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What happened to Manuel Bellazetin from Kindig-It?

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Manuel Bellazetin

Kindig-It is an American restoration Shop. They work on different types of Vintage cars to build or restore them, and the store also sells Merchandise. Back in 2014, the restoration shop was chosen to be made into a TV Show called Bitchin’ Rides. The Television Show is filmed in Salt Lake, Utah. It features Dave Kindig and his crew.

In this article, we will be discussing about one of the original workers of Kindig-It Design, Manuel Bellazetin. Who is he? Are the rumors of him being dead true? Read along to find out more about Manuel from Kindig-It.

Manuel Bellazetin’s Net Worth.

Unfortunately, we never found out what Manuel Bellazetin’s Net worth was. However, we know that he had been working for Kindig-It design since 2008, long before it was made into a program. Manuel Bellazetin worked as a Custom Painter and a bodywork specialist. He was very skilled at his job- so talented that he earned the nickname, ‘The Craftsman.’

According to various sources, custom auto painters earned over $50k yearly. As a bodywork specialist, beginners earned around $48k while experienced workers could make up to $107k annually.

How old is he?

Manuel Bellazetin never revealed any information about himself. He was totally out of the limelight. Besides, when he was working at Kindig-It Designs, the Car Fabrication Shop had not yet been featured on TV. However, in his obituary, his birthdate was stated to be 28th December 1932. Manuel died at the age of 81 years.

Manuel Bellazetin

Was he married?

The late Manuel Bellazetin was married. Unfortunately, details on his wife and children remain a mystery. The Kindig-It Design page mentions that he has two kids and a wife. As we went through his obituary, we got to learn his wife’s and son’s names through the comments. According to a close friend of his family, Manuel’s wife was Jana Bellazetin, and his son was Armando.

What happened to Manuel from Kindig It?

According to the Media, Manuel passed away back on 18th August 2014. Manuel had not disclosed any personal information about himself before. In one of Dave Kindig’s posts on Twitter, he replied to a tweet that asked about Manuel. His response was, ‘he is no longer with us.’

There have been a lot of questions regarding where he went and why he left the show. And the truth is, we do not have the complete answers to that one question. What we are sure about is that the man was completely off the grid even before his death.

If only he were here to witness the success of the restoration shop. The garage, as well as the TV show, has become quite successful. Currently, it has a total of six seasons and 78 episodes. The Show, Bitchin Rides, has worked on several projects such as the Audi R8 Spyder, 62 Volkswagen bus, Chevrolet Corvette, and other more.

According to their official site, the budget of a project specifically starts at $250,000. Aside from the car business, they also sell merchandise such as Mugs, T-shirts, Caps, and different types of car parts. A T-shirt, for instance, is sold @25 dollars and you can find both men’s, women’s and children’s sizes.

Social Media.

As far as we know, Manuel lived a private life before his passing. We doubt that he may have had any social media accounts.

Condolences from friends and fans.

As we went through Manuel Bellazetin’s Obituary, we got to see his fans and family pay their last respects. Manuel will be remembered as a great father and husband, a great painter who loved his job, a man with good work ethics, and a great smile. The incredible thing was that he had fans from all over the world who admired his work. His funeral took place at a Family Funeral Care in Murray, Utah.

Manuel Bellazetin’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Manuel Bellazetin
Age Deceased
Date of Birth 28th December 1932
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Mechanic, Custom Painter, bodywork specialist
Net worth Under review
Wife Jana Bellazetin
Kids 2
Nationality Mexican American
Ethnicity Latino
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents Under review

Manuel Bellazetin was highly valued at Kindig-It, and he will forever be missed. Manuel began working in the Automotive Industry at just 16 years. Before he died, he had 30 years of experience, which meant that he was outstanding and skilled at his job. He always loved restoring Vintage cars.

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