What Really happened to Flip on Street Outlaws?

Photo of Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy.

Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy was a drag racing car enthusiast and customization expert. Most fans of Street Outlaws remember him from the first season of the series. Other than that, Flip has also been referenced on multiple occasions throughout the series’ run. Flip’s vehicle of choice was his trusty 1980 Chevy, which was dubbed ‘The El … Read more

DJ Ashba Wife Nathalia Ashba, Net Worth

Photo of former Guns and Roses Guitarist, DJ Ashba.

Sixx: A.M. lead guitarist and former GN’R guitarist Daren Jay “DJ” Ashba is also a record producer and graphic designer. He owns and operates Ashba Media, Inc., a props studio, and Ashbaland Inc., his signature apparel line. This article is all about DJ Ashba wife, Nathalia Ashba, and her net worth. DJ Ashba on History … Read more

Car Inspection: Time, Cost, FAQs.

Image of Car Inspection

Every car company should make sure that their customers remain safe and reach their destination in comfort. For this, the foremost thing required is the car inspection and vehicle safety. Moreover, before bringing down any car on the road, car inspection should be mandatory. It secures not only the life of the driver but also … Read more

Richard Hammond Net Worth. His wife Mindy Hammond and kids.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond, nicknamed ‘The Hamster,’ is an English television personality notable for his co-hosting job in Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Despite cheating death twice in different car accidents, his passion for cars remains unwavering, as well as the support from his loving wife, Mindy Hammond. She’s nursed him back to health occasionally. If you’re looking for details on Richard … Read more

James May Net worth. Wife to be 20 years partner Sarah Frater with no kids.

James May

James May, also known as Captain Slow, is a British journalist and TV presenter. He is often the subject of his co-presenters, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson’s teasing on the internationally acclaimed car series, Top Gear. The trio combined is widely known as the most paid English actors on BBC. However, when you break it down, how much is … Read more