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Mike Hall from “Rust Valley Restorers” Wife, Kids, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and all facts.

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Mike Hall from “Rust Valley Restorers” Wife, Kids, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and facts.

Mike Hall is a rust collector, car restorer, and business owner. He is the proprietor of the company called Rust Bros. Some of the people under his employ include mechanics and restoration specialists like Avery Shoaf. In fact, the two are close friends who have worked with each other for several years now.

Mike’s career on television includes stints on two different TV shows. Because of his appearance, Hall was christened with the nickname, ‘Rasta Blasta.’ Here are some fascinating details about Mike’s life.

His television shows.

Mike Hall’s most lauded appearance came with the advent of Netflix’s Rust Valley Restorers. This is a docu-type show that showcases some of the projects they take on at Rust Bros.

Most of the episodes we see follow the crew as they restore dilapidated old and rusty cars. After days of work, they are transformed into valuable collectible vehicles.

Rust Valley Restorers first premiered on December 6th, 2018, on the History Channel. In the episode titled ‘All in the Family,’ we watched as Mike set to work on his brother’s 1964 Buick Riviera.

In total, we have been privy to twenty episodes. These are spread across two seasons. Other than this show, Mike also featured on Highway Thru Hell.

Rust Bros owner, Mike Hall
Rust Bros owner, Mike Hall.

The show is based on heavy recovery companies that toil through the rough winters to aid drivers who have been adversely affected by the terrible road conditions. What they do helps to keep the traffic moving smoothly.

We were first introduced to the cast of the show on the episode ‘Death on the Coq’ back on September 4th, 2012. After an eight-season run, the show has released over a century worth of episodes.

The different cars they have worked on.

Mike Hall and the team have been tasked with restoring vintage cars for several years now. Some of these include a ’73 Plymouth Cuda, 1966 Pontiac Parisienne, 1967 Mercury Cougar, 1926 Model T, 1970 Dodge Super Bee, and a 1968 Camaro convertible.

Sources say that Mike has collected about 400 different cars in total. Don’t be too impressed though- most of these cars could barely run when he acquired them. He and his crew do their best to restore them to their former glory.

Age and D.O.B.

Mike recently revealed that he is 65-years old. It suggests that he was born in 1958.

Mike Hall’s Net Worth.

Hall has two primary sources of income. These include his work on television and the restoration company he set up, ‘Rust Bros.’ The very first customization gig they undertook was a 1966 Lincoln Continental, which earned his company $15,000.

At the time, Mike said that he had drastically underestimated the cost of labor involved. Smarting from his mistake, he priced the jobs accordingly. In total, Mike said that he had spent about $2 million to keep his business afloat. Mike Hall’s net worth is $5 million.

His Family.

Rasta Blasta is a married man. He and his wife have a son named Connor Hall. Connor works at Rust Bros, seemingly following in his father’s footsteps. He has learned everything about the business from his father and Avery Shoaf, who mentored him for a few years.

Mike Hall son, Connor Hall
Mike Hall son, Connor Hall.

Mike Hall has no business sense.

While his love for cars is unquestionable, the same cannot be said about Mike’s business acumens. Recently, Connor revealed that his father charged a customer $15,000 for a project that ended up costing them $50,000.

Everyone viewed this as a significant loss; well, everyone except Mike Hall. He thought it was a potentially good investment. Connor goes on to add that his dad does not care about the money. No, he’d restore cars for free if he could!

He got his show in a fortuitous manner.

While Mike was on the reality show, Highway Thru Hell, he talked about a piece of land and several cars he was selling. This went viral, gaining so much popularity that an executive producer over at Mayhem Entertainment decided to capitalize on it. The general consensus at the firm was that Mike’s popularity would guarantee a lot of viewers, and so he got his show.

He charges the press for photographs.

Mike Hall allows journalists to take pictures of his vintage car collections if they want. There is only one catch; they have to pay $10. While the idea didn’t exactly sit well with the members of the press, they relented nonetheless.

Mike’s business is still up for sale.

Hall’s desire to part with his business was what got him into television in the first place. Remarkably, it is still up for sale at the moment.

Some of the cars in his junkyard will never run.

Not all of the cars in Mike Hall’s junkyard are restorable. There are a few clunkers in his possession that are beyond saving. Instead of getting rid of them, however, Hall keeps them in his person because he is very sentimental.

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