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All Girls Garage Cast, Location, Death, and Facts.

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All Girls Garage Cast, Location, Death, and Facts.

All Girls Garage is an American TV show which is aired on Motor Trend Network. You must have heard of Automotive TV shows such as Top Gear, Counting Cars, Fast N’ Loud, Graveyard Carz, and others. All those shows are full of male mechanics. As for ‘All Girls Garage,’ there are only female mechanics; thus, the title.

As you continue reading, you will find out more about the TV show. You will also get to know each cast member who appeared on the show. Who was the Mechanic that died? Find out more facts.

About the show.

The show features three women who work together in an automotive car shop. They aim to fix and upgrade various types of cars. ‘All Girls Garage’ was first aired on 3rd March 2012. Currently, it has a total of 12 seasons. The cast of the show in 2023 includes Cristy Lee, Sarah Lateiner, and Faye Hadley.

The show not only showcases the women’s talent but also teaches other fellow women a few things about Automotive. The other aim is to also prove to people that the mechanic industry is not only for men. In fact, you must have heard of the saying that goes, ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better.’

If you love watching car restoration shows, then you would notice that the mechanic hosts of other shows have a backup team. As for the All Girls Garage Hosts, they prefer doing their work by themselves. Women do love a challenge.

All-girls garage Location: Where is it filmed?

The show is filmed at Bogi’s garage in Phoenix, Arizona. Who is Bogi? Good question. The name belongs to Sarah Lateiner. Her repair shop even received an Award and has grown to be very successful.

“All Girls Garage” Cast.

Cristy Lee.

Lee has been on the show since the first season to date. It is not hard to spot her. She is the blonde bombshell. Cristy has loved motorcycles since she was three years old, and she has her father to thank for that. Her dad used to own a garage, and that is where Cristy would spend most of her weekends.

At the age of 18, she bought her first motorcycle, which she used to participate in track races. She was not hired to be part of the show just for her pretty looks but because she has quite some experience in dealing with cars and motorcycles.

All Girls Garage star, Cristy Lee
Cristy Lee

Here are a few facts and details about Cristy Lee. She was born on 21st October 1977. Back in the ’90s, Cristy used to work in TV Commercials, and she also had the chance to appear in a TV Show. Aside from that, she also modeled a few years back. Apart from her career in modeling, she also danced but has not given more details on that.

All Girls Garage cast Cristy Lee is currently a respected motorsports reporter in Fox and NBC. She has hosted events like the Red Bull X Games and the AMA Race Events. An interesting fact about Cristy is that she did not audition for the show; she was asked to join. Her hobbies include rock climbing, snowboarding, dirt racing, and mountain climbing.

Cristy Lee is currently married to Colin Guinn. Even though she is an open book, she has refused to disclose details about her relationship life.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner.

Sarah Lateiner is known to be the most intelligent woman on the show. Her co-stars are talented too, but not as much as Sarah, whom they nickname ‘Bogi.’ She is always full of creative and smart ideas. Like Cristy Lee, she has been on the show from season one to season nine. Sarah Lateiner is the owner of the Bogi’s Garage.

It has a coffee shop inside as well as a play area for kids. Apart from that, she also has another business called 180 Automotive. Sarah teaches basic car repairs to women. Among the three ladies, she is the one in glasses and tight black tops, easy to recognize.

The owner of the Bogi's Garage, Sarah Bogi Lateiner
Sarah Bogi Lateiner

Sarah Bogi Lateiner was born on 15th December 1977 in Flushing, Queens. Before her career in Automotive, she had plans to be a lawyer. Sarah even majored in Pre-law and Politics. Aside from that, she also majored in Women’s Studies. When she realized her real dreams, she went to Universal Technical Institute to study mechanics. We should have started with the fact that she is a certified mechanic.

Apart from her career on screen, she is also a poet and farmer, which increases her sources of income. Sarah Lateiner is not married and does not have any children. Her reason for not settling down is because she is always busy with work and always travels.

Faye Hadley.

Hadley is an Automotive Technician. She has been on the show since its second season. From 2017-2019, Faye has only been in 19 episodes of the show.

Who is she? Well, she is the lady with a pixie haircut and tattoos. Apart from being an automotive engineer, she is also an entrepreneur. Apart from being a cast of the All Girls Garage, she also runs her own business.

Faye owns the Piston and Pixie Dust repair shop in San Antonio, Texas. Aside from that, Faye also founded an organization called Woman and Machine.

Like her co-stars, she had been interested in cars ever since she was little. When she was still in college, she was able to buy herself a Volkswagen GTI.

Automotive Technician, Faye Hadley
Faye Hadley

Faye was born on 25 September 1986. She is a Harvard graduate who majored in Psychology. Before she became a TV personality and a member of the All Girls Garage, she had been interning for different garages until she found a job at Toyota Dealership.

Faye offers educational and technical classes, which are mostly for women but also open for all genders. Faye Hadley has her own YouTube channel with over 57,000 subscribers.

Previous Cast

Rachel DeBarros.

Rachael joined the TV show in 2014, soon after Jessi Comb left. Rachael DeBarros has won the hearts of many as she is very skilled, and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Here is the fact that you most definitely missed her. Rachael was the Executive Producer of the All Girls Garage and other Automotive TV shows.

Rachael founded her online repair community called ‘Gearhead Diva.’ The community is mainly for amateur female mechanics and has a YouTube channel where they teach women how to fix cars.

Mechanical skills run in Rachael’s family. Her uncle used to be a mechanic, and at her young age, she would spend most of her time in his garage. Aside from that, her father did not let her own a car until she learned how to perform maintenance jobs.

Rachael opened her car repair shop. From her income, she was finally able to buy her car. It was an Oldsmobile Firenza. Rachael also used her savings from her business to pay for her college tuition.

Rachel DeBarros
Rachel DeBarros

Her family is from Brazil, but she was born in Washington, DC. Rachael graduated from Ohio State University. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Rachael then went ahead to join the Philadelphia Automotive Training School to gain more skills in Automotive.

Apart from her career in Mechanics, Rachael is also the owner of Wonder Spawn- an entertainment brand. What else does she love doing apart from fixing cars? Rachael loves playing the violin.

When you go through her social media profiles, you will see the videos of the pieces she played. Not only is Rachael beautiful, but she also has a good sense of humour. Sadly, she left the show. Her reasons for leaving were unclear.

All Girls Garage Death: Jessi Comb Died.

Unfortunately, the former cast of All Girls Garage, Jessi Combs, passed away on 27 August 2019. The tragedy took place when she was trying to break her record.

At least she died doing what she loved. Jessie left the show back in 2014. It was so that she could empower women. After leaving the show, she focussed on her racing career, building a ladies’ network and spending time with her family.

Jessi Comb Died on 27th August 2019
Jessi Comb passed away on 27th August 2019,

Jessi was born as Jessica M. Combs on 27 July 1980 in Rockville, South Dakota. She graduated from Wyo Tech in 2004. Jessi appeared on other TV shows such as Overhaulin, Xtreme 4*4, and Myth Bus. Aside from that, Jessi was also an author.

On 26 June 2016, she published the book, Joey and the chopper boys. Her close friends and family remember her as being a badass.

Cast Age and Net Worth.

Cast Age Net Worth
Cristy Lee 39 years old $13 million
Sarah Lateiner 45 years old $5 Million
Faye Hadley 36 years old $65k
Rachael DeBarros 45 years old $1.5 Million
Jessi Comb Deceased $1.5 Million


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