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Graveyard Carz Cast, Location: 15 Facts you should Know

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Graveyard Carz lawsuit

Are you a fan of old cars like Chrysler muscles from the ’60s and ’70s? If so, you would enjoy watching the automotive reality show, “Graveyard Carz.”

The show airs on Velocity Channel. It is about a professional mechanic, Mike Worman, who takes old and wrecked Chryslers and brings them back to life.

A short explanation for that is that he transforms old rusty cars into something new. In this article, we are going to talk about the cast members of the show. We will get to know how much they make from the show, how long they have been in the show, and their net worth.

1. About the show, “Graveyard Carz.”

Graveyard Carz” is a reality show about the big guy: Mark Worman and his fellow workmates. They restore and repair some of the most vintage cars ever made in America. For Mark Worman, nothing is impossible. Graveyard’s motto is ‘It’s No Mopar or No Car.’

Mark and his team of experts do a fantastic job in bringing back to life the rare muscle car breed. The mechanics may make the transformation look easy, but it’s not. Restoring the Barracuda took almost seven seasons.

It is irrefutable proof that Mike and his team are always up for a good hard challenge. The Mopar guru has been in the car business since 1985.

His reality show first aired on 14th June 2012. Back then, the show wasn’t as popular as it is now. Mark Worman is the producer and the owner of Graveyard Carz.

The narrator of the reality show is Jon Bailey. Currently, the show just aired the 13tg episode of season 16.

2. Location.

The Graveyard Carz reality TV show is filmed in Springfield, Oregon, in the United States of America.

3. Graveyard Carz Cast Will Scott: Paint Expert.

The Paint expert Will Scott plays a vital role in the show. He puts the final touches to the Moper Muscle cars by giving them color. Scott is quite the expert and is appreciated by many.

The Paint expert made his first appearance on the show in the 5th season. Painting the cars takes about a couple of days before they look brand new. It’s always amazing to see how old rusty vehicles can be transformed.

Will has always loved painting since he was little, and now he’s living the dream, painting as many cars as he can get his hands on. In each episode, he earns about $2000.

With reality show becoming more and more popular, we could say that maybe the cast member’s earnings will also increase. The paint expert’s net worth is estimated to be about $80,000.

Graveyard Carz's Paint Expert, Will Scott
Paint Expert, Will Scott

Will’s popularity is reflected by the income he earns. Scott has been in the game for about six seasons now. His work had become even better than when he started, for he gained more experience in dealing with Moper cars.

When Will is not working, he spends time with his wife, Kristi Scott, and their six kids. He also loves fixing cars in his spare time.

4. Mark Worman: The hotshot.

Mark Worman is the main cast of Graveyard Carz. He is a brilliant man who brought life to the automotive reality TV show. Worman owns the reality show hence calls all the shots. Mark has a net worth of over $2 million. Before Graveyard Carz, Worman worked in various local garages. In 1985, he was able to get his car shop, Welby’s Car Care.

The center grew year by year and finally transformed into Graveyard Carz. He had a passion for cars since he was little, and he made his dream come true. Not only does Worman own a car shop, but he is also the CEO of The Division Productions.

Owner of the Graveyard Carz, Mark Worman.
Owner of the Graveyard Carz, Mark Worman.

What he makes per episode is not known. However, we assume that because he is the big guy, he earns the most amount of money. Mark Worman’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. The reality TV star has been in the show since it started in 2012, hence appeared in all 11 seasons.

Mr. Worman is married and has a daughter, Allysa Worman, who is also a cast member on the reality show. Being 57 years old, he still has the strength to run things smoothly. He might be retiring sooner or later, leaving his daughter Alyssa in charge.

5. Graveyard Carz Cast Royal Yoakum.

Royal Yoakum made his first debut on Graveyard Carz when it first aired in 2012. He is one of the members who started the show. Yoakum and Worman are best buddies in the show and real life. It is known that the reality star is an expert when it comes to muscle cars and Chrysler parts.

Royal’s net worth is estimated to be $250,000. His earnings from the TV show have not been revealed, but given the tough role he plays, we can assume he makes thousands of dollars in every episode. His work is quite challenging, transforming and bringing dead cars back to life. That takes real talent.

He has been on the show for all its 16 seasons. It makes us even more confident that his pay must be significant, given the fact that the show has become more popular over the years. Royal Yoakum is the one who introduced Will Scott, the painter, to the show.

Graveyard Carz's cast, Royal Yoakum.
Graveyard Carz’s cast, Royal Yoakum.

Apart from his life on screen, Yoakum is also part of a maintenance group in Bethel School district. He even has Carpentry skills and is part of many carpentry projects. We are not sure what he earns either.

6. Daughter of Mark Worman, Allysa Worman.

Another Graveyard Carz cast, Allysa Worman is the daughter of the hotshot, Mark Worman. She is also known to be the only female cast member in the show, which kind of makes her feel more special. Allysa is an engineer in the show.

She fixes cars and is not afraid to get her pretty hands dirty. It was rare to find female mechanics back in the ’80s and ’90s. In this generation, women can do anything, and in this case, Allysa is an engineer who loves cars.

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Allysa started loving cars at a young age. She would watch her father work on cars every time. Mark Worman’s daughter has been part of the show since its inception.

She did, however, take a break from the show after her divorce to settle her private matters. The engineer used to date fellow cast member, Josh Rose. They even got married and had two daughters together.

Daughter of Mark Worman, Allysa Worman
Daughter of Mark Worman, Allysa Worman.

