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What happened to Shorty on Iron Resurrection?

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What happened to Shorty on Iron Resurrection?

Javier Ponce is a painter, mechanic, and television star who is better known by his nickname, Shorty. He used to work at Martins Bro Customs. His affiliation with the shop even got him a gig on television after a while. Working on vehicles is something that Javier has always enjoyed, even as a younger man.

Shorty was just 12 when he started working in a garage. The experience he has accumulated ever since has enabled him to start a business alongside his wife. So what happened to Shorty? Is he still on television? Let’s find out.

Who is Javier’ Shorty’ Ponce?

Javier Ponce is an entrepreneur and custom painter who co-owns DBA Shorty’s Custom Paint. The shop is located in Cedar Hill, Texas. Short is also a television personality who once featured on Velocity’s Iron Resurrection.

The show gives fans an insight into the workings of Martins Bro Customs. Shorty and the rest of the crew took on any challenge they could find, restoring automobiles to the best of their ability. Fans have been privy to memorable episodes throughout the show’s four-season run.

In one of them, for instance, Shorty and the rest of the crew embarked on an arduous journey, seeking to transform a 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon into a beach cruiser. Over the years, the team also worked on several exciting projects. The project ranges from a 1973 Pontiac Firebird, which had been damaged by fire, to a 1970 Chevy C10 truck, which was on its deathbed.

Javier appeared in 23 episodes in total. When the show’s fourth season dropped, however, Shorty was nowhere in sight.

Javier Ponce aka Shorty
Javier Ponce

What happened to Shorty on Iron Resurrection?

Once the fourth season of Iron Resurrection dropped, everyone was surprised to learn that he was dropped from the show. So what happened? Before producers over at Velocity gave us a straight answer, the rumor mills were alit with speculation as to why Shorty was no longer with the team. Some people deduced that maybe he had fallen out with his employees.

Others guessed that maybe the rigorous filming schedule had finally taken its toll on him. So what happened? Well, after the premiere of season four dropped back in March 2020, the Velocity network was plagued with several questions regarding Shorty’s whereabouts.

They finally revealed that Shorty had decided to take some time off the television to spend some more time with his family. After all, he had just become a grandfather. The show took up most of his time initially. It wasn’t exactly easy commuting to the set as it was three hours away from his home.

So Shorty decided to put his family first, a decision which the producers respected.

What is Shorty from “Iron Resurrection” up to now?

Javier later came out to confirm his exit on the show in a video message on Facebook. He explained that he chose to focus on his family and business after the end of the third season of Iron Resurrection.

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