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Jesse James (Customizer) Spouse, Net worth, Wiki and Facts you should know.

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Jesse James is a car customizer mechanic, entrepreneur, and reality television star whose face is synonymous with shows like Sons of Guns and Outlaw Garage. It has seen him work with networks of the Discovery Channel and Spike TV. Jesse was also propelled to his fame by his ownership of the motorcycle manufacturer West Coast Choppers.

The development of the company led to his introduction to television. Some people will also remember James for his controversial divorce from actress Sandra Bullock, which came after cheating allegations. Read this to know about Jesse James, the customizer’s spouse.

Who is Jesse James?

Jesse James is a businessman, restoration expert, and television personality. He wrote his name in TV history by featuring on shows like Monster Garage.

Jesse’s mechanical expertise was on full display once the cameras started rolling. He sets out to customize normal cars into stunning machines in just a week. On the show, James works with other established mechanics like Hector Orlandi, Jonathon Babek, and George Barris.

The show ran for five seasons, dating back to the June 23, 2002 episode titled ‘White Trash.’ It saw the crew customize a Ford Explorer into a working garbage truck. In another episode, the crew embarked on a unique journey to turn a Volkswagen New Beetle to a Swamp Buggy. Their final goal was to take part in the Louisiana Bayou Slalom Race.

Jesse James
Jesse James

Other than this, Jesse also appeared on the show ‘Jesse James is a Dead Man.’ It chronicled James exploits into the figure 8 racing world Championship. He sought to conquer the 200mph barrier on a rocket-bike. The first episode of the show saw Jesse attempt to ride a wild and dangerous Nitro Bike. At the time, it was documented to be the fastest thing on two wheels!

Jesse James Customizer First Spouse Karla James.

Jesse James, an Entrepreneur, has married a total of 4 women in his life. The first one was Karla James, a glamour and nude model most famously known for her huge breasts.

The former couple tied the knot in 1991. However, their marriage did not last very long as they got divorced in 2002 after staying together for only 11 years.

Jesse James Customizer mentioned in an interview that they divorced because he was mentally unstable at that time. Moreover, he was also rumoured to be having extra-marital affairs. Jesse and Karla had two children together, Chandler James and Jesse Gregory James Jr.

Karla James
Jesse James’s Ex-wife, Karla James

Second Wife Janine Lindemulder.

It was heavily rumored that Jesse was dating Janine Lindemulder when he was married to Karla. And in the same year after divorcing Karla, Jesse married his second wife, Janine Lindemulder. Janine is a former pornography actress and a retired exotic dancer.

The pair welcomed their daughter, Sunny Lee James in 2004. Moreover, 2004 was the year when Janine filed a divorce against Jesse just 2 years after their marriage.

The couple went through a battle in court over the full custody rights of their daughter. James finally won the sole custody of their daughter with weekly visitation rights to her mother.

Jesse James and his spouse

Jesse James Famous Spouse Sandra Bullock.

In the year 2005, Jesse James married a beloved Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock which skyrocketed Jesse’s popularity. The former People’s Most Beautiful Woman title holder never had a child of her own with James.

Rather, the couple decided to adopt an orphan. However, this marriage could not stay strong as Sandra discovered her husband’s infidelities with other women. Hence, she filed a divorce against him, and the former duo got separated in 2010.

The public was furious at Jesse James’ scandal, and this injured his reputation. Later, Jesse publicly apologized for his transgression and asked for forgiveness from the fans and Sandra.

Jesse James entrepreneur with his ex spouse

Kat Von D.

After divorcing Sandra, Jesse was in a short relationship with a tattoo artist, Kat Von D. They announced their engagement in January 2011 but later called it off in July 2011.

Jesse James Customizer's former spouse Kat Von D
Kat Von D

Jesse James Customizer was married to his last wife Alexis DeJoria from 2013 until their divorce in 2020.

After years of failed married life, it finally seemed as if Jesse found stability when he married a drag racer, Alexis DeJoria on the 24th of March, 2013. Alexis DeJoria is the daughter of billionaire John Paul DeJoria. The marriage took place at her father’s giant estate.

However, Jesse again ended up with a heartbreaking divorce that took place on the 28th of March, 2020. It was reported that the 54-year-old was a sex addict who begged countless women for sex on Snapchat and Instagram while being married to Alexis.

Alexis DeJoria
Alexis DeJoria

A look at his social media activity.

Exploring Jesse James Customizer Instagram handle, we learned that he goes by the username ‘@popeofwelding.’ He has a total following of 881K. The page gives us a unique insight into his way of life. Most people can guess that a good number of his posts relate to his love for customization and wielding. Did you know that he is a pro-gun advocate, though?

One of the posts featured on his page is of a handgun with the inscription, Boss Lady. Jesse also used his page to speak out against the recent killing of George Floyd, an African-American man who passed away in police custody. He employed everyone to stick together as a nation to help marginalized communities.

His Age and DOB.

Jesse James Customizer was born on April 19th, 1969, in Long Beach, California. As of 2023, he is 54 years old. The two character traits that define Aries, like James, are his desire for adventure and his likability. These traits have made him a great television host over the years.

Jesse James (customizer) Wiki.

Jesse cuts the figure of a typical bike enthusiast. He has a goatee, tattoos, and a knife on his person to boot. James’ father was involved in the antique collection. His father shared storage space with a market parts manufacturer you may have heard of: Harley Davison. James regularly frequented his father’s shop as a child. Being in close proximity to the bikes had a huge impact on his life.

By the age of 7, Jesse James had already gotten his first mini-bike. It ignited a passion for virtually everything with an engine and two-wheels. He first tinkered with restoration back in his freshman year of high school. Jesse managed to assemble an exhaust system.

Surprisingly, he did not keep it as he wasn’t pleased with the final outcome. He started his company, West Coast Choppers, back in the 90s. The shop gradually grew from a small auto-shop in a friend’s garage, to a successful business. With no one to lend him any money, Jesse grew his business right from the ground up. He went from employing 50 people to customizing bikes for celebrities like Kid Rock and Shaquille O’Neal.

Jesse James customizer Net worth.

At the height of his customization business, Jesse’s bikes easily fetched in anywhere between $60,000 to $150,000. His custom cars reportedly even brought in double the figures listed. The company’s popularity eventually paved the way for various merchandising opportunities. These have ranged from restaurant franchises, a clothing line, and even a magazine.

Jesse additionally draws the income from his work on television, as well as several other business ventures. He and his ex-wife were the co-owners of Cisco Burgers.

Jesse James Net worth
Jesse James

Presently, Jesse James’ net worth is $110 million. It is vital to mention that James has had to deal with a few legal troubles that have adversely affected his net worth over the years.

His company was ordered to pay $270,000 for manufacturing motorcycles that were deemed to be in violation of California Clean-air laws. In another instance, a former customer slapped him with a $400,000 lawsuit.

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