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Ryan Evans from “Counting Cars” Net Worth, Age, Bio: 9 Facts.

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Ryan Evans is a professional airbrush artist and television personality on the History Channel. He works for Danny Koker at his auto-body shop, where he has been the lead painter for several years now. Continue reading to know Counting Cars Cast Ryan Evans Net Worth.

Ryan has developed a close relationship with count co-workers like Horny Mike. Besides featuring on television, he also hosts workshops that help people develop their airbrushing skills.

Recently, the Counts Kustoms’ painter was scheduled to appear at a Pin stripping workshop alongside Darren Wenzel in Orlando, Florida. Here are nine facts you should know about him.

Who is Ryan Evans from “Counting Cars”?

Ryan Evans is the head artist over at Counts Kustoms. The garage’s popularity eventually earned him a shot at stardom when he started appearing on Counting Cars. His reality show focuses not only on his work but on the efforts of all the other specialists at the Count’s Kustoms garage. The show premiered back in August 2012.

To date, Ryan from “Counting Cars”, alongside his boss, has appeared in the most number of episodes. These range from titles like Buyer’s Remorse, where he helps the garage with a potentially huge Harley project, to titles like Paint Jobs, where his work on ’59 Chevy Panel leaves the crew near-speechless.

Presently, the Counts Kustoms’ head artist is Danny Koker’s, right-hand man. It means that after the big boss, he is second in command; this is not surprising as he has had over twenty years of experience in the business. He is responsible for overseeing some of the iconic artwork done at the garage.

Ryan’s managerial role does not mean that he takes a back seat when it comes to airbrushing; no, he is at the forefront when it comes to conceptualization. Not a lot of people will be aware of the fact that he was discovered by the count’s kustoms’ lead motorcycle builder, Shannon Aiku, more than seventeen years ago.

How old is Ryan Evans?

Ryan Evans was born on the 4th of January 1974. The Counting Cars reality star is 49 years old presently. Ambitious, productive, motivated, and a great leader, there is no doubt that Ryan is a Capricorn.

Ryan Evans’ Net worth and Salary.

The Counts Kustoms’ painter is the most celebrated cast member of counting cars. No one has appeared on more episodes than he has. As such, we estimate that he is on the same footing as the showrunner, Danny Koker, who earned $100K per episode during the show’s impressive run.

The garage he works for is reportedly worth around $13 million. It suggests that its employees are well compensated for the time they put in. The CK head artist is on the high end of the spectrum as he is one of the head honchos at the garage. Presently, Ryan Evans has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

His car collection.

Unlike his Counting Cars co-star and long-time friend, Danny Koker, Ryan from Counting Cars does not own an extensive car collection. This is not to say that man does not possess the need for speed! One of his most prized possessions is a Golden 1969 Cadillac Coupe Custom. It was built especially for him by his friends over at the Counts Kustoms.

Remarkably, it was a DeVille in its past life before the team got its hands on it. After stripping it down to its bare essence, it was built into what it is today.

Is Ryan Evans married?

Yes, the Counts Kustoms airbrush artist is a married man. His wife’s name is Dana Pauley. A look at her Facebook page reveals that she is a mother and the wife of Ryan Evans.

Diving further down her posts, we learn that not only is she an animal lover, but she also has a puppy back home. While we are not exactly sure when the couple met, we did find out that they recited their vows back in 2015, more specifically, on the 15th of March.

Paula is an equal part of a loving mother and wife. She raises their son, Logan, and also finds the time to accompany Ryan to Counts Kustoms-related events. It just echoes how supportive she is. The happy family is currently based in Los Angeles, Nevada.

How did Ryan Evans Get Started?

In a Twitter post, Ryan reveals how he wound up in the world of airbrushing cars. As the story goes, he was seven years old when his parents brought him a T-shirt and bag full of sand and seashells. The t-shirt left a big impression on him as it had his name airbrushed onto it.

Ryan found himself fixating on the shirt even as he grew older. His art teacher, a renowned artist in his own right, helped the Counts Kustoms’ supervisor explore his talent.

After this, he did not have a lot of guidance when it came to learning the art. It forced him to take on projects on a trial by fire basis; this is because several other artists and garages had turned him away in fear that he’d one day become their competition.

When he messed up one day, Ryan Evans from Counting Cars sought the help of a Texan artist by the name of David. He brought him into his garage and asked him to observe (without touching anything Ryan adds). The time he spent under the wing of the former Toyota head painter provided him with the solid foundation he needed to venture out on his own.

Ryan Evans Tattoos Love.

Ryan Evans is a man who loves ink. He has several different tattoos spread out both of his arms, and throughout the rest of his body as well! Surprisingly, his wife, Dana, also has a few tattoos of her own. It is undoubtedly one of the many things they have in common.

His signature goatee.

Danny Koker has his playboy rockstar persona, Horny Mike has his silver horns, and Ryan has his signature goatee. The long beard he has grown is the most obvious physical trait on his body. Not to mention, it is just plain hard to miss.

Ryan Evans’ social media.

Like most television personalities, Ryan has amassed a decent following on Instagram. Presently, his page has 61,000 followers. Besides reminding us that he is a part of counts kustoms, it gives us an insight into his world.

Several of his posts focus on his artwork and the airbrushing technique. He breaks the mold once in a while to showcase pictures of his amazing wife and kid.

Ryan Evans from Counting Cars is not doing so bad on Twitter, either, where he has over 23K followers. He uses this platform to showcase his work as well as interact with fans.

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