After they divorced, Josh left the show, but she remained. What she makes in each episode is not known. We do know that she gets paid for being part of the show and for also being an engineer.

7. Lawsuit and controversy.

Back in 2017, there was a case involving the illegal sale of a SEMA 2016 Plymouth. Mark posted the report on the Graveyard Carz Facebook account.

The show has always been full of drama, right from the get-go. For instance, the marriage between Alyssa and Josh is rumored to have collapsed because the latter did not want to work with his ex-wife at the same place. Others say that Josh was not being paid enough, and that’s why he left the show.

In another well-documented twist, Graveyard Carz once posed that someone had sabotaged the 340 Cuda engine. The person responsible for that was hinted at in one of the episodes.

It was also rumored that Holly Chedester, one of the cast-members, had quit. It was alleged that she did not get along with another co-star, Darren. Most people on the show found him to be quite rude. That must have been the reason why they had to let him go as well.

We cannot forget about the lawsuit filed against Graveyard Carz. As the story goes, the director and producer, Mark Worman, owed various cast members of the reality show money. These included the likes of Derrick, Josh Rose, and Darren. It is said that they were fired through text messages and weren’t allowed back to collect their tools. The showrunner’s actions were not only unjust but also illegal.

Mark Worman was also accused of stealing various car parts from customers, and later using them to fix other cars. It appears that the showrunner did not have a good work relationship with most of his employees, and that is why they left the show.

8. Does Graveyard Carz sell cars?

No information is disclosed about car selling in Graveyard Carz. Remember the report Mark Worman filed against the car which was illegally sold? The fact that it was sold leads us to think that perhaps they do sell cars.

It is undoubtedly hard to put a price on the restored cars. We know for a fact that the profit from selling the restored vehicles will be huge.

9. Why Dave Rea left the show?

Dave Rea is a former member of Graveyard Carz. He was not talked about much ever since his departure back in 2017. The Motor trend star was a well-known technician who joined the show in season five.

His work was to make sure all the car pieces were accounted for. Rea also installed most equipment in the cars. It was a shame that he left. He used to do a fantastic job.

His income from the show was undisclosed. There were rumors that Dave left the show because he wasn’t earning enough. That might have led him to start his own business. Also, the fact that he started a business similar to Mike Worman’s proofs that there might have been beef between the two.

As it stands, Dave says he left the reality TV show so that he could focus on his business; DB Restorations. He runs his new company together with his brother, Bill Rea. The shop specializes in 1968 to 1972 Plymouth products.

They restore heater boxes and dashboards. He even has a social media, Facebook account for his new business The business is doing quite well according to various rumors.

10. Josh Rose.

He is a Mechanical Engineer and an Australian footballer. He was a professional football player before he joined the cast of Graveyard Carz. Josh was in the show until 2014 when he left.

Presently, the former football player turned Graveyard Carz star has an estimated net worth of $300,000. It stems mostly from his income from the show.

Reports say that Josh left the show because he was not earning as much as the other actors. Though rumors also suggest that he was fired after his divorce from a fellow cast member, Allysa.

After all, her father is the showrunner, so he would undoubtedly take Allysa’s side. Nevertheless, his stint on the show was not that prolonged to start with.

Ex-cast and Ex-husband of Allysa Worman, Josh Rose
Ex-cast and Ex-husband of Allysa Worman, Josh Rose.

In other words, Josh was more expendable than his ex-wife. Other than his time on the show, there is not much information about Josh Rose. However, we learned that he has two children with his ex.

11. Merchandise.

Graveyard Carz also has a clothing line. They sell various merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, posters, and DVD’S on their online store. This is an excellent strategic plan as it advertises the business. Their t-shirts are about $25 and are sold online on Amazon too.

12. Restoration cost/ charge.

There is no clear information as to what the restoration charges are. However, they mentioned that the cars are bought at $50,000 before they are wrecked. Mark buys old Morper cars and restores them. There is no information as to where the vehicles are taken to after they have been restored completely.

Customers can also bring in their cars so that they may either be restored or fixed.

13. Cast member salary.

What the cast members of the reality show are paid is not publicly known. The Painter, Will Scott, admitted to earning $2000 in every episode. We seem to think the income is decided by the type of work you do. So we know that they might not have been earning the same amount. The other cast members could be making more than $2000.

Salary is one of the top reasons for the former cast members leaving the show. Perhaps maybe the show wasn’t doing well as imagined? Or could there be other reasons?

14. 16 total season till 2008 and counting.

Graveyard Carz has a total of 16 seasons. Season 16 aired on May 30, 2023. There was a time when the show used to run smoothly. However, when there was a lawsuit against the producer of the show, things started going bad, slowly leading to the delay in releasing more episodes.

Back in season one, the show was not popular at all, but as it started employing skilled mechanics and engineers, it got better and better. The Automotive Reality Show became a smashing success over time. The first season only had six episodes. It was basically about the search for Mopar Cars, introducing the cast members, and so forth.

You might be wondering what Moper is. It is the combination of Motor and Parts. Season two gets much better, with a total of 13 episodes. The business started picking up in the 2nd season. The other following seasons became more interesting.

In season four, the team faced significant challenges, leading to tension in the garage. Projects like the 1970 Barracuda that were pushed aside ended up being wanted at the frontline. There was a time when the show was not doing well, and it led to a delay in airing the episodes.

15. Canceled or renewed?

A lot of questions have been asked about the show. People are eager to know whether the show was canceled or if it would be renewed.

As far as everyone knows, the reality show is still running. There was no public announcement made about the show being canceled. The last episode of season 16 was aired on May 30, 2023.

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