Faye Hadley Wikipedia: Age, Husband Brandon Hadley.

Image of renowned automobile experts, Faye Hadley

At one point in time, there was a stereotypic conception where the automobile was considered only a mens’ playground. Faye Hadley is one of the leading woman automobile experts who proved this false. She is an American automobile technician, entrepreneur, and teacher, who intends on improving woman empowerment in this sector. Meet Faye Hadley husband … Read more

Sarah Bogi Lateiner from “All Girls Garage” Wiki, Biography.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner from “All Girls Garage” Wiki Biography.

Sarah Lateiner is a 42 years old American Automotive Service Excellence (ASC) certified Master technician, reality TV host, poet, and an artist. She is famously known for hosting the show ‘All girls Garage‘ on Velocity Network. This is one show that has proven that working in the garage is not purely masculine. Fans know her … Read more