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Joe Martin from “Iron Resurrection” Net Worth, Wife.

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Joe Martin from “Iron Resurrection” Net Worth, Wife and Everything

Joe Martin is an artist, mechanic, and entrepreneur who co-owns Martin Bros Customs, a shop that operates in Texas. His passion for cars and motorcycles can be traced back to his youth.

Long before he took up restoration, Martin was entangled in the motorcycle business. He’d go around Texas repairing and repainting bikes. Gradually, he started building his own bikes.

Over the years, Joe has worked with reputable television networks like the Discovery Channel and Velocity. Learn more about Joe Martin’s net worth and wife. We will explore everything exciting there is to know about him.

Who is Joe Martin?

Joe Martin is a businessman and restoration expert who operates a shop in Texas. Car enthusiasts will recognize him for his recurring role on the velocity show, ‘Iron Resurrection.’

The show follows Joe, his wife, and the rest of the team they manage at their restoration shop. Most recently, the team has worked on exciting projects like a 63 Impala with a four-speed and a 55 Chevy Bel Air.

The fourth season of Iron Resurrection premiered on February 5th, 2020. The tenth and last episode of the season aired on April 8th, the very same year.

Motor Trend has not confirmed whether the show will be renewed for a 7th season. Martin had been on the show since its inception back in April 2016. He has worked on 30 episodes to date.

Joe Martin
Joe Martin

Joe Martin Net Worth.

Martin has multiple sources of income. These include his auto-shop, which not only services and details cars, but also sells merchandise on their online store. Some of the merch available includes a custom t-shirt which is available for $25.

Fans can also buy a custom billet knurled edge radiator cap for $55. Lest we forget, Joe is also the main actor on a velocity channel show. Currently, Joe Martin’s net worth is $1 million.

Joe Martin from Iron Resurrection is Married to Wife Amanda.

Joe Martin is married to a woman named Amanda. Like her husband, she has always had a love for cars. It is one of the things they have in common.

Perhaps it was what brought them together in the first place. Amanda is also listed as a part-owner of Martin Bros Customs, which, as we mentioned before, is a family-operated business.

Joe Martin and wife Amanda have kept their relationship relatively under wraps. As such, there is not a lot of detail available on their romantic journey.

Where is Joe Martin from?

Joe Martin from Iron Resurrection was born in Chicago, Illinois. However, he and his family moved to Texas when he was just ten years old.

His love for sketching.

Drawing is a passion Joe discovered when he was still a young boy. His mother told him that he spent most of his time drawing over walls at home. Joe only stopped drawing on the walls after she got him a sketchpad.

As expected, Joe was not really good when he started drawing. He was a child, after all! To improve, Martin acquired copies of different Hot Rod Magazines and traced a few cars and motorcycles that appeared on the cover. Over time, he gradually improved. He did this by trying to sketch every single mechanical thing he came across. These ranged from trains to bikes.

His love for mechanics.

By the time Joe was a teenager, Joe Martin from Iron Resurrection had developed another interest. Joe wanted to learn everything he could about mechanical things. Because he lacked formal training, Joe opted to learn from his neighbors instead. The older boys proved very helpful and eager to let him learn by watching. Martin kept frequenting garages as often as he could, picking up a few interesting things along the way.

Growing up, Joe always held great admiration for the work of Boyd Coddington. However, his products were highly-priced and out of Martin’s price range. Because of this, Joe opted to make his stuff. This came from all the skills he picked up from his neighbors, as well as a few new things he learned on his own.

Iron Resurrection has greatly impacted his life.

In a recent interview, Joe revealed that starring on television had changed the way he and his wife live. Although they try to lead ordinary lives, Joe says that he and Amanda get recognized everywhere they go. He added that they had been spotted by fans quite a few times while they were at the airport. Fans have even come up to them at various car shows.

Joe added that he and his wife were normal people who just got lucky. Therefore, it feels a bit strange whenever fans come up to them and ask for an autograph.

Wayne Carini is his inspiration.

Like most people, Joe Martin looks up to Wayne Carini. He is a world-class restorer and television personality who has been a staple on Chasing Classic Cars for decades. Wayne is a charming and likable guy who has inspired numerous people to take up restoration. One of these people was Joe. In turn, he has set out to inspire as many people as he can. That is his ultimate goal.

A look at his social media activity.

Joe Martin from Iron Resurrection maintains a very active life online. On Instagram, for instance, he has 120K followers. Martin’s account tells us that he is fairly adept when it comes to Custom Fabrication. As expected, most of the page is a testament to his love for cars. These include a 65 nova, a 64 lincoln, and an 83 Silverado.

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