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What happened to Rachel de Barros on “All Girls Garage”?

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What happened to Rachel de Barros on “All Girls Garage”?

Rachel De Barros is an American TV host, producer, and car enthusiast. She is known for her work as a co-host on the reality show, All Girls Garage.

Barros is also known for creating the digital series, Gearhead Diva. In the series, she does DIY projects and also posts other interesting automotive videos. Moreover, Rachel is also a marketer with her firm, Purple Star Media, LLC.

Rachel is among the few women who aim to break societal stereotypes about women in technical careers like engineering. Put on your overalls, and let’s dive into Rachel’s automotive world in our article below.

Why did Rachel de Barros leave “All Girls Garage”?

Hard work pays. That’s the proverb that we were all taught in our early years, right? One of the people who can confirm the truth in this proverb is Rachel.

Her determination caught the eye of Motor Trend execs, and they offered her a position to co-host All Girls Garage. The show, All Girls Garage, premiered in 2012 on Discovery Network’s Velocity Channel.

Rachel’s co-hosts Cristy Lee and Bogi had a lot to do with her job offer. They helped scout her out from her YouTube series, Gearhead Diva. Barros was so good at her job at All Girls Garage that she became an executive producer for the show.

The show wowed fans due to Rachel and her co-hosts’ car engineering skills. Rachel and the rest of the crew would reconstruct disassembled cars, as well as repairing them.

Rachel De Barros was featured on the show for five seasons. However, Rachel’s fans woke up to the sad and shocking news that Rachel had left the show on April 6th, 2019. She confirmed this in a Facebook post.

Rachel thanked her fans as well as the show for giving her an excellent opportunity. Motor Trend is known to periodically change its shows’ hosts if they needs to enhance their show’ format.

Rachel de Barros
Rachel de Barros

Previously, amazing hosts such as Jessi Combs and Heather Storm had to be let go by the network, perhaps to freshen up the show.

What is Rachel de Barros doing now?

After departing from All Girls Garage, Rachel concentrated on her already thriving media marketing company, Purple Star Media, LLC. Her online series, Gearhead Diva, is also thriving after she got more time to put her effort into it.

Is Rachel de Barros married?

Rachel de Barros is good at keeping her private life under wraps. From our analysis, she is not married or dating. So, any hopefuls out there can rest easy for now.

Rachel de Barros DOB, Age, and Early life.

Rachel De Barros was born on August 4, 1978, and is 45 years old. Barros is a Leo Zodiac. Leos are known for being humorous and inspiring, traits that Rachel embodies. Rachel was born and raised in Washington, DC, in the United States.

Barros’ parents hail from Brazil. They raised her in the States together with her sister. We can trace her automotive passion back to her childhood. Her uncle owned an automotive body shop in DC.

Rachel attended Ohio University, and she graduated with a marketing degree in 2000. However, her passion for cars was always beckoning, and this drove her to enrol at the Philadelphia Automotive Training School. She took the program on automotive training and repair.

Rachel de Barros Social Media.

Barros is an active Instagram user. Her Instagram handle is ‘@Rachel_debarros.’ She has 39.3K Instagram followers. Barros uses her social media for marketing her work as an automotive engineer. Her Instagram is awash with posts about cars.

Without a doubt, Rachel is a real gearhead. From her photos, we can tell that Rachel’s hobby lies in technical matters. She can be seen posing with various engineering tools in her hand, sporting a big smile on her beautiful face.

Rachel de Barros’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Rachel de Barros
Age 45 years old
Date of Birth August 4th, 1978.
Place of Birth Washington DC, United States
Profession Television host, car enthusiast, producer
Net worth $1.5 million
Partner Unknown
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Brazilian-American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Unnamed

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