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Kevin Mack from “Counting Cars” Biography: 7 Facts You Should Know.

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Kevin Mack is a motorcycle enthusiast, television personality, and the manager of Count’s Kustoms. The auto-body shop is owned by his best friend and long-time companion, Danny Koker. Both of them are motorcycle lovers who met while out on the open road.

The ensuing friendship was a pivotal factor to Kevin not only getting the job at the restoration garage but also becoming a television star. Just recently, Kevin and the rest of the crew worked on a 755hp Shelby F150. Know more about the Count’s Kustoms manager in this review.

Who is Kevin Mack?

Kevin Mack, as earlier stated, is an expert restorer and mechanic. It has allowed him to appear on the History Channel’s Counting Cars. The show came to fruition after executive producers: Zachary Behr, Brent Montgomery, and Shawn Witt reached out to car enthusiast, Danny Koker.

Its very first episode hit our screens on August 13th, 2012, and was the subject of critical acclaim. Yes, several fans tuned on to the History Channel to watch ‘McQueen for a Day.’

As of 2023, the show has 184 episodes under its belt. These have aired in 10 subsequent seasons running from 2012 to 2021. Throughout the entirety of. its run, Kevin has appeared in three episodes. They include Pimp My Bus, You Talkin to Me and Pimpmobile.

His introduction came in an episode back in 2013, which saw the crew try to acquire a vintage Ford Galaxie. It is one of those instances where television mirrors real life.

Because of their close friendship, it is Mike who usually accompanies Danny whenever they go out in search of prospective vehicles. In some instances, the former even finds himself serving as collateral before a final deal is struck.

Kevin Mack’s Hometown.

The Counting cars reality star Kevin Mack from Counting Cars is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. While his exact date of birth remains undisclosed, we estimate Kevin to be in his late-50s. This is because of his decade long friendship with Danny Koker, who is around the same age.

Kevin Mack and Danny Koker’s chance meeting.

The two met more than two decades ago, 30 years to be precise. They were part of a renowned motorcycle gang that traversed the open roads, riding from Arizona to Southern California. Of course, with such long distances came the need to maintain their motorcycles. It was not easy meeting this need as there was a limited number of garages at the time.

So what did Danny Koker decide to do? He set up his auto-body shop. They started off customizing and restoring bikes before eventually moving on to cars. The work proved strenuous and time-consuming, so Danny brought on his life-long friend, Kevin, to help.

A look at Kevin Mack’s Social media.

Kevin’s Instagram page is a testament to his love for not only cars but also tattoos and music. The most recent post featured him posing alongside the presidential vehicle known as the beast. He and Danny were also scheduled to be honored guests at Salt Lake City’s Autorama car show.

It is one of the biggest events of the year, yet its stature did little to stop its cancellation. The reason for its withdrawal is obvious; the Coronavirus pandemic, which has crippled the world.

The Count’s Kustoms manager Kevin Mack also promotes his best friend’s band, count 77, on several posts. Taking a look at his twitter handle, we learned that he has a following of 25.8K. His twitter page hints at his appreciation for the sport of golf, as he recently retweeted a post about the PGA Tour Championships.

Kevin Mack is a father.

The Counting Cars reality star is a man who likes to keep his family out of the limelight. Back in the second season of his show, however, we learned that he has a 29-year old son named Devin Mack.

Much like his father, he is a car enthusiast. He was the main subject of the episode titled ‘Dream On,’ which saw the crew over at Count’s Kustoms work on his race car. Racing runs hot in Devin’s veins. He has been racing ever since he was eight. Back then, he went around the track in go-karts.

Kevin Mack has featured on another reality show!

Yes, it is true. Counting Cars is not Kevin’s only credited appearance on television. He also appears on the History Channel’s American Restoration.

It observes the work of various restoration garages across the country and the restoration of vintage cars. Kevin appeared alongside several of his Count’s Kustoms co-workers like Roli Szabo, Danny Koker, and even Horny Mike. Like most of the crew, he only featured on the episode titled ‘George Clinton: Funky Yeah!’

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