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Amanda Martin from “Iron Resurrection” Age, Wiki bio.

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Amanda Martin from “Iron Resurrection” Age, Wiki bio.

Amanda Martin is a public figure, TV star, and businesswoman. She and her husband are the proprietors of a Texas-based auto-shop, which specializes in painting and fabrication. The shop’s success and rising popularity paved the way for Amanda and her family into television.

She helps manage the likes of Jayson’ Shag’ Arrington and Michael Zabonik. Despite not being a metal fabricator, Amanda is still able to do her part for the custom shop. So who is Amanda Martin? This is what we will unravel today as we examine her age and the rest of her biography.

Amanda Martin Wiki.

Amanda Martin is the co-owner of Martin Bros Customs. She not only helps manages the crew but also promotes the business on her social media handles. Martin Bros Customs is renowned for its metal fabrication, detailing, and painting exploits across Texas.

The company actively seeks out and resurrects old, barely functioning bikes and vehicles. While Amanda does not precisely get her hands dirty, she does supervise and coordinate the rest of the crew’s activities.

Most people assume that what Amanda Martin from ‘Iron Resurrection’ does is easy, yet this is not true. Without her exemplary managerial skill, Martin Bros would not be the success that it is today. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Amanda also features on the television show, ‘Iron Resurrection.’ The show is entirely centered on the custom shop and its employees. Each episode focuses on the team as they attempt to fix-up and restore all the various vehicles they take on.

Over the series’ incredible run, the crew has handled vintage cars like a 1970 C10, a 63 Impala, a 1950 Mercury Coupe, and a 1962 Chevy truck, which was remarkably turned into a custom low-rider. Iron Resurrection’s four-year run has seen it air four seasons in total.

Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin

To date, it has 40 episodes. With about 32 episodes to her name, Amanda is one of the longest recurring cast members on the series. On the show, Amanda is joined by her husband, Joe, and other series regulars like Carl’ Dirty Grande’ Large and Jason Martin.

Amanda Martin’s Age and DOB.

Sources say that Amanda Martin was born on December 11, 1973, in Red Oak, Texas. It makes her 49-years presently. Being a Sagittarius, it comes as no surprise that Amanda is both assertive and open. It has helped her become an efficient manager over at Martin Bros Customs.

Amanda Martin’s Net worth and Sources of Income.

Being a business owner, it is not surprising that Martin makes most of her money from the restoration and fabrication business her family runs.

She is one of the top figures at the company, which entitles her to a significant portion of its profits. Martin Bros Customs have also taken to merchandising.

They sell various items to fans on their website. These include a flex-fit Martin Bros hat, which retails for $25 and a ladies caddy tee, which is available for $20.

All of the Martin Bros merchandise helps Amanda and her family to generate additional income. Taking all of this into account, Amanda Martin’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

Amanda Martin from “Iron Resurrection” is Married to Joe Martin.

Amanda’s husband is Joe Martin. Most of the details regarding their relationship are scarcely available. However, we estimate that they have been married for several years now, as the two have a few children together. Amanda and Joe also enjoy a working relationship together. Both of them run Martin Bros Customs together.

Additionally, Joe and Amanda Martin also appear on reality television alongside each other. Sources say that Amanda and Joy have three children together. The family reportedly lives in Johnson City, Texas.

A look at her social media activity.

Amanda Martin has various social media handles. One of the most popular sites she uses is Instagram. On this platform, Amanda has a following of 65.3K. Her page teaches us quite a bit about Amanda. For one, we learn that she and her husband are avid dog lovers. They have a dog named Blue. He has appeared in several of Amanda’s posts.

Another thing we learn is that she uses the platform for advertising some of the vehicles they have acquired at the shop. Just recently, she put up an ad for a Metro step van valued at $5,000.

Her Twitter page has a following of 1,958. She uses this platform to generate some buzz for her reality show, Iron Resurrection.

Amanda Martin’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Amanda Jill Keathley- Martin
Age 49 years old.
Date of Birth December 11th, 1973
Place of Birth Red Oak, Texas
Profession Businesswoman, Television Personality
Net worth $300,000.
Partner Joe Martin
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Under review

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