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What Happened to Scott on Counting Cars?

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What Happened to Scott on Counting Cars

Scott Jones is a television personality and the former manager at an auto body shop. One of the most entertaining things about his show was watching him argue with his boss.

Scott was not afraid to air his views, and it made him a fan favourite. He was particularly critical of his benefactor’s obsession with cars.

Scott was more practical and always preferred to sell the cars they renovated. His boss, on the other hand, was obsessed with cars, and most of the time, desired to keep the cars they made. Let’s find out why he is no longer part of the show.

Who is Scott Jones?

Scott Jones is the former bookkeeper and administrator at Count’s Kustoms. The auto-body shop is the main focus of the reality show, Counting Cars.

Viewers of the series were treated to a feast of the eyes as they watched the crew rebuild vintage cars. Remarkably, in 184 episodes dating back to August 2012, Scott has only appeared in one episode!

It was titled ‘Psychedelic Cycle’ and was aired during the show’s second season. It saw Danny Koker reunite with his old friend, Davey Deals. When you look at all the responsibilities Scott had, it came as no surprise that Scott Jones did not have the time to feature in more episodes.

He maintained the accounts, issued and approved budgets for new projects, and even monitored profit margins. Even the boss commended his book-keeping skills. This comes even though the two are always at each other’s throats!

Scott Jones from Counting Cars
Scott Jones from Counting Cars on the right.

But Scott had to be a hard ass and stay vigilant if the business was to be profitable. And Count’s Kustom had indeed grown profitable. In the initial stages of its conception, it had less than ten people in its employ! Now, this number has multiplied by five.

What happened to Scott on Counting Cars?

During the third season of Counting Cars, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Kevin Mack had replaced Scott. The latter was taking over from Scott as the manager of Count’s Kustom.

A lot of people wondered if his boisterous and sometimes explosive nature had perhaps caught up with him. Arguing with his boss was, after all, second nature to him.

At the time, an employee named Joseph Frontiera was accused of stealing about $75,000 from the auto body shop. He had used the money to buy a hammer and a plane ticket, which we assume he was going to use to disappear. Because Scott was the designated bookkeeper, we can see why most people thought that this is what caused his expulsion from the garage.

However, this was never confirmed. The official reason Scott gave was that he wanted to spend some time with his newborn son. To this effect, he moved the entire family to Tennessee. The last we heard of Scott, he had started his restoration garage back in his hometown of Greenville!

It is hard to keep up with his day-to-day activities as Scott has no digital prints on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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