worth is build up mainly from her time on the screen.

Mrs. Brimberry is the manager at Gas Monkey Garage and also Richard Rawlings’ assistant. Being the manager and assistant of the owner of the garage, she obviously has a high pay.

According to sources, Christie makes $5000 monthly in the garage. It estimates her earning about $60,000 annually. Apart from what she makes as a manager, she is also compensated for being a TV star in the show.

Christie Brimberry’s Cancer journey.

It was sad to hear that the one and only girl in the show, Christie had cancer. Back in 2016, the TV star was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Christie had to undergo surgery because cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes. Her recovery journey was not that easy.

During the surgery, a problem was encountered, and it messed with her voice box. Poor Christie’s voice box was damaged for six months. However, in that period, she had been receiving radiation treatment.

Her chemotherapy treatment.

As we know, chemotherapy is the hardest part in cancer. After Christie’s surgery to remove the cancerous lymph node, he had to undergo chemo.

The TV star is such a strong woman, with all that she had to go through. She beat the disease, and she’s currently cancer-free. The good news was posted late in 2017 on Gas Monkey Garage’s post. Her fans were so thrilled with the news, and they were happy for her.

The surgery did not go so well.

During the procedure to get her diseased lymph node extracted, one of the surgeons accidentally nicked her voice box. It took about half a year before she could properly speak again. That said, the doctors did at least manage to get rid of all cancer.

Christie Brimberry’s Weight loss.

There have been quite the assumptions that Christie lost weight due to her cancer, which may be true. However, after battling cancer, she was as healthy as a horse, and her weight came back.

The TV star loves to work out. Recently, she managed to lose about 24 kgs. She posted her workout routines on her social media accounts. No wonder she has a fantastic body.

Christie Brimberry’s Social media.

Christie has quite a number of followers on her social media. In Instagram, she goes as ‘@gmgchristie‘ and has a total of 341k followers. Her posts are mostly of her husband and children. We also get to see that Christie is a dog person. There are tons of her pictures holding a dog.

Christie Brimberry
Christie Brimberry

Looking at her twitter, she goes by ‘@gmgchristie‘ and has 121.7k followers. Finally, on Facebook, we could find her @GMGChristy, where she has over 800k followers.

Christie Brimberry’s Body measurements.

Most mothers over 40 must have been wondering what the secret to having a good and healthy attractive body. Her measurements are said to be 39-28-37 inches and said to weigh 74 kg. The beautiful mother of six is 5ft 9 inches tall and has green eyes and blonde hair.

Christie Brimberr’s Tattoos.

Gas Monkey Girl Christie’s body is entirely covered in ink! Not only does she have two colorful sleeves across both arms, but she also has a griffin tattooed across a large chunk of her back! In addition to this, she also has tattoos spread across her legs! The Gas Monkey star truly has a high threshold for pain!

She has wanderlust!

Christie is one of those people whose content with staying at one place over a prolonged period. No, she loves to travel as often as she can. Her Instagram page is littered with pictures and posts from all the exotic places she has visited.

The Fast N’ Loud Girl is a Cowboys’ fan.

Most Americans love their Sunday night football, did you know that Christie is one of them? A picture she posted online reveals that she often attends games if the opportunity arises. The last Cowboys game she attended was their hard-fought win against the redskins.

Christie is an animal lover.

The Gas monkey star loves pugs as much as any normal person would (we are referring to you cat-lovers). She has three dogs at home! If that doesn’t show her love for animals, we don’t know what could.

Christie Brimsberry’s Wiki-Facts

Full name Christie Brimberry
Age 51 years old
Date of Birth 23rd March 1972
Place of Birth  Dallas, Texas, United States
Profession TV star
Net worth $2 Million
Husband Darren Brimberry
Kids 6
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Under review

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