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Steve Darnell’s Wife, Net Worth, TV Shows.

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Steve Darnell is a welder, television producer, and actor. His work in production has seen him work on the Five Finger Death Punch, which is a short video. Other than television, it is prudent to mention that Steve has enjoyed a successful career in welding.

He is the proprietor of ‘WelderUp,’ which employs not only welders but also mechanics. They help to build diesel rat rods. Sometimes, they are even forced to strip down the vehicles entirely. Here are all the relevant facts about Steve Darnell ‘s wife, his net worth, and TV shows.

Who is Steve Darnell? His TV shows.

Steve Darnell is a television personality who features on Vegas Rat Rods. The show is entirely based on the exploits of the shop, WelderUp, which is located in 3160 S Highland Dr suite d, Las Vegas.

Steve and his crew of oddballs set about completely stripping and rebuilding classic rod-vehicles. His crew consists of restoration experts like Michael T Deeter, Dave Lefler, and Dave Breckon. Fans were first treated to the crew’s antics back on May 19th, 2014.

They got to watch as Steve and his crew took on a unique challenge. They were tasked with refurbishing a 1931 Ford Model into a mean, lean racing machine. Some of the restorations featured on the show are a 1928 Buick, which they turned into an electric car, a 1965 Lincoln Continental, and a 1938 Big Rig Mack Truck.

Vegas Rat Rods’ six-year run on television has been defined by the 35 episodes it has aired. These have come in four seasons. In total, Steve appeared on eight episodes on the show. Other than Vegas Rat Rods, Steve was also given a role on ‘The Gavin McInnes Show.’

Darnell launched his restoration shop back in 2002. During its earlier run, the shop handled heavy machinery and various other types of equipment.

Vegas Rat Rods star, Steve Darnell
Steve Darnell

It would take a few more years before Steve properly ventured into customization. His unique style and final outputs caught the attention of the Hot Rod Magazine, which in turn featured him on their cover. This proved to be the big break he needed.

Steve Darnell’s Net Worth.

It is fair to say that Darnell has made most of his net worth from his exploits in car restoration. This started when he was still a teenager. Steve would buy old and barely running cars and fix them up mostly on his own. Later on, he’d sell them at a profit. By the mid-90s, he was making about $1500 to $2500 per week from building rod iron.

Another source of income stems from merchandising his brand. Items like a QYB Wolf B&W Sweatshirt and Welder Up Skull Decal are available on his website for $50 and $10, respectively.

When he started welder up, he was also reportedly making about $20,000 from his work in production welding. Presently, Steve Darnell’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000.

Is Steve Darnell married To Wife?

No, Steve Darnell is no longer a married man. He is divorced from his first wife, whose identity remains somewhat of a mystery. There are, however, pictures of the two of them together online.

Before they separated, however, the couple had two children together; these were sons Kash and Chase Darnell. His children inspired him to strive for a better life. Steve wanted to provide them with a secure future, which led to the start of ‘Welder up.’

How he got his first car.

The first vehicle that Steve Darnell owned was an orange 73 Datsun. Funnily enough, he confessed that he thought the car was downright ugly. Yet he still felt proud that he had managed to buy a car after saving up for a while. To gain further insight into his industrious nature, we have to go back to the 80s, when he put together a redline bicycle.

When he bought the bike, it only had a frame and rear wheel at the time. These bicycles were some of the coolest items any boy could own, so Steve knew that he had to do everything in his power to get one. He took up odd jobs, mowing people’s lawns, for instance. It helped him save up, and when he finally had enough money, he walked about 5 miles to claim his prize.

Steve Darnell parted with $85 to acquire the bike. Remarkably, he’d later sell the bike for $300 after he had completely restored and customized it. He used the money to buy his Datsun. After this, Steve spent several days walking to a junkyard located about a mile from his house. The owner of the yard let him scavenge for all the parts he wanted.

Steve did not have a license the first time he drove.

By the time Darnell was in the eighth grade, his 73 Datsun car was finally up and running. Remarkably, he drove it in secret because he did not have a license. It is not surprising, especially if you take into account the fact that he was only 13 years old at the time!

Some of the other cars he has owned.

  • 1970 Blazer with 33 inch Michelin wheels.
  • Chevy Luv
  • 79 Camaro

He has been involved in numerous accidents.

When he was in high school, Steve accidentally drove his 1970 Blazer into a house! The accident happened after his break failed, prompting the car to ram right into the garage, talking most of the structure entirely off of its foundation.

Another accident occurred when he was still a kid. Steve had tagged along to his father’s steel company. After a while, he snuck off on his own and accidentally electrocuted himself after playing with the plugs of a 220 welder.

A few interesting facts about Steve Darnell.

  • He went to high school in Montana.
  • Steve spent a lot of time on his uncle’s ranch in Eastern Montana- this is where he first learned about old trucks, which were turned into farming equipment.
  • His father taught him how to drive forklifts.
  • Steve’s father was an ironworker at Steel Engineers in Las Vegas.
  • He later worked for his father’s steel company, ‘Economy Steel.’

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