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Kye Kelley Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age, Cars, Wiki.

kye kelley

Kye Kelley is a prominent car racer, and a television personality who is famous for appearing in the Discovery channel’s reality show Street Outlaws. Besides being a popular television figure and a racer, Kelley is also a self-taught professional mechanic.

Kelley rose to stardom when Justin “Big Chief ” Shearer reached out to him in New Orleans’ Da Pad racing location. Kelley has raced and won against some of the biggest names in car racing history.

In this article, let us take a closer look at the biography of Kye Kelley.

Kye Kelley
Kye Kelley

Kye Kelley’s Career and TV shows.

In the early days, Kye had to work very hard to support his family. He started working in oil refineries and later started as a fire watcher. After few years of hard work and dedication, Kye became the superintendent at the age of 12.

In later years, Kye drove dirt bikes and participated in bike racing. That is until he got the first taste of the car when his friend took him on a ride in his 1965 Chevy II Nova. By the age of 15, Kye was able to buy himself his first car with the money he saved.

He used to participate in car races with his car, whether for money or simply a challenge. He and his crew raced all over Da Pad in New Orleans. Kye was such a prolific driver that he used to beat every big name that came to race in Da Pad. Eventually, he earned the title of the fastest person around New Orleans.

His growing popularity reached the ears of a famous television personality by Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief. At the time, Justin was hosting his show Street Outlaws that featured car races from all over America.

Kye Kelley became popular due to his exposure to the show. Back in 2014, he raced against Street Outlaws’ favorite racer, Daddy Dave. Unfortunately, Kye lost this race by a close margin. However, in 2015, he beat Dave in their second meeting.

In the following years, Kye beat big deal drivers like Doc, Big Chief, and Bobby “Hollywood” Treadwell, which saw him culminating a $16K cash payout.

In 2015, he had the opportunity to race against a 14-time world champion Mike Murillo in Lexington, Oklahoma. Although he won, the decision was later ruled out as he took off before the signal.

Net Worth.

Kye has earned significant wealth from his career as a drag racer, and his appearance in Discovery’s reality show Street Outlaws. Besides this, he also owns a performance shop by the name “Dawn South Performance” in McComb, Mississippi, from which he has a decent income.

Kye Kelley has not revealed the actual figures of his net worth. However, it is estimated that Kye Kelley has a net worth of over $2 million as of January 2023.

How old is Kye Kelley? Age and DOB.

Kye Kelley is an American born in Magnolia, Mississippi. His parents conceived him on the 18th of May, 1985. The 38-year-old was raised by his parents, Kyle Kelley and Tammy Kelley. However, his father shunned away from parenting duties and hooked on alcohol and drugs.

His father worked in a factory, while his mother worked in a salon. He grew up in poor financial condition with his younger sister, Lacey Howell, in the countryside of Mississippi.

Kye attended South Pike Senior High School in Magnolia. Later, he was granted a partial scholarship to a junior college, but he later dropped out because of poor financial capabilities.

Meanwhile, at 13 years of age, Kye started earning by working in farms, lawns, and oil refineries. He was also a typical momma’s boy who helped her mother in whatever way possible.

Ever since a young age, Kye had a passion for cars and racing, and in the future, he set out to make a career in car racing.


Kye bought his first car, Chevy II Nova, when he was 15 years of age and started driving without a driving license. Now, Kye Kelley has his own beast that he uses most often to beat other racers.

He calls his car The Shocker, which ironically refers to himself for shocking the fans out of the blue by beating top racers. His car is a jet black pro-1992 Chevy Camaro, which he bought in around 2012.

Little by little, Kye has heavily modified his car with powerful engines and nitrous kits. He replaced old motors with a powerful 638 BBC motor. He was assisted by a Performance Machine shop in Jackson to build the motor of 15-year-old Crower rods, pair of Wiseco pistons, and a set of Williams carburetors.

Kye Kelley’s Ex-wife Alisa Mote.

Kye Kelley's ex wife, Alisa Mote
Kye Kelley’s ex-wife, Alisa Mote

Street Outlaws cast Kye Kelley married his long-time girlfriend Alisa Mote back in 2015. After being married for just 7 months, Kye and his wife Alisa welcomed their first daughter, Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship did not last very long as they divorced in 2017.

Rumor has it that before Kye married Alisa, he was in a relationship with Sarah, with whom he had a child.

He is Now Dating a New Girlfriend, Lizzy Musi.

Lizzy Musi

A few months after divorcing Alisa Mote, Kye quickly got into a relationship with a girl named Lizzy Musi. The pair made their relationship official back in April 2017. Just like Kye, Lizzy is also a professional drag racer.

In June 2018, Kye Kelley’s girlfriend Lizzy got into a horrible accident, and she crashed Kye’s car because of a failure in the trans brake. Although Lizzy is not severely injured, The Shocker was destroyed.

Social Media.

Kye Kelley is very much active on social media. He likes to share personal matters with his friend, families, and fans. Moreover, this 38-year-old racer has thousands of fans as well. He has about 138K followers on Instagram and 902 followers on Twitter.

Wiki Facts.

Full name Kyle Kelley II
Mother’s name Tammy Kelley
Father’s name Kyle Kelley I
Nationality Americans
Ethnicity White
Date of Birth 18th of May, 1985
Age 38
Place of Birth Magnolia, Mississippi
Education South Pike Senior High School
Profession Drag Racer, Shop Owner, Reality Show Star
Net Worth $2 million
Children Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley and Haleigh
Ex-spouse Alisa Mote
Girlfriend Lizzy Musi

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