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What happened to Kevin on Counting Cars?

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What happened to Kevin on Counting Cars?

Kevin Mack is an automobile enthusiast, mechanic, and television personality. For a long time, he was also part of a motorcycle gang that had about 15 different members.

They were known for blazing through the roads scattered between South Carolina and Arizona. Kevin grew up alongside his brother Steve.

The latter is a lawyer turned judge who is based in Las Vegas. In addition to this, he also helps out his longtime friend, Danny Koker, at his auto-body custom shop. So what happened to Kevin on Counting Cars? Let’s take a look at what he has been up to.

Who is Kevin Mack?

Kevin Mack is a reality star and restoration expert who was featured on Counting Cars. The show is centred on his best friend’s garage and the mechanics who work there. They set out to rebuild old bikes and vintage cars.

The series’ frontrunner, Danny “The Count” Koker, is the one who brought Kevin onto the show. ‘McQueen for a Day‘ was the series’ very first episode.

It aired on the 13th of August 2012. Since then, it has aired 10 seasons and over 184 episodes. Kevin worked as the manager of Count Kustoms. He took over from Scott Jones, who moved to Tennessee after his son was born.

Counting Cars' Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack

Kevin and Danny spent most of their days gallivanting across Vegas and looking for their next project. Interestingly enough, the Counting Cars star even stayed behind as collateral whenever his boss wanted to test a car he wanted to buy.

Mack made his debut on the show in an episode titled ‘You Talkin’ to Me?‘ From then on, he featured on two more episodes before he dropped off from the face of the show. The History Channel has remained relatively quiet in regards to the show’s next season.

What happened to Kevin on Counting Cars?

Kevin Mack’s last appearance on the show came on an episode called ‘Pimpmobile.’ After that, we have not seen him on television since.

This has raised quite a few questions, the most pressing being whether he was still a part of Count Kustoms. Well, the answer is yes. Kevin is still the manager of the renowned auto-body shop; that much has not changed.

Even after his departure from the show, he continued to promote it on his Instagram page. Most recently, Kevin and Danny Koker were scheduled to attend the Salt Lake City Autorama car show. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the showroom was closed.

Why Did Kevin Mack Leave Counting Cars?

Kevin has not given any reason regarding his departure on Counting Cars. We haven’t seen him since 2014! We can only theorize on why he is no longer a part of the show. Lest we forget, he is the manager of Count Kustoms.

So this comes with its fair share of responsibilities! We imagine it must have been a nightmare trying to juggle the rigorous television schedule with his full-time job as well. He could have also taken some time off to spend some time with his family.

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