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Steve Dulcich: Farm, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Related to Jakov Dulcich?

Image of Steve Dulcich

If you have any problems regarding car engines, Steve Dulcich is your go-to guy. He is a motor enthusiast who has dedicated his career to automobiles and the TV industry.

The TV host has starred in the famous title Engine Masters for 15 years plus. In addition, he is also the face of other popular titles like Road Kill Garage alongside David Freiburger.

The star is also passionate about writing for his craft. Many automobile magazines feature his writeups revolving around engines and innovations in cars.

This article encompasses details pertaining to Steve Dulcich, his age, farm, wife, net worth, and many more. Let’s dive in.

Who is Steve Dulcich?

Steve is an automobile freak. He has 20 years plus of hands-on experience in the industry and is basically an engine expert.

The personality came to the spotlight when he started hosting the renowned show ‘Engine Masters.’

He is well versed in every minute detail and aspect that comprises a car engine. Through his immense passion, the TV personality has given several innovations regarding engines.

He occasionally shares his expertise and opinion with the help of automobile magazines that feature him as a writer.

Roadkill Garage is among the most prominent works of Mr. Dulcich. Many regard the TV host as a car guru.

Moreover, he is also a farmer who grows grapes in his farmhouse. In fact, the show ‘Roadkill Garage’ is filmed in his farmhouse, where he cultivates grapes.

Steve Dulcich Farm

In Earlimart, Dulcich owns a massive farm where he also films his show ‘Roadkill Garage.’

At the beginning of this video, the videographer gives a sneak peek of the massive grape farm that the TV host currently owns.

Steve has set up his workshop beside the farm so that he can tend to both of his pursuits.

Net Worth- House and Cars

As of 2023, we can safely assume that the TV host has a net worth of $2 million.

His outstanding TV career is the main source of his income and massive wealth. The guy is down to earth and values his career and attachment to cars much more than his revenue.

Image of Steve Dulcich

Steve also earns a decent amount from his grapes farm. He writes for magazines which adds to his income.

His exemplary works for shows like RoadKill Garage and Engine Masters endowed him with the fame and fortune that he currently enjoys. Dulcich has 213k followers on his Instagram as of 2023.

House & Cars

If you look up Steve Dulcich on the internet, you’ll find more photos of his cars and less of him.

His Instagram profile bears the same results. Among the many cars that the TV host owns, he test drives many of them in his social profiles.

In this video from his YouTube channel, the moto-enthusiast test drives his Charger-68. Here, the personality is showcasing his C5 from his collections.

Moreover, Steve owns a vehicle workshop which he names Slab City. He doesn’t share much about his house but is totally obsessed with his car workshop. In this video, we can see a completed version of his workshop.


Steve is 46 years old as of 2022. The TV host was born in 1977. His exact DOB is 16th July.

Steve Dulcich Wife

Even though we do not have sufficient information about his wife, we know for sure that the TV host is married.

He also has two children. In this Instagram post, the host is on a hike with his son and daughter. His daughter Emily is beautiful and apparently shares the same passion that the star has towards automobiles.

Image of Steve Dulcich and his kids

Emily has 6.1k followers on her Instagram.

Is Steve Dulcich related to Jakov Dulcich?

Even after extensive research, we failed to dig up any connection between Steve and Jakov.

Similar to the TV host, Jakov owned a grape farmhouse. However, he was shot in a shootout close to his farmhouse in 2018.

The two personalities share the same name and occupation. But as of now, there are no valid sources that verify their relationship.

Steve Dulcich Wiki

Full Name Steve Dulcich
Profession Engine Expert, Writer, Farmer, TV host
Age 46 years old
DOB 16 July 1977
Height 5’7”
Relationship Married
Children Two
Net Worth $2 million

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